Monday, April 19, 2010

There's no earthly way of knowing/Which direction we are going

So...I am going to go on ahead and break a rule, punish me if you have to. I won't get a chance to make a post anytime tomorrow if Arrow happens to post then, so I am skipping him. I've gone rogue, like Sarah Palin. She's so wily!

Anyway. I actually really liked this episode. I predicted some big things that happened, though, such as:

1. I totally called it on Ilana dying earlier in the blogging, and once she started being careless with the dynamite I figured something was going to happen. There was way too much focus on that bag for something not to happen. However, my train of thought went along the lines of: “She is going to die, but there is no way this is how it is going to go down,” then KAPLOW! “Huh. Did not think she would go out quite like that. Sucks.” I kind of hated her dying that way. I thought she deserved a more...heroic death. It was unsettling when Ben said the Island was finished with her and that’s why she ‘sploded. I would just never do anything again in fear that the next thing I did would be my final mission and I would die in some god-awful way. Wait a minute, that is exACTly how I live my life...

2. Hugo blowing up the Black Rock. Hilarious, by the way.

3. That a kiss would cause Hugo to remember Libby. Puh-lease. Next thing you know a tear drop will heal a fatal wound.

4. That Smokey would push Desmond into the well. However, I was expecting it to happen a little sooner than it did so I was a bit surprised when it actually happened.

I was shocked when:

1. Libby showed up. I thought she MIGHT, since the idea of Hugo dating was introduced in LAX, but I honestly wasn’t sure if the actress that plays Libby was allowed to portray Libby anymore (what with the DUI and all that got her her killed off...). I also wasn’t sure because last time a character was set up on a blind date and I got my hopes up, some ginger decided to come along and ruin it for everyone. Anyway, Libby was a pleasant surprise. Hurley and Libby are my second favorite couple, right after Des and Penn.

2. When it turned out that The Whispers were all of the lost souls. This also pisses me off because it basically implies that the Island is in fact Purgatory. Kind of. Which means we were lied to. Yes, if they had said, “Dog-gone-it, yes, you’re right. It’s Purgatory,” in Season One when everyone was guessing it, that would have ruined the show. And I guess since it is only a semblance of Purgatory, they technically didn’t lie but . . . Eh. It’s a cool, haunting fact to find out nonetheless.

3. When Desmond became a creeper. My friend Eric and I, on Arrow’s facebook status, both had the thought that he was now The Matchmaker for LAX. It just looked like the cheesy ending to a romantic comedy when he drove off after witnessing the kiss between Libby and Hugo. I'm honestly shocked he didn't break the fourth wall and wink at the camera. I am going to be pissed off if the island is some kind of messed up version of where you find your soul mate or something. I mean, that won’t be the summation, but even as a subplot that’s lame.

4. When DESMOND HIT LOCKE WITH HIS CAR! After I got over the initial shock, my first thought was, “I bet he can walk now.” Then of course I started trying to figure out why he did it. I can only assume it involves “memories” that are surfacing and the manifest.

Again, I enjoyed that the LAX and Island time-lines are starting to show their connection to one another. It may explain Libby being in the mental institution Before the bomb went off. Kind of. Maybe. I don’t know. I feel like there should be another season at this point. I feel like there is just not enough time, especially since there is this new parallel universe where Libby isn’t dead. I don’t really want there to be another season, since I think they should quit while they’re ahead, but it just seems like there is too much going on for it to be summed up in a satisfactory way in a month. Still trying to keep the faith, guys. It will be a battle to the end for me, I am afraid. Sometimes I feel as though I am watching the show more out of obligation than anything, which really makes me sad. Sigh.

So, questions concerning this episode:

1. Does Locke know what Desmond’s sacrifice is supposed to be and that is why he kidnapped him and pushed him into a well?
2. Did Desmond kill Locke in the LAX because his memories started to come back and all he saw was the face of Locke doing manipulative, evil things and decided he needed to hit him with his car? IS the manifest behind it as well?
3. Has Libby never heard of Chapstick, or perhaps even Blistex?
4. Why did Smokey and Jack look at each other with Crazy Eyes as the music rose to a crescendo? Jack knew he was going to see Smokey, so I don’t know why he was suddenly surprised . . . Unless, and this is my own theory that perhaps others share . . . Perhaps Smokey senses suddenly that Jack is in first place to be the new guardian of the island, and Jack suddenly felt it too. It’s a weird weird, vague theory, but they looked like they were ready to duke it out.
5. Are we back to Kate not knowing who she wants? Seriously?!
6. Can Sayid stop freaking me the hell out right about now? Geeeez.
7. Am I going to make it to the finale without my brain exploding?
8. Did anyone here get an iPad? Is it worth it or is it just a giant iTouch?
9. How many times is everybody going to split up into groups in one season?
10. How long are they going to milk this “Sun can’t speak English anymore” thing? Will there be significance to it? Is it somehow related to her LAX self?

