Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"Hey, don't talk about bacon."

So, of course it was leaked early that this week was a Jin and Sun episode. All week, then, because of that, I've been thinking "Will their reunion be as sweet and 'about damn time' as Rose and Bernard's?"

And then they didn't even get reunited this week!!

I guess I should have known better, by now. Lost doesn't just hand us things. Of course they probably wont be reunited until the final episode. What was I thinking?

Okay. We have a lot to discuss this week.

So first of all, I thought Lost did a really good job of tricking us on the Jin/Sun front. In that first episode, when Jin told her to button her cardigan, I was totally thinking she was still running away and leaving him because he was being a hard-ass, just like the last time this happened. So when we found out they're not only not married, but he was her BODY GUARD, and they were planning on running away TOGETHER - woah. Nice one, Lost.

My first instinct when Sun was talking to Flocke (someone commented calling him Flocke last week and I thought it was hilarious: Fake Locke. I'm calling him that from now on) in the garden, but then I realized; I'd be skeptical too. We at home were probably all screaming at our televisions "GO WITH HIM, HE HAS JIN!" but the last Sun saw of Flocke, he was a dead body on a beach and a killing machine at the Temple. Not the best travel companion, in my opinion. Or hers either, clearly.

Keamy in the flashsideways. This wasn't so much a teehee moment but a tying together of teehee moments. I mean, we're starting to get an overlapping cohesive story line with these flash sideways now, but I'm still unconvinced as to why I should give a crap about Keamy, whom as far as I care died in the jungle and that's that. I did like seeing this alternate reality for Jin and Sun, though, where they're in love and trying to outsmart Sun's father (obviously that wasn't going to happen). So a thumbs up on the LAX timeline from me this week.

So Widmore's people took Jin. Right away I was thinking they were taking candidates, but they left Saywer, so apparently they really were only taking him to get information about that map? I liked that they kept him in Alex Rousseau's boyfriend's torture room. I miss Karl.

One thing that hit me today while watching is that Flocke is being all lovey dovey and friendly toward the candidates and promising to get them off the island.. can he actually keep that promise? Or does he have to kill them, to make sure there is no chance any of them find a way to replace Jacob?

Obviously Desmond is exciting and new and omg-worthy, but I'll leave that to someone else to discuss this week. I was more excited to find out Widmore is on Team Jacob, personally.

I ended my long stream of notes on this episode with a series of all-capital scribbles saying "WHAAAAT? SUNNN! THIS IS SO THE ENDING OF DR. HORRIBLE'S!"

Until next week,


PS. I haven't done quote of the week in awhile - this week, what made me laugh the hardest was, "Hey, don't talk about bacon."


  1. Does anybody even care if the Kwons get reunited? They are the most boring couple I've ever seen on television. Even Rose and Bernard are more endearing, and they've had like 30 minutes of screentime total. Jin was better when he was blowed up. Sun should get eaten by a killer tomato. This episode was a big letdown.

    I'm so uninvested in the LAX timeline. Is it just a thing they threw in to reward obsessive viewers who get excited by the differences? It's like a trivia game or something. I don't want a game. I want to understand the island.

  2. That bacon line made me say "Frank Lapidus IS Jason Munday"

  3. IFTBA, I love Sun and Jin. I think if only three characters could survive, I would want them to be Hurley and Sun and Jin. Just sayin'.

    Kristina, I was actually totally screaming at Sun, "NO, DON'T GO WITH HIM!" I don't trust Flocke for a second. I am afraid he's going to try to kill all the candidates so he can escape, and I could just see him giving Sun and Jin a joyous, tearful reunion and then blowing them to bits. There was a very quick clip in the preview for next week of Sun and Jin hugging on the beach, so I'm hopeful that they'll find each other then.

    I thought Mikhail showing up was a major tee hee moment, but at least this LA X story tied into Sayid's. I'm more hopeful now that there's an actual point to the LA X stuff.

