Monday, May 24, 2010

Well, This Is The End

Alright, here it goes. I guess I should open by saying that I loved it. I thought it was great, surpassed all my expectations. Granted those expectations were lower than they were in February because I still think a lot of this season was sub par, but like I said two weeks ago, this team has never blown a finale. They really knocked it out of the park.

The stuff on the island was all pretty great. Particularly the AMAZING fight scene on the cliffs between Jack and Smokey. When that commercial break hit the entire room of people I was with went crazy.

The most telling sign that this episode was incredibly well handled was that I didn't throw anything at the television when Kate kissed Jack, I never thought I would have been on board with that. (Although I was terrified that she was going to have that exact same scene with Sawyer like five minutes later, luckily that didn't happen)

The cave was still an incredibly vague metaphor for life/good/actual light/I don't really know. But it did look pretty cool when Desmond pulled the cork (teehee?) and then Smokey started bleeding. "Looks like you were wrong too."

I really wish I would have blogged last week (sorry about that) because my theory all week was that Jack would die and Hurley would take over the protector role. Ahhh, I also said that Miles would kill Smokey though, so we can call those a wash. I thought it was great when Hurley recruited Ben to be his Richard, really nice. The one story I wish we knew more about after this episode is the Hurley/Ben administrated Island.

What else... OH. Vincent saved Desmond! We got a double dose of Vincent this week actually. But, know that he's the one that found Desmond was pretty awesome. "Bark, Bark," said Vincent. "What's that boy? Little Desmond got thrown in a well? Take me there we have to get him out!"

I'm sure I'm forgetting something awesome that happened on the Island but I'm going to switch over now to the LAX timeline.

So, here is my theory. This will be my last ever Lost theory, that is kind of sad. So, when everyone was having their moments of realization, it was not important so much if they remembered a little bit, like Charlie on the plane. Charlie didn't have his real moment until he was back stage with Kate and Claire. And that "real" moment of realization was not that we were on an Island and we know each other. The "real" moment of realization, as it was with Jack, was that I am dead. And you could tell the difference, once they realized they were dead, everyone got those goofy joyful grins on their faces. How adorable was it when Hurley first saw Charlie and was just so happy to see him? Then after they could accept that they were dead, they could help the others accept it and then they could all move on... to Heaven or Nirvana or Shang-ri-la or wherever.

Desmond was the first person to have the full realization which is why he, and not Charlie, went to task finding everyone. It's probably also why he didn't have any problem running John over with a car, I mean, we're all already dead.

This makes the scene between Hurley and Ben at the end really sad to me and also makes his apology to Locke really poignant. Ben still hasn't forgiven himself for so many of the things he's responsible for and won't allow himself to move on.

Of all the "moments of realization" I think my favorite two were Charlie and Claire's (when Charlie was crying and saying hi to Aaron... choked up a little) and James and Juliet's. All of the LAX time line stuff was sooooo sentimental and just total fan service until the last scene. And I am totally okay with that. I was just as sappy as the next guy last night.

This is the end. Probably not my last post... but the last reacting to a new episode. Really sad.

Love, Hydra


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I never put the Charlie thing together until you pointed it out. God, that was amazing. I love Charlie and Claire. Juliet and Sawyer was also amazing. When they started realizing... I was talking to the TV trying to get them to kiss. Wish granted.

    Did you think the final clip with the wreck was from Ajira or Oceanic? I've heard several theories on both, but I'm leaning with Oceanic. So does this mean that Miles, Frank, Richard, Claire, Kate and Sawyer got off the island in time and lived a some-what decent existence and died there? Or did the plane crash and they died on the island?

    I felt like everything was so up to interpretation with no concrete details it was maddening. I loved the finale - it made me laugh, it made me cry (like a baby) it made me incredibly grateful for acting like a crazy person trying to watch all 120 episodes in 5 weeks.

    One thing for sure: I still have no idea what the hell happened. I love Lost, but why does it have to be so confusing?!?

  2. I absolutely loved the finale, but one thing just keeps bothering me: if everyone is dead why does Jack have a son? In the real universe Jack was married to Sarah but he didn't have a son right? But In the "heaven" reality Jack was married to Juliet and had a son, but how? Why would he just have a son in heaven?
    Maybe I just didn't catch the answer or something. Either way, what a great way they ended!

  3. Can't we say that the realization moments were of both them being dead and of remembering the island?

  4. LOVED IT! I like how the sideways world was like a in-between limbo kinda place before you pass on.

    I believe Jack had a son in this place because he had daddy issues to resolve before passing on. Just like Sayid realized he didn't deserve Nadia. (HE TORTURED HER! lol) The sideways was a place for redemtion and realization.

