Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Jackyl Was The Best Part

My utmost apologies to everyone. I've been a horrible blogger the last week and a half. Anyway, I saw the last two weeks episodes on Tuesday night for the first time so I'll try and cover both in this post... that is daunting. But, here we go.

"The Candidate"

First lets talk about the dead. (It should be noted that Pearl posted that Jin and Sun had died on my Facebook wall before I had seen the episode, so, knowing ahead of time may have skewed my experience with it.) I had some real problems with Jin and Sun's death scene. First off, how the hell did she get trapped behind an elaborate lattice of metal? It just looked kind of ridiculous to me? Anyone else? It literally looked like the scene at the end of X-Men where Magneto had bent the metal around everyone in the Statue of Liberty. Second, for the life of me I don't know why this line wasn't said, "Ji Yeon Kwon needs a father, you have to leave me. Take care of our daughter, I love you." It really bothered me that Jin essentially committed suicide when he was the only parent Ji Yeon had left. And, the hands floating apart was way too Titanic for me, it's all I could see. I guess maybe I am heartless. It finally got to me a little when Hurley was sad, but other than that I thought it was a pretty lame death.

Sayid however went out like a bad ass. Not only did he not kill Desmond, he sacrificed himself to save the rest of the group (a sacrifice paid no mind to by Jin by the way). I'm glad he got a little redemption at the end of his story.

I suppose I think Lapidus is still alive? It's really weird that they didn't even mention him on the beach after the sub went down.

Remember when a few weeks back I said I'd be really pissed if they went back to a flash sideways that didn't connect with the Island... Ugh. I don't even want to talk about it. Just awful.

Big Questions After Seeing This Episode:

1. Where the hell are Ben, Richard, and Miles?
2. I hope Desmond knows what to do, because no one else has a plan right now.
3. I guess Flocke can't leave the Island until all the candidates are dead?

And finally, I thought it was really funny at the end of the episode when Claire had this moment of realization of "The evil smoke monster might not have my best interests at heart!" At this point it looks like Smokey v. Everyone Else, does he have any allies left at this point? Also, I am going to stick to my theory that since Miles is the only one that hasn't talked to him, Miles will end up killing Flocke. The guy who hears dead people "kills" the dead guy.

"Across the Sea"

WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?! AHHHHHHHHH. I am getting really damn frustrated. I don't think we really learned anything this episode. I'm not going to say the only good part of the episode was that any time I see Alison Janney I play this scene in my head, but it was definitely the best part of the experience. Seriously, watch that over and over, soo good.

But seriously, why would you possibly cast a known actress in that role? Every time she was on screen I thought "Hey it's CJ! Oh, wait, I'm watching Lost. Shit, so she's Jacob and Esau's crazy mom. Dammit I just missed 45 seconds of stupid pseudo mythology."

Things we learned...
-Jacob and Esau were twins. (New information, kind of interesting but not important)
-They can't kill each other because their crazy mom said so. (But no mention of why or how she has these powers of gifting immortality and arbitrary rules)
-There is a "light" that must be protected, if it goes out on the Island it goes out everywhere. (That is the worst most vague metaphor I've ever heard, we don't even know what that means! Literal light will vanish from the earth? Good will no longer exist on Earth, if that's the case what is "good?" Is it the Sun? Will the Sun explode if someone finds it?"
-Whatever this "light" is, it turned Esau into the Smoke Monster. (How or why? Apparently not important.)
-The rocks represent a childhood game the two boys played. (This was actually well handled and the lone bright spot of the episode.)

The one main question I guess I've come away from this episode is this, if Esau's dead mother appeared to him before he turned into the Smoke Monster, does that mean that the Smoke Monster was around before he got thrown into the light cave? And, if that's the case, is the Smoke Monster in fact a combination of people that have turned into it, was there an original Smoke Monster? And if that's the case, I guess the entity that is the Smoke Monster is controlled or repossessed by it's newest inhabitant pushing the other victims(?) into it's subconscious like John Cusack at the end of Being John Malkovich?


I hate to say it but this was disappointing, real disappointing. The only thing keeping me sane right now is this fact; This show has never had a season finale that did not blow me away. As hit and miss as some episodes and arcs have been threw the years, they have never screwed up a finale. So, hopefully I am ignorant of their master plan and the next two weeks will blow me away.

Staying positive,



  1. I agree with all that (except the West Wing thing). But, since we saw (Esau)'s body, doesn't that mean the smoke monster turned into HIM, not the other way around? Why does something metaphysical have to leave his body behind? Oh right, so it can be in the cave. (Morally incestuous Adam & Eve - ew.)

  2. I'm pretty sure i said somewhere else, "I knew that wine bottle was significant".
    But I think there's a major discrepancy in the fact that Jack said in the Adam and Eve episode that the clothes had deteriorated over 40 or 50 years. They're well over that, so are we to assume Jack fails or that they're magic, or that they were redressed at some point? I mean, what?

