Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Just posting a quick note to let everyone know that a new blog will be up ASAP. I am just as anxious to talk about last night's episode as the next person. Hydra is first this week and his car decided last night would be a good night to stop working, so he missed the episode. In my excitement (for lack of a better word), and not knowing he had missed the episode, I also foolishly spoiled the whole episode for him when I commented on his facebook immediately after the episode ended. I suck, I know. Of all the episodes to ruin, it had to be that one. My guilt complex won't let me live that down for a while. Anyway, he will have his post up as soon as he manages to watch it. Hang in there, guys! Refrain from posting your reactions in this unofficial entry and save them all for Hydra's post, please.

Thank you!

The Pearl


  1. Of all the episodes to spoil.... Poor Hydra!

    Don't worry, Pearl, I accidentally told my friend most of the answers to a test once because I though we'd both taken it. Oops. We both felt bad.

    One thing though: "The Candidate" was crazy. It was completely different from how I ever imagined it to be.

  2. Iknow...I am hoping he stopped reading my comment before it gave away too much. Buuuuh.

    They definitely misled us with that episode title. So so amazing. So so sad.

  3. Wasn't it weird when Jacob turned out to be a wizard? AND OMG THE ALIENS AND THE DINOSAURS?!?

    Who knew Obama would make such a random appearance, too? Such a surreal episode.

  4. @ Pac.

    I know! Jacob's skilled, dude. Those spells, they blew my mind. The dinosaurs were a bit overboard, but manageable. I mean, if you think about it, they make perfect sense. There's already polar bears.

    I was so surprised when Mario and Luigi popped up in the cages. I mean, seriously? Don't they have some carts to race or something?

  5. The worst part was how they thought it would be funny to Rickroll us in the middle of the episode! I mean, Hurley having a dream about Rick Astley singing Never Gonna Give You Up? I just did not see that one coming...

  6. Yeah, but Princess Peach and Jack hooking up was a nice break from all the Kate drama. I was especially shocked when Zombie Juliet rescued James and he told her he still loves her even though she just wanted to eat his brain. It was like Twilight, but waaaay cooler. And all I can say is that Swan totally called it on the aliens.

    I did NOT appreciate the Rickroll, though. I mean, draw the line somewhere, guys.

  7. Yeah...but didn't you guys see Clancy Brown (the guy that trained Desmond in the hatch and taught Sayid how to torture) in the background, dancing with Russo? Don't tell me you don't get the significance of it all, it couldn't be more obvious if Lindelof and Cuse spelled it out in the sand. I think I've got a new favorite Lost couple.

    Plus, don't forget that it was a METEORITE that destroyed the chicken place that Hurley worked at. And I think we ALL know what A Brief History of Time says about meteorites. IT'S SO OBVIOUS.

  8. I couldn't believe it when Harry Potter showed up. I was waiting for a crossover, and boy did they deliver.

    I'm gonna go write some Neville/Jungle Claire and Kate/Draco fanfiction now. Draco's PERFECT to whip Kate into complacency.

  9. This show is turning into everything I hoped it would. I feel ashamed for doubting it. With all this in one episode, can you imagine what the finale is going to be like??????

  10. JUST POST ALREADY!!! SHEESH! I want your thoughts!!