Monday, May 3, 2010

I think this show is about aliens.

I haven't read Hydra or Pearl's answers yet, because I didn't want them to influence mine. So if there are repeats, it's out of pure coincidence. Or having similar tastes.

1. When did you start watching Lost?
I actually distinctly remember sitting down and watching the premiere of the pilot with my dad back when it aired for the very first time. I remember him telling me, "This show looks awesome and you should watch it with me. It's like Survivor, but better."

2. Favorite character?
This is tough. It was Charlie for a long time, and then it was Hurley, but now I would have to say it's probably Ben. Anytime Ben has a big part in an episode, it's going to be a good episode.

3. Would you have been in the front of the plane or the tail section?
You know, I think about this every time I get on a plane. For some reason, I am ALWAYS sitting right on the wing. And every time, I think to myself, "if this were Lost, I'd be dead." And yet, I never book my seats anywhere else, because I cant afford first class, and it takes too long to get off the plane when you sit in the back.

4. Favorite scene?
I really, really liked that one episode where everyone was all down and out, but then Hurley finds the blue Dharma van and takes all the boys on a joy ride. It was so fun and carefree in the middle of a really shitty situation, and I just liked that Lost allowed their characters to just have a little fun for once. And I also liked the scene where Charlie brought Claire peanut butter. So sweet.

5. Favorite Lost couple?
I really liked Claire and Charlie. Hence this.

6. Least favorite character?
I really, really disliked Ana Lucia. Which is funny, because I liked her a lot in Avatar, and she played a very similar character. I also just found Mr. Eko's scenes boring, though I know a ton of people would reprimand me for admitting that.

7. Saddest character death?
A toss up between Charlie and Libby. I mean, I was much, much more invested in Charlie as a character, but knowing how upset Hurley was when Libby died - gah. It's just too much.

8. Craziest theory you remember having?
I think after watching the pilot with my dad, and seeing all the emphasis they put on swaying trees and weird noises and "omg what's in the jungle" - we both were like, "I think this show is about aliens." And for the next few weeks, we kept waiting for the aliens to come out.

9. Least favorite Lost couple?
Sayid and Shannon. Just, what the hell was that?
Also, the Boone and Shannon undertones. So creepy. Probably better they both died early on.

10. Creepiest moment?
Maybe this wasn't creepy so much as unnerving, but that scene where the camera POV is down on the ground in the bush and you see the Others walk by, and then you see the children's feet and the teddy bear being dragged along. I don't know why, but that scene gave me the chills.

11. Biggest "WTF?" moment?
Season opener down in the hatch (before we knew what the hatch was) when "Make Your Own Kind of Music" is playing and you just see vague shots of Desmond working out and stuff down there. I remember about a minute and a half in going, "are we watching a commercial or is this Lost? Oh wait, wtf, this IS Lost, rewind it!"

12. Favorite season?
Season 2. The one where we find out about the Dharma stations and the button and meet Desmond and the show suddenly gets literally three times as complicated.

13. Favorite episode?
This is hard. I guess I'll do a cop out and say "The Constant", though this recent episode with Richard (Ricardo xD) was pretty awesome too. I guess also the Season 1 finale, with the hatch and the raft exploding and Others taking Walt. Pretty badass finale.

14. Funniest moment?
Arnzt exploding. I'm sorry, but that will NEVER get old.

15. Lost Crush?
Hmmm. They ARE all so attractive. I'm going to do a three-part answer. 1. Charlie, because he's a musician and the hottest, 2. Sawyer, because he's just got that THING going for him, and actually kind of looks like my boyfriend, 3. Karl. Because he's an awkward cute nerdy guy and of all the people on Lost, he's probably most my type. Haha.

16. Based on what we know now, how do you WANT the show to end?
This is a super hard question, and I felt like this when people used to ask me how I wanted Harry Potter to end, too. I don't want Lost to end in any way I could theorize right now, because I want to be surprised. And if I'm not surprised, then they as writers haven't done their job correctly. So basically, here's how I want it to end. I want the writers to dream up something I couldn't possibly have come up with, and then make it even weirder. And then use that.

It's hard, because I want everyone to have happy endings, but to do that, people would have to end up in different time-lines from each other. Some people's happy ending is in LAX and some is on the island, and I don't feel like we can have both, obviously.

Only Stephenie Meyer can find ridiculous ways to write stories in which literally EVERYONE can get what they want in an impossible situation, and I don't want Lost to end up like Twilight. No imprinting on Nadia's daughter, Sayid. xD

17. Three things you want to know but will probably never know?
1. Why was Libby stalking Hurley in the mental hospital before the plane crash?
2. Did the actors who play Nicky and Paulo win some sort of contest, or was there something in the water at the studio that day and the writers forgot what show they were working on?

See you next week!



  1. "Only Stephenie Meyer can find ridiculous ways to write stories in which literally EVERYONE can get what they want in an impossible situations". Possibly the best quote bashing Twilight ever. Seriously, I copied and pasted it into a draft in my email for future reference I loved it so much.

    I thought the hatch introduction with Desmond was really weird as well. I was just watching it, not really paying attention, and then BOOM! Should I have been watching that? What just happened? It was just a really odd scene that could be easily overlooked but turned out to be the backdrop for the rest of the series. Wtf indeed.

    Aliens. That's how Lost is going to end. Kristina - you're a genius!

  2. I totally thought, and sometimes still think, that aliens were the reason behind everything at one point!

    I feel like the lone wolf in not being that shocked by the Season Two opening sequence. I mean, I remember thinking, "this is different", but I think at that point I was kind of expecting things to be weird at any second...

    I hope we learn Smokey's name next week.

  3. Re: Tonight's episode:



  5. It's so true what you said about Twilight. haha. I literally laughed out loud :) haha.

    I feel like things are moving so slow this season... things need to get wrapped up! ahhh...