  3. You always manage to make me feel bad about episodes after I think "Hey, that wasn't too bad!" lol. But it's good, because you point out things that I am generally blind to because I try so hard to not be let down by lost and lower my expectations.

    @IFTBA, I think Esau as a human is completely dead, and the Smoke Monster is evil mixed with the negative parts of Esau that he learned from the humans he lived with.

    Also, I'm assuming that the light in the cave is what Desmond was going to be tossed into. Why? No idea. Just a thought. I want things to tie together, dammit.

    Also, anyone else notice that Jacob is a whiny little bitch? I thought it was hilarious.

  4. "The woman" said that the light isn't just on the island, but is also in every man, so what she meant by the light going out everywhere is that if the light goes out on the island then everyone in the world dies
    I thought that was pretty obvious, but maybe that's just me...

  5. I thought the light metaphor was totally lame and vague, too, but then it became really clearly connected to the 'energy' that's been talked about for a while. So, energy. It's in everyone and everything: check. It's superconcentrated beneath the island: check. It could be really valuable: check. And, if people try to get to it, the world will end, or something equally grand.

    And the episode helped us sympathize with the Man in Black. He just wants to go home, and it was Jacob that made him the Smoke Monster.

    As always, there wasn't quite enough information revealed. But we're used to that by now. Don't be so negative. The episode wasn't that bad.

  6. Remember when Locke said something along the lines of "I looked into the heart of the island, and it was beautiful," way back in like season one or something? I think that he somehow saw this mysterious light, and that is what he was referencing. :D

    And other than that, this episode had very little worth noting to me. Although I really did like the kid Esau.

  7. At least seeing the mother as CJ must have been marginally better than seeing her as the crazy guidance counselor from 10 Things I Hate About You.

    The only thing I have to add is that the whole random kid in the forest (which was ttly kid!Jacob) and fake-Locke's "Don't tell me what I can't do!" from earlier this season makes a lot more sense now. I still dk where it's all going though D:

  8. I completely agree with everything you said about "The Candidate." It pissed me off that neither Jin nor Sun mentioned their daughter. After that neglectfulness and the whole Titanicesque hand thing, I couldn't help thinking that everything to do with their death was incredibly lame.

    Kid Jacob is the ghost Esau was seeing in previous episodes, right? I'm wondering why it was Kid Jacob, considering Jacob was killed as an adult.

    Also, did anyone else think Kid Esau looked like a young Zefron?

  9. "Across the Sea" was definitely a huge let down for me. I've wanted to know more about Esau and Jacob ever since they were introduced, and this episode totally didn't do it for me. The sneak peek on made it seem like this episode was going to be amazing, but honestly, the only really great part for me was that we got to see adult Esau in his real (HOT!!!) body the whole episode. Yum.

    Also, I will never forgive this episode for pretty much ruining Jacob for me. I hope something happens to make him seem more like a man and less like a whipped little boy in these last episodes, because he's such an instrumental figure and I can't stand that I don't really respect him anymore :(

  10. Jacob seems like a whiny little jealous kid to me now. I have these horrible visions of him leaving the island and coming back and taunting MiB about it.

    I can just imagine Jacob waltzing back and presenting him with a t-shirt that says something along the lines of "My brother left The Island and all he brought me was this stupid t-shirt". I'm not sure whether this episode was supposed to create sympathy for MiB, but for me it certainly did.

  11. Man you piss me off Adam. Why can't you just turn your brain off and enjoy a show you have been enjoying for years? Do you actually sit there and think of the logistics of everything while watching the show?

    there was a damn explosian in the sub, of course its possible for Sun to be trapped.

    To know every little thing about this show when its over just isn't the LOST way.

    I think the episode was epic in its own way. The light is like the life-force of all mankind....Widmore said if he gets off the island, everything will cease to exist.

    The creators of the show recently said that there will be some stuff unanswered, and after its over they won't interview or clarify. but its kind of the nature of the show. i like it kinda. leaves room for interpretation and imagination..... you know?

  12. @ Allison, I totally said that young Smokey looked like a young Zefron!!

  13. I never made this connection. From my grandmother, "Just saw my first look at the movie Donnie Darko (director's cut). Am thinking that the TV show LOST has many of the same reverberations - jet engines, alternate time lines, shadow plumes/water plumes of time travel, sacred numbers, 'the protector', etc."

    I hated Donnie Darko. God, this terrifies me.

  14. after read this review for a bit now i have to ask are you the type of people who find falut in everything cause OMG you all always pretty much just find the bad and never the good i loved this epi and the whole season

  15. @Titania.

    The clothes could have been "magic" seeing as everything else on this island is messed up. Or more logically, Jack has no idea what he's talking about. He's a surgeon, not a carbon analyst. If they got Charlotte or Daniel there, things would have gone differently.

    Jacob is a whiny brat. I wanted to slap him half the time.

    I thought this episode kind of sucked too. It just didn't cut it for me, and one episode left until the finale totally terrifies me.