    And the bacon thing made me laugh too. Anything about bacon makes me laugh these days because it always reminds me of the Harry and the Potters show at LeakyCon. :D

  4. "Hey, don't talk about bacon" is why I love Frank Fuckin' Lapidus.

    And it makes me sad that he'll probably die.

    Mikhail was a big deal in the flashsideways, I suppose. And if you noticed, he was shot in the eye where he originally was patched on the island. The symmetry of wounds continues.

    I think if Sun and Jin do reunite, something tragic will happen. They can't be happy AND together, it seems.

    Also, Jack was being decent at the end of this episode with Sun. I forgot what not-self-absorbent Jack looks like.

    And DESMOND! :D Can't wait to see wtf Widmore needs him for now.

  5. I didn't understand that line about the bacon... it made no sense to me

  6. I like Jin and Sun. They aren't my favorite characters (I'm a Penny/Desmond shipper, personally) but I think they're cute. If any of them deserve a happy ending, it's those two. I was so hyped up for their reunion!... that never happened. Kristina's right, it'll probably be on the finale.

    I probably am the only person on this site that actually enjoys the LAX timelines, but I think they're interesting. It's better than the flashforwards (which confused me to death, seeing as most of them never happened in "real" time) and I think it reveals more about the characters. Plus, seeing dead guys walking around and breathing is always a plus.

    I'm going to go out on a limb and say I thought The Package was one of the best episodes this season. Behind Dr. Linus, of course.

  7. @ QuoteGirl

    I like the LAX timelines too. You're not alone.

  8. i love the LA X Flash"sideways" too there alot of us we need to stand united

  9. I got twenty bucks that says Jin and Sun get reunited next episode. Didn't any of you guys stick around 10 more seconds after the episode ended to see the "next time on Lost" teaser?

    And I don't think Flocke wants to kill -any- of the Candidates. He's had ample opportunity to do in several of them. He wants to corrupt them, first and foremost, but as he said in last night's episode: He wants to get all six of them on that plane and off the island.

    That was a HUGE secret that kinda got overlooked, I think. That's Flocke's plan, to get the Candidates off the island. If one of them stays (and therefore takes over Jacob's role as Protector), then he can't leave. So he wants to lie to them and corrupt them all into his side, so that they'll think that their lives back home are more important than protecting the world by being the new Jacob.

  10. YOU GUYS!! I bet they are not reunited next week. The teaser was mostly old clips. the one where sun and jin are embracing is when he finally came back in season 2 after the raft exploded! C'mon now! Pay attention! lol. :-)

  11. Hahaha I like Flocke. My personal nickname for him is Un-locke. xD

  12. i dont think flocke can kill the candidates like its a rule or something like he couldn't kill jacob himself he needed ben to do it

  13. That'll teach me to delay putting up my blog entry...I was going to address your very point jude.

  14. @the arrow

    lol sorry im sure you will go in to more detail so hurry and put up your blog.........or i will go in to more detail ha ha ha(evil laugh)lol

  15. I promise...as soon as I get done with work and out of a meeting with my realtore, and before poker...I will post!

  16. lol ok ill allow it

  17. I don't think Jin and Sun will be reunited next episode. I'm shooting for the third episode before the finale. Or also known as three episodes after next week's.

    It's Desmond's, and I think it will focus on Widmore and Penny. I also think Charlie and Daniel will make appearances in the flash-sideways. They've always been a huge part of Desmond's episodes, and they both impacted his life very strongly. And, almost everyone wants to see Charlie and/or Daniel again.

  18. I totally thought of Dr. Horrible too!! ahhaa

  19. @Quotegirl Nice call. xD

    Update fail, guys?

  20. Sorry, guys! It was Arrow's turn all this last week and his turn to go first on this episode and our rules are to follow the rotation no matter what. He's had a lot of stuff going on so we have been failing horribly at keeping this updated. I had to work tonight so I have not watched the episode yet. If he has not posted by tomorrow, I will go ahead and start the rotation for this week.

  21. @Titania.

    Thanks. I love making weird theories. I love it even more when they actually come true.