    Jack died on the island, yes. But I see it as, it doesn't matter when you die you still meet everyone you care about and love at the same time regardless of when you or they died. BRILLIANT!

    Poor Ben has some stuff to work out... :(


  5. I'm really glad you guys started this Blog. I've spent this semester watching the show alone since I'm studying abroad away from all my LOST friends and no one here seems to care about the show like I do.

    Anyways, I still feel like I'm processing alot of stuff from the episode and I know that all my questions haven't been answered but It's nice to get to come here and have ah ha moments on small things I might have missed. I have never been one to theorize over LOST. I was always content to wait and see and I'm glad I did. I think in an odd way me not theorizing made me more accepting of the show because I was willing to let it take me wherever it would take me without my opinions of what should have happened getting in the way. By the same token it is nice to see what people have come up with because LOST is such a rich show full of so many ideas that can lead to alot of really interesting theories and reactions.

    Overall I really enjoyed the episode. Like I said before not all of my questions were answered but I felt so calm, content and fulfilled at the end. It really did feel like an end. The one thing I got really excited about was Lapidus. I'm really glad they didn't just kill him off in such an unceremonious way. He deserved alot better than that. The one big question I do have is why is everyone still talking about the polar bear? I had thought that It had been made clear that the polar bear had been brought to the island by the Dharma initiative for experiments. Yet, when I was watching the JKL special the question came up and no one seemed to know. Did I make this answer up in my mind? I'm really starting to question my sanity here haha.

    Anyways, great blog and I'm gonna stop now since this post is getting so long!!!

  6. When you first meet Charlotte, she's in Tunisia digging up skeletal remains of polar bears that have Dharma Initiative collars on them. When Locke and Ben turned the wheel, they both ended up in Tunisia. WHEN YOU TURN THE WHEEL, YOU END UP IN TUNISIA...THEREFORE, THE POLAR BEARS WERE USED TO TURN THE WHEEL. That's why the polar bears were on the island: they were, in fact, brought there and held in captivity to be used to turn the wheel (in the ice-cold cavern) in times of need. Maybe now everyone can stop asking about the polar bears. Geez.

    Here's a few questions that -didn't- get answered:

    1) What's up with the crazy shack in the woods? Was that always Smoky in there?

    2) Remember a kid named Walt? Anyone? What was his deal?

    3) Did Richard's immortality -include- a lifetime supply of eyeliner? Or did he craft it from natural supplies found on the island?

    Just cause Lost is over, it certainly doesn't mean I'll stop having theories. This is a show that, as my brother put it, is sure to inspire a thousand douchebaggy thesis topics in the next ten years.

    And for what it's worth: The point of the finale was that we don't -need- to know everything. We don't need to know what happens to the people who got off the's the fact that, while they were on the island, -that- was the most important time in their lives: their time together.

    Also, I'm okay with not knowing a lot about what the light/goodness/whatever was. When you demand answers to every little question, you end up with midichlorians. And no one wants that again.

  7. @Pac

    Your explanation on the polar bears is perhaps one of the best LOST theories I've ever heard. Congrats - you've got a believer.

    And they've already said (several times) that Nestor Carbonell's eyes are naturally dark. As awesome as it would be if he wore eyeliner, he was born that way.

  8. Yes, at this very finale, they are all dead. HOWEVER, this was their final GHOSTLY reunion before moving over (into the light).

    Why are they all together? Because their time in the island was their best time in their lives. Why some of the dead people were not in the plane? Again, because their "linkage" during their stay in the island was the best time of their lives.

    In the final reunion, made happen by Hugo and Desmond, is their farewell to "earth" bound spirits. Did the entire "adventure" happen? Yes, everything shown up to the airplane taking off and shown; including Jack's death looking up through the bambus was "real".

    How about the flash forward lives like Ben as a teacher; Sawyer as a cop, etc? My take is that they were all lives made up by the spiritual parts of them after dead: Ben finally got to live a good man's life; Sawyer finally was on the right side of the law, etc ...

    Yes, Desmond SHOULD have been sent out off the island by Hugo somehow; Yes, Kate, Sawyer, etc lived a full life and died later; Yes, Ben stayed in the island through his death helping Hugo "protect" the island.

    Basically it is all in a quick dialogue between Jack and his father, Mr. Christian Shepard: "so, am I dead? Yes, you and all of those in the church. SOME DIED BEFORE YOU ..... SOME DIED LONG AFTER YOU". Hugo to Ben: you were a very good #2 Ben to Hugo: and you were an great #1 Ben (outside the church):"I'll stay for a while longer".

    6 YEARS LOST.....

    I can die happy now. :^)