Sunday, May 2, 2010

Why Do I Love Crazy Claire So Much?

Survey Time! I haven't filled one of these out in a long time. I might have been on my Xanga page!

1. When did you start watching Lost?
-Well it was the summer/fall of '05 I think? Yeah, I had just moved in with my buddy Brandon and we tore threw the first season on DVD before catching up to the live episodes.
2. Favorite character?
-Charlie and Desmond. Especially in season 3 when the two of them were hanging out a lot and Desmond kept trying to stop him from dying. OH, and Faraday.
3. Would you have been in the front of the plane or the tail section?
-I like to sit right on the wing, so, I think the front. Most likely would have been dead.
4. Favorite scene?
-The one that pops to mind is in the season 3 finale when Hurley saves the day in Dharma bus! I was so happy he got to be the hero and it just kind of came out of nowhere. His radio call to Jack announcing his victory is my favorite part of the whole thing.
5. Favorite Lost couple?
-James and Juliet. Hands down, they were so great for each other. Everything that Jack and Kate is not (healthy, mutually beneficial, honest). OH, and Rose and Bernard.
6. Least favorite character?
-Kate. Totally useless other than reenacting the same romantic plots over and over and over again. Which is a shame because she started out so cool, a crazy hot fugitive from justice who knows how to track and play the boys against each other. Ugh, now she is just super lame. And, I didn't say Nikki and Paulo because I actually liked that episode. I blows me away that people hate it as much as they do.
7. Saddest character death?
-Charlie probably hit me hardest but I don't think it was the saddest, he died admirably and knowingly. The saddest I think would have to be when Keamy shot Alex. That scene is so intense and sad.
8. Craziest theory you remember having?
-Well, before this season I was adamant that Esau and the Smoke Monster were two separate beings. Way off on that.
9. Least favorite Lost couple?
-Kate and anybody.
10. Creepiest moment?
-Claire's skull baby springs instantly to mind. A lot of the stuff with the others at the beginning was really creepy, like, anything Ethan ever did.
11. Biggest "WTF?" moment?
-The first time we saw a Polar Bear, Arzt, also when the button didn't get pressed and John got caught under the door and saw the map on the ceiling, I had no idea what to make of that.
12. Favorite season?
-I guess one of the things I love about Lost is that it doesn't feel disjointed to me at all. It all feels like one story being told, up until this season. That is definitely one of the reasons I hated the flash sideways so much. Because that wasn't the story it was a completely different story that the one they had been telling for five seasons. So, I guess all that to say, I'm going to have to cop out and say I don't have a favorite.
13. Favorite episode (or top five)?
- "Through the Looking Glass" is probably my favorite. The shift to flash forward blew me away and the aforementioned Hurley saves the day aspect I loved. I really love that one. Also, "Greatest Hits."
14. Funniest moment?
-Sawyer's glasses.
15. Lost Crush (I had to. They are all so attractive.)?
-Way too hard. I think it's a toss up between Juliet and Crazy Claire. I'm pretty sure that means I will never be in a healthy relationship.
16. Based on what we know now, how do you WANT the show to end?
-I literally have no answer to this. Obviously the two timeline HAVE to come together in some meaningful way. If that doesn't happen I will be so upset.
17. Three things you want to know but will probably never know?
-Assuming that Walt is still alive off of the Island and assuming that Esau could only take the form of people who are dead, how did Walt appear to Locke?
-Who were Adam and Eve?
-Why was the Island underwater? For what possible reason could that have happened other than pure shock value?

There are my answers. One more question to add...

18. If Lost was just a very dramatic version of Gilligan's Island what characters would be who?
- My nominations are Skipper/Lapidus, Gilligan/Hurley, Ginger/Shannon, Mary Ann/Claire, Mr. Howell/Widmore, Mrs. Howell/Eloise, Professor/Faraday



  1. Yeah, I totally love Juliet and James too. I really think they tie with Des and Penny for me as favorite couple.

    I used to love Kate, I always stood up for her when people would say they didn't like her, but she is the most useless, lame character on the show now.

    Anyway, as for question 18--which I always wanted to make a LOST music video set to the Gilligan's Island theme, by the way:

    18. If Lost was just a very dramatic version of Gilligan's Island what characters would be who?
    I am going to go off the original Season One cast for my answer:
    Gilligan- Hurley
    Mr. Howell-Jin
    Mrs. Howell-Sun
    Professor-Jack (Faraday is a great choice, though.)
    Mary Ann-Kate or Claire

  2. I never really got why everyone's like, "Crazy Claire's so hot. I just love her!" Maybe it's cause I'm a girl. But, hey. Everyone's entitled to their own opinions. And I think her dead boyfriend-ish Charlie is hot, so I'm probably there with the Crazy Claire lovers.

    I'm glad someone doesn't hate Nikki and Paulo. I can't say that I love them (I thought they were bloody useless and annoying) but it's good to see that they had some fans routing for them.

    Unfortunately I've never seen Gilligan's island, but it sounds... interesting. I'll add it to my Things-To-Do-This-Summer-List.

  3. Haha. Well, I don't HATE Nikki and Paulo, and I thought the episode was interesting and scary (being buried alive is a fear of mine). I think the reason I did not like the episode is I didn't get the point of it at all. It didn't answer any questions, it had characters that no one cared about at all, their introduction was only so they could be killed off. It was just a waste of what could have been an informative episode.

    I don't get the Crazy Claire is hot thing either...She was perfectly pretty without the nappy hair, so I don't know why lack of bathing, a comb and cryptic one-liners improved her sex appeal.

  4. That is not true!

    In the Nikki and Paulo episode-- Charlie tells Sun about how he pretended to be a other and put a bag over her head.
    How it was Sawyer and his idea so they could get the guns and humiliate Locke.

    Just sayin'......