The episodes are staying consistently good, which is comforting. I suppose now would be a good time to knock on wood . . .

The Pearl

I opened one of these things in the event you folks would like to get to know the writers of this blog. I believe Swan and Hydra have one as well; doubtful that Arrow does but he can always get one! So, uh, ask us (or I guess just me right now) stuff. It can be Lost related, or you can get creative and ask about other things. :)


  1. about the whispers:
    I actually laughed a little when Hurley asked Michael about them. And not in a good way. It felt like the writers were looking at a great big checklist of questions they need to answer by the season finale, and after they wrote this episode they looked at it and went, "Right, what can we answer in this episode...OH! THE WHISPERS! LET'S THROW THAT IN THERE!" *checks it off list*

    I don't know. It just seemed so random that Hurley ALL OF A SUDDEN realized what they were.

  2. This post was downright hilarious. I loved it.

    I thought having the whispers be dead souls is a bit of a cop-out. Of all the reasons behind them, they chose dead people? It just adds more evidence to the theory that this show may have a sucky ending where we find out that they lied to us and the island is a pretty (messed up) version of hell.

    I'm still set on my theory that Desmond's sacrifice is giving up his family, but who knows? Maybe Desmond is really the final candidate and the reason Smokey pushed him down a well is because Smokey doesn't want another future "protector" messing things up.

    I wasn't surprised when Libby showed up. It makes sense considering she was Hurley's "love" (quotations because I felt like it was too rushed of a relationship to be considered true love [didn't they have like three episodes together before she died?]) and that the rest of the dead guys/gals are showing up with their "soul-mates". After all that drama with Charlie/Claire, Daniel/Charlotte and Desmond/Penny, I'd be stunned if they didn't do the Hurley/Libby route.

    I think Jack and Smokey were so... surprised to see each other because they hadn't since Smokey was Locke as Jeremy Bentham. Jack knew he would find someone, but no one warned him that it was going to be someone he used to know. His reaction was kind of like Kate's (calls Smokey a dead man, in which Smokey takes her to the beach and they have a nice chat about mommy issues).

    I love Desmond as a creeper. He's so good at it.

  3. Yeah, The Whispers explanation was a cop-out, and it did seem like they were just going down a checklist. It's still kind of cool, though. I am surprised no one ever thought, "Oh, hey, since the island is completely insane, perhaps there are ghosts here." I mean, stranger things have happened on the island than ghosts.

    I guess I was half-shocked to see Libby. I figured that it SHOULD happen, given the pattern, but I seriously didn't know if she was allowed back on the show. I guess they are letting Daniel Dae Kim (Jin) stick around despite his supposed DUI, though. What is it with Lost stars driving irresponsibly? Tsk tsk.

    That could definitely be Des's sacrifice, but it seems like he is supposed to be doing something concerning the island. I also think if Smokey wanted Des dead, he would have just gone all Black Smoke on him instead of pushing him down a relatively shallow well. The previews look as though Sayid is going to shoot him, however, so I don't know.

    Jack knew Smokey was in the the guise of Locke, though, since Hurley kept saying, "we need to talk to Locke." So that couldn't be why he was shocked to see him there. And it doesn't explain Smokey looking surprised. They didn't play it up as much with Kate and Smokey as they did with Jack and Smokey seeing each other. I don't know. We'll find out soon enough.

    I wish I could watch it tonight! Damn job.

  4. Oh, and I agree on Libby and Hugo not really being "in love" quite yet when she died. But that's real world talk! When it's love, it's love, man. Just like how Kate and Sawyer are clearly irrevocably bonded after a whole month and a half of sleeping together, I mean, dating. Three years with Juliet cannot change that!!

    All that said, Libby and Hugo are adorable.

  5. Bernard and Rose are better. >.>

  6. Wow you are really negative twords the show... They did infact get killed off after they got DUI's. but it was never clear that was why. Anna Lucia and Libby made a few apperances after they were killed off if you don't remember!

  7. Ah, I do love Bernard and Rose, Pac. They are precious.

    Er...I'm not really any more negative than anyone else has been? I'm just negative about different things. And I'm joking around 65% of the time. Sorry. I remember their brief cameos, yes, but I think it was not so subtly hinted to that that was the reason behind their abrupt exits. I don't really care. I was happy to see Libby again.

  8. Didn't Sun start speaking English again when her and Jin were reunited on the beach?

  9. @Jehnay.

    Yeah. It was kinda lame and cheesy.

    Really Lost? I don't know what to think of your true-love-conquers-all angle you've started.