Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Heart Desmond

Okay, since life got in the way for Arrow (he’s getting a house!) this past week, the blog kind of failed miserably. Sorry about that guys, for serious. We all yelled at each other about it, cried a little and then hugged it out, so we are going to be 100% back on track from now on. That said, we are getting out of rotation just this once and Arrow will be last. I am going to say what I can about last week’s episode and then move right into this week’s episode as best as I can. Stay with us, folks. We appreciate your loyalty.

Even though I really liked last week's episode, I actually didn’t have a whole lot more to add on to what Swan said. I think I am just going to list out a few thoughts/opinions to keep it simple.

1. Did anyone else laugh when Sun ran into the tree or am I just heartless?

2. I can’t remember who put it in the comments about noticing that Sun was referred to as Ms. Paik when they were at the airport in the season premiere, but kudos to you.

3. It’s an interesting twist to have them not be married in the LAX, but I was once again a little bored with that storyline. I did like the island storyline, however, and I was also disappointed that we didn’t get to see the Sun/Jin reunion. I wouldn’t have gone with Smokey either, Swan.

4. I think one thing that really bothers me with LAX is the fact that EVERYONE that is or has been on the show is in LA. I don’t mean the main characters, I mean Keamy and Mikal and such. I realize it’s “fate” or whatever, but it’s a little silly sometimes. I guess that’s why our TeeHee moments exist.

5. I was wrong about Widmore. I always thought he was the one truly evil person on this show. He is Team Jacob, which gives him brownie points, but seeing Desmond as the one who was in the sub closet made me turn on him again. So happy to have Desmond back, but not like this . . .

6. Sayid is creeping me out. HOWEVER, when he was in the water and he came eye to eye with Desmond this image immediately sprang to mind. I’m weird.

7. How is Jin not sterile in the LAX? This question may or may not have been very vaguely answered in this week’s episode. Enter the segue . . .

This Desmond episode was incredible. Desmond always has the best or one of the best episodes of every season. Desmond has been in my top three of favorite characters since his debut in Season Two, and he never disappoints. Henry Ian Cusick, you’re my hero. On a side note, he looks like he could be Dustin Hoffman’s younger, taller, really much more attractive brother with a smaller nose. Amirite? I am. Sorry, got off track.

This episode left me a tad speechless, because it changed the direction of the storyline on us. Instead of learning about Smokey and Jacob and all that jazz, we actually got to start seeing the true significance of the LAX timeline. How I saw it is that everyone got to, more or less, change one thing in their lives, and it wound up changing everything—which is what I got from Eloise and Daniel. For instance, Sayid wanted Nadia alive, but in order for that to happen she had to wind up with someone else (uh, his brother). Desmond wanted Widmore’s approval, but that would mean no involvement with Penny. This may explain why Sun was able to be pregnant off the island in the LAX. And so on. These weren’t conscious changes that they wanted, they just sort of manifested somehow after the bomb went off, which is why it gets really complicated again and therefore I kind of just want to stop there . . .

Speaking of Eloise, she creeps me out. How is she ALWAYS the only one that knows what’s going on?! I want THAT explained to me before this season ends. I realize she would have been on the island before its destruction, which gives her an edge. In fact, she was on the island, pregnant. I guess that could be how she is omnipotent, but I am not going to accept that explanation alone. I suppose now that LAX and Island are coming together it will be explained. I hope. Charlie was so bizarre in this episode. Just his way of speaking and mannerisms kind of made my skin crawl, which is an odd reaction to ol’ Charlie. Annnnnd I think it’s funny that Daniel is a hipster. It was good to see him again.

I absolutely loved this episode. However, and I may have just been tired and cranky when I watched it, the constant “feel the love” speeches were kind of lame. I mean, Penny and Desmond are the greatest couple of all time (exaggeration?), Charlie and Claire were adorable, and I was always rooting for Daniel and Charlotte even though she annoyed the crap out of me, but it was all a little overkill. I realize that Desmond’s theme is “beating the odds for true love”, but I don’t know . . . I must have been tired and cranky. It didn’t bother me THAT much, especially at the end when he got to meet Penny all over again. His face was priceless. I do love Penny and Desmond. Truly.

So I suppose we are left wondering:

1. What sacrifice is it that Desmond is meant to make?
2. Why was he so out of it when he woke up from the Electromagnetism Extravaganza? Electromagnetism and time travel aside… He kind of seemed like he was in a trance or something.
3. If Desmond was so set on making the sacrifice, why did he so readily go with Sayid (aside from the fact that he didn’t want to get shot)? Does he already know what it is he has to do and going with Sayid is part of it?
4. Can Widmore really be considered one of the good guys at this point? We’ve seen him as not being soulless, but is that enough?


The Pearl


  1. Wow. That picture of Dustin Hoffman... Definitely. Although Henry is much more attractive (blushes).

    Don't worry - I think I laughed when Sun fell down. If not, I've laughed at several other "serious" moments that I probably shouldn't've found funny.

    I never really considered Eloise; she always seems so unimportant until BOOM! she's predicting the future and acting all mysterious and gives me the chills. This sounds weird, but I always think Desmond and Eloise have a lot in common. They both seem to "defy the rules" and are "special". How is she the only person who knows about the Lamp Post and can take them back to the island? Why did she leave the island? Perhaps she had extreme doses of electromagnetism like Des and it's affected her as well.

    Charlie scared me a bit in this episode. I kind of got where he was coming from, but he was completely bipolar. One minute he plans on drinking himself sick, then he's going off about "true conscious changing love" and how he wants to die. Hello? Weird much? I admit it, I did get all fuzzy inside and giggled when he described Claire. I've always loved them together, and it seems fitting they will stay that way in at least one time-line. The almost-drowning "Not Penny's Boat" scene? Amazing.

    Daniel was interesting, but his love scene was a bit overkill. One time's enough guys.

    Penny and Desmond are my favorite characters as well, and I think they did it nicely. Strange how the roles are almost reversed, but it suits the two of them. At least someone will be happy in the LA X time.

  2. I have a idea widmore!! Widmore is not bad ok
    1.he knew about was going to happen to desmond (mabye) so he tried to keep penny from getting hurt
    2.i've been a boss and hired people who were bad for a job (kemey)
    just had to see what u people think

  3. That picture url made me laugh probably too much.

    My mind has been blown, I'm still getting over the episode. I still don't understand how they're going to tie the LAX business together with the Jacob storyline. It's like two different programmes right now. But I have faith.

    Oh and I want to know who the tarzan kid was a couple of episodes back. He was just as creepy as Eloise.