Friday, May 7, 2010

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Ooookaaaaay. So Hydra still hasn’t managed to watch the episode and Swan is unable to post right now due to traveling. So. I guess it’s me again. Hey.

Three (or four?) deaths in one episode, guys. I didn’t take Sun and Jin dying very well. I got a little teary-eyed at first, but it was full on sobs once Hurley began mourning. I was in denial up to the close up of their hands letting go. All I could think of when they were the only two left on the sub (other than “Nooooooo!!!”) was, “What about Ji-Yeon?” It was a beautiful death for both of them, but Ji-Yeon never knowing her father and losing her mother is tough to swallow. Plus, they were JUST reunited. Sayid died nobly, which I appreciated. I am glad that he ultimately got to prove that he was good, not evil. I expected him to die, so I was prepared. I am disappointed that Lapidus didn’t get a more memorable death, though. This is assuming he is dead.

I am kind of in denial of Lappy’s death based on the fact that Darlton didn’t mention it at all in a post-episode interview. They spoke of the deaths of Sayid, Sun and Jin, but did not even hint at the death of Lapidus. They even said there were [only] three deaths. So, either Lapidus is not actually dead—which I don’t see how that is possible given that a giant steel door slammed into him—or they are being complete jerks by ignoring his death. I realize he was not an original cast member, and not really considered a central character, so perhaps we are not supposed to “care” if he dies. However, he has been with the show for half of its run. Plus, he is a favorite character of a lot of viewers. I hope this is addressed in some way in the upcoming episode, which, by the way, is a MIB AND JACOB EPISODE!!!! We might get more answers, guys!!!! GET EXCITED!!

As far as those little questions we were hoping for . . . I think this is it. I don’t think those little questions will ever be answered. I think the finishing touches to the masterpiece are coming together. The reality that the show is ending is finally hitting me and I am getting incredibly sad about it. This is common for me, especially when I finish a book series. I sink into a depression after it all ends, because I am a geek who feels like she just had to say goodbye to some good friends. I hate goodbyes.

I feel like a bit of jerk for talking about Lappy’s possible death more than Sun and Jin’s actual deaths, since it was clearly the most shocking and emotional. I think that’s why I am unable to say much about it. There isn’t much more to say than that it was heartbreaking. Right?

The flash-sideways was boring, to me, this week so I don’t have anything to comment about it. EXCEPT I wonder if Locke being a pilot in LAX will somehow be relevant in the Island timeline. If Lappy is dead (sad face), he still needs a pilot to get off, amirite? Or is he just going to Smoke Monster his ass outta there once he’s in the clear? Just sayin’, I think it was a gem among pebbles in the LAX that might be important.

I still have a lot of questions for this show, but based on “The Candidate” I want to know just a few things:

1. Aside from death, how does one become ineligible as a Candidate? Does it all come down to the the last one standing, or is there more to it than that? Kate not being one was brought up twice (I think) in this episode alone, and she is clearly still alive. So why is her name crossed out? Is she going to serve another purpose? Please, God, let her serve some kind of purpose or just kill her. If Kate can become awesome again in these last few episodes, then I am okay with her living. For a second I thought she was actually going to die in this episode, but then I realized she will likely go out (if she goes out) way more dramatically than that.
2. So, I think Smokey is off to kill Desmond. This begs the question once again: WHY IS DESMOND SO IMPORTANT?! He is not a Candidate, but his being alive is not good news for Smokey and I want to know why, once and for all.
3. Where are Richard and Ben?!
4. What in the hell is Widmore up to? Seriously. I’m sick of his Tomfoolery.

There we go. I want to apologize for our delay once again with the blog this week. To make it up to you, I will post a picture of my NEW BABY BUNNY!!!! Her name is Talulah, and she is afraid everything.

The Pearl.


  1. BUNNEH! Awww! It's so cute! :D

    Anyway, I didn't even consider Frank Lapidus dying in this episode (BECAUSE HE'S FRANK EFFING LAPIDUS) until everyone else brought it up. And then I was like "OH NO!"

