Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"The Island is all there is."

Before I even start theorizing and discussing this episode, I just have to say that baby smoke monster was SO much cuter than baby Jacob, and I think they totally did that on purpose. Okay. Moving on.

The lack of Ben, Richard and Miles has really been bothering me too, Hydra. If they don't come back tonight, I am going to be a sad Lost fan. You can't just dismiss BENJAMIN LINUS. And I still think Miles is going to be important in some way, otherwise he would have died last season like Charlotte.

Your comment about Desmond is so true, Hydra. He's off by himself in the jungle, clearly still alive, and everyone else is pretty much up to their ears in horse poop. Please, please save the day, Desmond. You're our only hope. xD

I didn't like that we were given the information about the light, but in turn, have SO MANY MORE QUESTIONS about what it is, how it works, why it exists, where it came from, how it grants magic powers, if its been stolen before, etc etc etc.

Pearl, I liked your discussion of whether or not Lost knows EXACTLY what they're doing. I really, truly hope they are chortling in their meeting rooms imagining our faces as we watch the Richard episode, the Jacob/Flocke episodes, the PLETHORA of John Locke/Jack wheelchair scenes... cursing them for wasting our precious episodes but knowing it all has a purpose that will become clear in the end. I mean, I want to have the faith in Lost that they knew exactly what they were doing placing this episode so close to the end. That only bringing up the PLOT in the LAX time-lines halfway into the season was all part of the plan. I have my fingers crossed.

There was a quote in this episode that made me laugh a lot: "Every questions brings me to another question" -- it's almost as if Lost was being self-aware.

I also liked when their mother said, "The island is all there is!"
I can only imagine how effed up you could get, being raised on that island with a crazy murderer mother telling you nothing else exists. If nothing else, this episode served to ground how intense and extreme Jacob and Flocke are. I mean, look at their upbringing.

My biggest question is whether or not Flocke BECAME the Smoke Monster, and the billowing black smoke and every body he possesses is still carrying the essence of this-episode-jacob's-brother -- or if his essence was essentially swallowed up BY the black smoke, and this-episode-jacob's-brother is gone and all that remains is a monster.

I'm inclined to think it's still jacob's-brother. Because he was determined to leave the island to prove his mother wrong, and that determination is still there today, years later. The monster itself wouldn't have as strong a need to leave the island (aside from I suppose causing darkness/destruction) so I'm just not sure.

Anyway. I had a minor freakout when I realized how close we are to being done with this. I am so, so not ready for Lost to be over. :(

That being said, do you readers have any suggestions or requests for what we should do after the final episode? We could just write normal blogs and then call it done, but if anyone else has any better ideas, feel free to let us know in the comments!




  1. I think it would be amazing if you guys could all get together sometime on Blogtv (or Ustream or whatever) and talk about the show. Aside from the normal blogs, that is, because I like the blogs :)

    I know how you feel, Kristina, I've watched this show since the very start and I don't want it to end D:

    I'm wearing my new Lost-themed shirt from Threadless today in hopes that tonight's episode will be great.

  2. There is a Lost themed threadless shirt?!?!

  3. I like the Blogtv idea! The tricky part is none of us live in the same city (and Swan lives in a different state entirely). Is there something out that could have all three of us broadcasting on the same screen?

    I don't speak as eloquently as I write, so it kind of makes me nervous...

  4. Or is different screens what Blogtv does? I am not as well versed in the internet as others.

  5. Kristina here's the link for the shirt: http://www.threadless.com/product/2307/108_Objects_from_Flight_815

    And I don't know about a site where multiple people can broadcast on the same screen (or more than one for that matter) but you guys could always talk over skype if one person didn't mind being the one on screen.

  6. BlogTV would be great! But I don't know how that would work since you aren't in the same place.

    I guess I'm one of the minority who liked "Across the Sea" because I don't really understand anyone's problems with it. I guess I mostly don't understand how you can have questions about the Light in the way that you do: "I didn't like that we were given the information about the light, but in turn, have SO MANY MORE QUESTIONS about what it is, how it works, why it exists, where it came from, how it grants magic powers, if its been stolen before, etc etc etc."
    It's like you guys want to know every little detail, but why should we know? We don't know why Harry Potter's magic exists, how it works, where it came from, or how it goes to certain people, and it's not something we ask, so why should we ask it of LOST? Also, why would we need to know if it's been stolen before? I think if there is an answer to that, than it's an entirely different story.
    I do think that your point about the Smoke Monster is good. I think that it is still at least partly Jacob's brother, but I was wondering if it the Smoke Monster part of him is actually the Light? Because after "Esau" was thrown in, the Light went out and then he came out as the Smoke Monster. Remember Locke saying "I looked into the heart of the island, and it was beautiful." Well, he was seeing the Light in the Smoke Monster. Could it be possible that the Smoke Monster is just a manifestation of the bad side of the Light?
    Or something like that. I have no one else to share my theories with so I would like to know if anyone else agrees with me.

  7. Pottercast is able to get everyone on screen even though they live in different places so I know it's possible, but I don't know how do-able it is.

  8. I was going to point out the Pottercast thing too. I know lately they've been doing their live shows on LiveStream, and they can have all their faces on the screen at once.

  9. I think it would be cool if after the show is over, you each go back to some of your fave episodes and blog about them. You could talk about anything that you understand better after knowing how the show ends.

  10. I'd love to hear more from you guys. These blog posts hold me over until there is another episode and when there isn't.... I dunno what I'll do. Seriously. I'm getting very, very, very, very nervous.

    Perhaps going back and blogging the rest of the series from season one? Just kidding - that'd take forever! Although it would be very interesting considering we'd know all the "secrets and answers" and would be able to go AHH! whenever they mention something random that will turn up in the finale.

  11. I think everyone should take a picture of themselves watching the finale then post it... lol this site is doing it: http://lastlostface.blogspot.com/

    and @Shannen .... I totally agree with you! :^)

    The point of the show is mystery.... some of it should remain mysterious!

  12. I know it would be crazy-insane, but if you did want to start from season 1 and reflect on how we were lead to the end, and the significance things have now that we know as much as we are ever going to know....I mean, I'd read it lol, but like Quotegirl said, it would take foreeeevvvvveeeerrrr!