Wednesday, May 19, 2010

So...What about Lapidus? And is Richard dead?

Sorry, again, guys. Ever since Arrow went missing (not literally), it’s been kind of all over the place on who posts when. Not to blame him, but we just simply lost our groove.

Although I didn’t state it outright, I hinted to the fact that I had faith we would get more pieces put together concerning the ambiguity of “Across the Sea”. And we did! More or less. There are still some questions, but I suppose in terms of what is important for what is happening now, we know what we need to know. It would be nice to know more, like where the island came from and such, but I think those are just things we will just have to learn to deal with not knowing.

Indulge me while I list everything out again. Things I am excited about/really loved:

1. Jack’s ex wife will finally be revealed. Will it be Juliet? They have been way too secretive about it all this time for it just to turn out to be Sarah. It has to be Juliet. We have yet to see Elizabeth Mitchell, and I know for a fact she filmed scenes for the finale.

2. Ben is still evil! I am not excited about this, per se, as I was very happy when it seemed as though he was a new man. However, when he shot Widmore and said, “He doesn’t get to save his daughter.” I was like, “Holy shit!” and literally moved to the edge of my seat.

3. A lot of people are going to be encountering each other at the Concert in the Flash-Sideways. I can only assume that James will wind up being Miles’ date. Desmond is match-making, clearly. Charlie will go with Desmond and meet Claire. Jack will go for his son and meet Kate (I guess). James will go with Miles and meet Juliet. Charlotte will be there and Daniel will confess his love to her. Sayid will . . . die alone, I guess, unless Shannon or Nadia show up. All assumption, of course.

4. I laughed out loud when Desmond turned on his car when Locke was crossing the parking lot. I just think it is hilarious how absolutely crazy Desmond is coming off to everyone.

5. It was nice to finally learn why Kate had her name crossed out. It didn’t quite make sense at first why Sun and Jin or Rose and Bernard were ever brought to the island, since they were married (one couple happily so) and therefore not considered alone. However, Rose’s cancer was cured on the island, thus allowing her and Bernard a chance to live a long happy life together (wherever they are now), and Sun and Jin developed a healthy marriage and had a daughter (that is now an orphan). I think Jin was the Kwon Candidate all along, since he was alone on the island and Sun had her daughter.

6. Even though I have suspected for quite some time that Jack would be the new Jacob, it was really awesome to see it happen. It wasn’t quite as climactic as I was hoping—I guess I was expecting a slow 80s movie clap or something—but at the same time it happened so naturally that it was pretty much perfect when he stepped forward to take on the responsibility. I am so excited about this. I don’t know. I think I have always wanted Jack to come back as the hero ever since he went a little crazy, and that moment is here and it is amazing. I cannot wait.

7. We know why Desmond is so important to the island! Intense.

There was a TeeHee moment for me this week, guys. When Rousseau and Ben shared a romantic eyes-locking moment in the kitchen. Oh man. I giggled. That was silly.

I am sure there are eleventy billion other things I could mention that happened in this episode, but to be honest, I am in a hurry and didn’t know I was first this week so this will have to do for now. We will try and figure out something special to do for our last blog. We are also trying to think of some way to possibly keep this going, perhaps with another show or something. I just want to say that I really enjoyed this episode, and I am so so so so anxious about the finale this Sunday. I feel it all over my body and I cannot wait to share in the excitement/anger/sadness/bittersweet/awe with all of you when it all ends.

The Pearl


  1. Is it just me or did anybody else have a silly Jesus moment when Jacob was initiating Jack? I was totally waiting for Jack to say, "Mm, wine!" xD

    I teared up when we learned why Kate was crossed out. I, like others, was mad at her for sucking this season, but I'm starting to think her spark is coming back. She was so saucy and defiant to Jacob, and I appreciated that. Someone had to get mad at him, because everyone's been handling him with quiet acquiescence.

  2. I wonder what miles's "aha!" moment will be. Or will they give miles one? I just don't know who he would see that would make him remember the island

  3. Wait, what is this concert everybody's going to? Is it Jack's son's concert or a Drive Shaft concert? Is Jack's son in Drive Shaft? Is Drive Shaft the island? >.<

  4. I'm actually thinking that the Kwon was their baby girl, who now fits the criteria Jacob set for his candidates. Just thinking out loud.

    Also, I have a gut reaction to Jack becoming the new Jacob. It's too perfect, too obvious. We've seen it coming a mile away. Which is why I think his term is going to be a short lived one. My gut is telling me that when the camera centered on Hugo saying "I'm just glad it isn't me." was telling of something to come.

  5. When Jacob explained why Kate's name was crossed out, he said it was because she "became a mother". Yeah? Then why did CLAIRE come to the island? She was pregnant! The only things she ever gained from this whole experience was deciding she definitely wanted to keep Aaron (something she probably would have done anyway), meeting Charlie (then having him die; some happy ending) and finding out that she had a brother (Jack). Claire was a mother all along, so Jacob's answer doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

    I do agree though; Jin was definitely the Kwon candidate. Sigh. I miss them.