    But I expect him to just walk out of the water like a bad ass and make some snarky comment. At least, that's what I'm hoping for. I'm assuming they didn't want Lapidus' bad-assery to take away from Jin and Sun's deaths.

    And that's all I have to say. VIVA LAPIDUS!

  2. Lapidus is dead. Damon and Carlton said in their most recent podcast that they (candidates) were so focused on the people they have been with the entire time and had strong emotional ties to dying that they forgot about Frank. You've gotta remeber that none of the candidates besides Sun really knew Frank that well, seeing as Hurley, Kate, Jack, and Sawyer were in Dharma times. I think Miles and Ben will be a bit more torn up about it, but sadly, none of the rest knew Lapidus well enough for it to truly sink in. Carlton said they will be mentioning him in a later episode though. Poor Frank! I loved his sense of humor and ability to remain calm in the toughest of situations. I really hope we see him in LA X to say the least.

    This episode was a real eye-opener for me. I knew people were going to die, but I never really sat down with a list and said so-and-so is going to die because of this-this-and-this. I thought casually, but the only people I was set on are the ones still breathing. Kate and Claire. "The Candidate" really re-enforced my view on the series, and definitely made me sob. I was shaking up when Jin and Sun were talking, and full-out sobbing by the time their fingers drifted apart. Having "Through the Looking Glass" playing in the background was an excellent choice. I feel bad for Sayid - no one seems to care he's dead. I wasn't his biggest fan, but he died in the best way possible under the circumstances. He definitely was cured of the "sickness", which gives me hope for Claire.

    The only good thing from this episode is that we get proof Desmond's alive.

  3. I've got to say I'm getting quite sick of Sawyer's impatience. He's been acting like a stupid child for a while now. I get that he wants to go home, but he endangered (and ultimately killed (faster)) Jin, Sun, and Sayid.

  4. I'm so glad I wasn't the only one who bawled during this episode! The floodgates opened for me as soon as Sayid started running, got about 10x worse when Sun and Jin died, and didn't stop for until a good ten minutes after the show ended. I honestly haven't cried that hard since the end of Deathly Hallows, and it got so bad my mom actually came out to my room thinking that someone real had died, then proceeded to give me a lecture about "loving characters too much." ;)

    Maybe it was because my eyes were under about 10 inches of tears, but I had NO CLUE that Lapidus died, which really depresses me since he was definitely one of my all-time favorite characters. I really thought he'd have a bigger role to play in the end of the show and I absolutely hate that he died so... blah.

    At the end of the episode I just felt like I'd been shoved headfirst down an emotional ringer. First was the horribly macabre excitement about Kate getting shot (to which I let out a scream of YES! and bounced in my chair in happiness) to the gutwrenching depression of losing three *four :(* main characters in less than five minutes! gahhh :(

    I agree with you though, Pearl. Hurley's sobs were really what did the most damage for me. I don't think we've ever seen him cry like that before (am I wrong? I know he cried during Libby's funeral but this seemed so much more raw) and it really showed how much Jin and Sun meant to the whole group.

    Again I say: GAAAAAAAAH :( :(

  5. @ QyuoteGirl: I care that Sayid's dead! He was my favorite.

    I think in my heart of hearts I knew he was going to have to die (sort of like my favorite potions master :P), but I definitely wanted to deny it. Though, ultimately I am glad he met a noble end. also, if we don't get to see more of him in LAX I will be crushed.

    I didn't even consider the idea that Lapidus could be dead. He always just seemed rather invincible to me and so this news makes me sad all over again. I'm also in the 'get too attached to characters camp', but my mom just thinks it's funny and laughs at me. Sun and Jin's deaths were sad, but I was still rather numb from Sayid's so it didn't really sink in all that much until the whole episode was over.

    I feel exactly like I felt in the lead up to the release of Deathly Hallows actually. I can't wait to see what's going to happen, but I don't want it to come to an end.

