Sunday, May 23, 2010

"I get wonky around dead stuff."

Maybe I'm just really busy finishing up my senior thesis by next week, or maybe I've been putting off writing this because I know once I post it we're that much closer to the finale and I don't want to admit that - but either way, it is now Sunday morning and I am only just getting my post up.

Pearl is right, we did kind of loose our groove on here the last few weeks, but I know that everyone is feeling emotional and a little confused today, and I want to let you all know that the remaining writers of You Blog, Everybody are here for you. Not to alienate our non-Harry Potter fans, but this weekend has felt reminiscent of when the 7th book came out. You didn't know whether to feel happy or sad, excited or depressed, curious or terrified.

The best part is that we all get to experience this together. We're all watching the last episode of Lost, we're all going to laugh and cry at the same parts, and tomorrow when we wake up? Everyone will felt like they lost a good friend. But think of the friends we gained, too. I know Pearl because of Lost. I've bonded with people I may have otherwise had nothing in common with because we both watched this show. I've had friends come and go from my life, that used to come over every Wednesday to watch Lost together, and yet 6 years later, this show is still here for me.

So I probably sound crazy right now, talking about this show as if it's a real living thing, but I can't HELP but grant it that right, looking back over all the ways this show has entertained me, brought me closer to people, and allowed for hours and hours of great conversation.

So now, since I am sure our next posts will be full of sap and emotion (I would bet money I'm going to bawl my way through the finale tonight because that's simply the kind of person I am) I will do my last "normal" episode reaction write-up.

First of all, I'm glad my little tantrum about Ben and Miles panned out. I was so happy to see them in this week's episode. In my notes I even wrote: "YES. Ben/Miles/Richard FINALLY."

I agree completely Pearl - Ben flying off the handle and getting back at Widmore for killing Alex was so jarring and kind of awesome. I've gotten used to a very passive, almost comedic Ben the last two seasons, but he really turned around this week.

The amount of matchmaking Desmond did with regard to the concert was actually really impressive. I love that both time lines are reaching very, very different climaxes at the same time, and if 5 years of amazingly mind-blowing finales is anything to go on, I have faith that tonight's episode will not disappoint.

I wonder if Desmond was REALLY going to hit Locke a second time, or if he knew all along Ben would come out and interfere. Because clearly beating the crap out of Ben's face was all part of the plan. I would like to point out that Desmond is an absolute nutjob right now, in the very best way.

I got a kick out of Kate and Sayid sitting in jail with Desmond. Not a very happy reunion. Especially since none of them are aware it's a reunion.

I liked learning that people were crossed off not because they somehow disproved themselves, but because life circumstances made them exempt from the duty. As much as everyone hates Kate (which I have never been as huge a hater as most) I thought it was sweet she was crossed off for becoming a mother.

A lot of people had a problem with Jack just stepping forward and becoming the new Jacob. I think people were expecting some sort of reality show-esque challenge with ropes courses and eating raw island animals to determine who was America's Next Top Island Protector, but I liked what Jacob said about them having a choice. And Jack knew - he didn't need to discuss it with the rest of them ("hey, guys, before I just take this, any of you want it first?") he just knew. And I thought that was awesome. And I'm glad that this scene happened now instead of in the finale, because this is not the climax of the show, and they very easily could have made it so. I'm hoping we get to see Jack in action a little bit before it's over.

I had a TeeHee moment too, Pearl! But MINE was when Rousseau said, "Even if we have to kidnap you." I mean, come on, Lost. Hahaha.

There are two more things I have to say about this episode before I sign off, go buy some snacks, and prepare myself for my Lost viewing party.

1. I loved when Jack's son said "Just don't get weird." I dunno. Jack's relationship with his son just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

2. Was anyone flashing back to Avatar when Ana Lucia was the one to help them escape? It just made me chuckle. Once a badass, always a badass.

Good luck tonight, Losties!



  1. Wonderful post, Kristina! Sorry for pestering you on twitter.

    I teared up when I realized Rousseau was going to be there. For some reason it hadn't occurred to me that she would be Alex's mom. I guess if I stopped to think about it, I would've, but I hadn't.

  2. I loved the Ben/Danielle/Alex dinner party. It was one of the highlights of "What They Died For". And Danielle and Ben? Weird, but such an awesome pairing.