    I love evil Ben. He's such a great character. Every time you think you finally know him, he does something completely off-the-beaten track. Like Smokey said, "You never fail to surprise me, Benjamin." Or something to that extent. I'm a bit sad Widmore's dead - we'll never learn why Ben and Widmore really hated each other. But it had to happen. The moment he walked in, he was a goner. I liked Zoe's death - getting your throat sliced is a new one. It's only happened once (with the Freighter doctor) so far. Better than drowning, smoke monster attack, gun fight or exploding.

    I loved the side-ways time line. When Desmond turned himself in, Hurley showed up with the money, Jack and Locke talking about their side-ways selves (Don't mistake coincidence for fate!) Kate asking Sawyer to let her go... It was all pretty sweet. It's really coming together, and I love that. When Hurley said, "Hi, Ana Lucia" it seemed to seal the whole thing up. Nice job, Desmond. You're a total creeper, but we love you.

    Jack becoming Jacob was so predictable in my opinion. I would've loved to see Sawyer stand up and at least argue with him.

    Did anyone else think that this was really predictable? I said aloud right before Des started hitting Ben - "Des' still getting back at Ben for shooting him at the marina!" and then Ben saw himself getting beat up at the marina after he shot Desmond. Every other thing seemed so over-done that I felt like I was one step ahead of the game, something that never happens in LOST.

  6. Those are actually some great ideas, Sommer. Hurley has always been my second choice for the job, so he may wind up with it. Perhaps Jack will die in a final battle protecting the light and then Hurley will step forward to take his place. Who knows?! Guess Sunday will tell us. :)

  7. It was predictable, QuoteGirl, but I also don't think it will all be left at that. I think it is possible for it all to change in the finale. I am not saying it will change, I am just saying there is a chance.

  8. @IFTBA

    It's at the music conservatory, so I am assuming it will be a concert Jack's son is a part of, since he mentioned it in this episode. I am just assuming Charlie will go with Desmond and Kate since he is in on all of this.

  9. @QuoteGirl, concerning Claire being on the island not making sense. It is odd. However, maybe it was so she would realize Aaron shouldn't be raised by anyone else (which we still don't know why that is). Technically speaking, if she hadn't landed on the island, she would have given up Aaron and been alone. Being on the island insured she wouldn't be alone. I don't think everyone on the plane was a candidate, per se. I think some of them were and some of them were there for other reasons--like Rose and Bernard. It doesn't make complete sense, but that's all I've got.

  10. @Pearl.

    The name "Littleton" was on the cave wall, and it's number was 313 according to Lostpedia. So it's either Claire, or Aaron. It's a possibility that Claire wasn't the candidate and Aaron was. Or is. Maybe the finale will be something crazy like Aaron shows up out of nowhere and becomes the new Jacob. Considering he was born on the island (like Jacob and MiB), this could actually make sense.

    If my memory serves, Claire was going to keep Aaron after her frequent visits to the psychic. He convinced her otherwise and gave her the plane ticket, and insisted she go to LA. It'd be weird if he was so insistent on flight 815 was just because he felt like freaking her out.

    I'm almost positive Damon and Carlton or an actor or someone said somewhere that everyone on flight 815 was brought to the island for a reason. I'm pretty sure because they were candidates. Otherwise... Their purpose is pretty much irrelevant. The people who died in the initial crash were probably deemed unworthy or not strong enough or whatever to actually be a candidate.

  11. Hey Pearl!
    I found myself reading your post and saying out loud, ME TOO!!, a lot. I think I was most excited when I saw Richard, but then of course, he's gone again. Where did he go? He is more mysterious than Carmen San Diego. I literally got chills down my spine when Jack became Jacob. It just seems like its the right thing, like it had to be that way because that is the only way. I also felt like I was intruding on a intimate moment with Ben and Danielle. I was actually sort of shocked the Darlton put those two together. I felt like Ben had wronged Danielle too much and wasn't going to be redeemable. Who knows maybe Ben will come to the good side again...speaking of that I shouted WTF WTF WTF at least 4 times when he shot Widmore. I don't know,I had hope for that guy. I want to know more about Widmore but now I feel like that will never happen! Thanks A LOT Ben, that jerk.

    My biggest question will be, So what?
    So what that all the candidates/members of 815 meet at the concert? Won't remembering all that only cause pain? Won't that create turmoil, not help it? 815 already happened. So what about their real lives? I don't know, I think there is something more, something bigger that Darlton will put upon us. It has to be more than everyone meeting each other so that they fall in love. It seems too cliche for them. Thanks for the post!


  12. So we've got two more days until the finale. What happened to everybody?

  13. I have no idea...I can't control when anyone else posts, unfortunately.

  14. Just to add - @QuoteGirl I dont think becoming pregnant is quite the same as becoming a mother. One can happen on accident and can be rectified, one is a role you step into.