    RIP Sayid Jarrah, Frank F****n' Lapidus, Sun Hwa Kwon, & Jin Soo Kwon

  6. On the note about Lapidus, I have a theory that Flocke will now use his body like with Locke. Nobody knows that Lapidus id dead so this will be perfect for him. That is all :)

  7. Uggggh. I am so sad to have confirmation of Lappy's death. :( :( :( I didn't realize so many people missed it. It was really quick, though. He came out of the room where the captain was, saw the water, started to say a say a curse word, then BAM! That was the last we heard from Frank. Poor Miles is the only one of his original crew still standing.

    Hurley didn't even cry like that at Libby's death. It was just . . . gah. My stomach dropped when he started crying. He lost his best friend, and I think everyone admired Sun and Jin's love for one another.

    And yeah, Sawyer has been acting like an idiot lately. I blame him for everyone dying. Well, I blame Smokey, but Sawyer sped up the process.

    I am very sad that Sayid is dead, but I was most prepared for his death. In an earlier post I did a list of who I thought would live or die this season, and Sayid was the only one of the four on that list.

    The episode right before the finale ("The End") is called "What They Died For". I think we will learn more about their deaths then, and that is when Lappy's death will finally be addressed--if not next week.

    Moment of silence for Sun, Jin, Sayid and Lapidus. RIP

  8. I forgot about Sawyer being a dbag! I'm probably way alone on this, but this whole season I've just been hoping that he's going to die. A heroic, redeeming death, but still. It just seems like there's no way for him to be happy, even if they get off the island, and dying is the only thing that's going to really do him well. Hell, maybe Juliet's coffee mumbling was about having a cup of joe in Heaven ;)

  9. Everyone seems to be comparing LOST to Deathly Hallows and I totally agree. I will be a nervous wreck times ten when this thing ends. Even worse than HP because with that I knew I still had movies and DVD releases to look forward to.

    As for Hurley crying - he was sobbing when Libby died, but he was full-out brawling when he saw Claire after Charlie died. He was crying when he heard about Sayid, Sun and Jin, but he was so much worse with Libby and even worser with Charlie.

    Sawyer's NOT that bad. He's trying to do what's right for him and his friends, and like usual, doesn't want to listen to Jack. And who knows? Maybe Jack was wrong. Perhaps the explosion would have been that much more destructive if they hadn't touched it. At least some people got out. Sawyer is at his all-time low with the loss of Juliet and his issues with Smokey and his falling out of sorts with Miles. He's going to get a billion times worse when he finds out Sayid, Sun and Jin are dead.

    Kate better die. There's no logical way they can find the supplies to heal that gunshot wound and if they do, I will be majorly disappointed. She's been living on borrowed time for four seasons - what's her point already?

  10. Well, Hurley was very torn up when Libby was dying, but I don't remember him crying as much after she died. I haven't watched that season in a while, though. He was pretty bad off when Charlie died. There was something different in his crying in this episode, though. For some reason it just tore me up. I think it may just be because he is the only one that really REALLY has sobbed when people have died. Gut-wrenching sobs. And I think this episode just kind of reminded me of all of those he has lost--Libby, Charlie and now Jin.

    I know WHY Sawyer is being an idiot, and I even understand it, but that doesn't change the fact that if he hadn't pulled those wires they would have had more time to get to the surface.

    According to Darlton, Kate's purpose will be explained soon. It better be a doozy.

  11. EVERYBODY IS FORGETTING!!! Right before Sayid died he said: "Its going to be you Jack". Hello?! I know the deaths sucked but that means Jack is the new Jacob! HOORAH!! I was right!

    And why the heck does everyone hate Kate so much? She hasn't done anything wrong!

  12. I didn't forget that Sayid said that, I just didn't mention it. I've been on Team Jack-As-The-New-Jacob for a while now, with Hurley as his Richard.

    It's not that Kate has done anything wrong, per se, it's that she hasn't done ANYTHING AT ALL in three seasons except be fickle. I have faith that she will serve some kind of purpose. It is a recent faith (as in today), based on Darlton saying she has a purpose. I look forward to that purpose.