Sunday, May 9, 2010

Where was Lapidus?

I have been a terrible blogger and LOST fan this week.

First of all, while everyone was tweeting about crying after that torturous Jin and Sun scene, I said, "What happened on LOST is just starting to sink in - get it?"

I was trying to make light of a sad situation to make it not as sad (which, for the record, did not work), and I probably lost a few twitter followers in the mean time.

But I mean… it was kind of funny.

ANYWAY. Let's talk about this super intense episode, after I apologize for not posting until now (I was in Washington DC most of last week with unreliable internet and a full schedule working for Save The Children - I know, excuses excuses).

Pearl, I was the same way about Jin and Sun's deaths. I mean, the whole hands floating apart in silhouette with the flashing red light in the background thing was heart-renching enough, but seeing HURLEY cry was just - gah. Saddest episode yet.

And I felt a little bad for Sayid, I mean, crazy monster-thing he's turned into or not, he sacrificed himself at a moment's notice to save everyone else, and then his death was totally upstaged by Jin and Sun.

I hadn't thought about Lapidus being dead, actually. I assumed he just hadn't washed up yet. I do remember when they were walking on the beach after the sun exploded I said aloud, "Hey where the heck is Lapidus?", but as no one else (on the show) seemed concerned about him, either he's not dead, or they just never really liked him much in the first place. I hope it's the former.

I hate when a character dies on this show, because with them, dies a whole slew of questions centered around them. I still had questions about Boone, and Shannon, and Charie, and Libby, and Eko etc. etc., but once they died, there was very little chance we'd find out anything else about them. Not that I have many burning Jin and Sun or Sayid questions (and I suppose they are still alive in the LAX timeline so they're only half dead, really) but it still sucks a little knowing they're just gone. It's like every time someone dies, we find out their story was never really as important as the ones for the people who are still alive. Kind of like once your name is crossed off the list of candidates, no one needs you to be alive anymore.

Pearl, I am the same way about things I love ending. I get sad when a show I like, or a book series I enjoyed, or even a game I've been playing is over, because even though we still have the fandom and the community and the shared experience of having watched this show together in common with a lot of people, we'll never get to sit down and watch a new episode together. We'll still have things to theorize about, but we'll have to accept the fact that no new information is coming.

It's nice to know we have this blog, and lots of people going through this with us, but I think we're all allowed to be a little sad right now. And very, very excited.

I agree that the flash sideways was boring. I feel like if we don't see Desmond or Faraday, it's probably going to be boring. They were on SUCH a good kick, too, with the last few episodes, and then this one was right back to Jack-and-Locke-sob story I don't care let's see Desmond try to kill more people.

I've been wondering about what makes someone eligible to be a candidate. I wonder if someone already IS the candidate and they are just trying to figure out which one it is, or if no one is slated as the candidate, but the remaining names need to prove themselves. I also wonder if someone can BECOME the next Jacob while other candidates are still alive, or if it really is a "last one standing" sort of deal. I hope not.

Things I noticed in the episode and wrote down in my trusty notebook:

-Jack said to Locke in the LAX timeline (about the surgery): "You're a candidate."

-Sawyer stealing the gun made me loll.

-"I hope you find what you're looking for." I AM SO SICK OF THE REPEATED CATCHLINES. OMG LOST. WE DON'T NEED TO BE SPOONFED.

- Claire took that guy OUT. She is so badass.

-Sayid's death scene was pretty epic, aside from Jin/Sun's way more epic one following immediately after. I loved when Jack said, "There is no Sayid." Woah.

I can't wait for next week.



  1. Well said. I was mad at Locke for his self-imposed paralyzed-ness. Jack could have fixed him, and I couldn't stop yelling at the screen every time Locke refused. I get why, it just frustrates me.

  2. The Jack/Locke thing was worn out by Season 3, so I agree that it was boring. And I agree with your sentiments toward most of the episode.

    As far as that repeated line, it was cheesy, but it triggered something in Locke. It looked like maybe a flash of the island hit him in that moment. It was also kind of interesting because it's demonstrating Jack's transition into becoming the Locke from season 1.

  3. "...I don't care let's see Desmond try to kill more people." Great line!

    I really liked this episode even though it was devastatingly sad. Hopefully it just keeps getting better.

  4. Darlton has confirmed that Lapidus is, in fact, dead (sad face). No one mentioned him at the end because they were too focused on Sayid, Sun and Jin's deaths--three people they have been fighting along side for the whole series. Lapidus wasn't really important to any of them, to be blunt. Sun is the only one who ever really got close to him. I imagine Miles might be a little upset when (if?) he finds out, though. I think his death will have a mention in the new episode this week. Darlton said they aren't going to overlook it, just that that moment was not the right moment to mention it.

  5. I concur. I love seeing Desmond act all creeper/stalker/killer. It's one of the best parts of the LA X. Actually, it's THE best part of LA X.

    Your joke? Yeah. I laughed. But more in a it's-so-sad-I-have-to-laugh-at-irony-and-try-to-make-it-funny-so-I-won't-want-to-cry.

    Poor Lapidus. Poor Sayid. Poor Jin. Poor Sun. This is really going to be interesting.

  6. I was so so sad at everyone's deaths but I think I was equally happy at how noble Sayid was, even as a soul-less Esau-follower.

    I do really hope they're going to talk more about Lapidus' death. Jeff Fahey is kind of friends with my dad, and my dad was going to call him and ask if his character on the show was actually dead, but for some reason my dad lost his number D:



  8. did anyone else just love the line by jack after flock told him who ever told him he had to stay was wrong and jack was all like "John locke told me to" and then bam hit right in to the water that was sweet and i never liked locke but that line made me happy

  9. Just wondering - was I the only one who actually started freaking out when Sawyer was giving orders on who would get on the sub? I yelled out, "Locke switched the backpacks!" and my brother just laughed at me. I was scared to death the entire following scene, and was shaking when I found out I was right. One for me, zero for baby brother. I just thought that it was a really obvious move... Unless I miss the obvious to others and see the weird?

  10. Yeah, it was obvious, QuoteGirl. They zoomed in on the backpacks when he gave it to Jack! I saw it all coming, but didn't expect it to go down quite like that.

  11. I thought so too. Lost cameramen like to spoonfeed it to us.
    Rarely if ever do they zoom in on an object and it is NOT of some importance. I mean, Dogen's baseball?

  12. KRISTINA!!

    Did you not hear Sayid? Right before he blew up he told Jack about where Desmond was, Jack was like "Why are you telling me this?" And Said then said: "Because its going to be you Jack..." ......BOOM!!!

    I think it is quite obvious that Jack is the new Jacob-thingy protector of light.

    What did y'all think about "Across The Sea"?