Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oh Yeah, I Totally Forgot to Mention Illana Getting Arzted!

So, I have a quick anecdote before I get to my posting. First, our internet at our apartment has been down so I wrote this post right after I saw the episode on Tuesday night in Word and I just now got the chance to go to a coffee shop to post. Sorry about the delay, but, the two hour rule was observed, just for your peace of mind.

Also, I had a crazy Lost dream last night. I never remember dreams, a lot of times I will try and piece them together in the shower in the morning to no success. But, sometimes, I will wake up from a dream in the middle of the night and really want to remember it in the morning so I will, half asleep, find something to write on and jot down a phrase that will hopefully jog my memory. It works maybe fifty percent of the time, the other fifty percent I just wake up with the words "Humanoid Dalmatian making out with Megan Fox" written on the back of one of my comic books and have serious doubts about my sanity. ANYWAY, I woke up this morning with the words "JJ Abrams' Grave" written on the front of a paper sack. I don't remember the dream at all except it involved Hurley and Desmond trying to find a tombstone and when they finally find it the camera spun around, while strings crescendo menacingly, to reveal the name J.J. Abrams etched in the stone and the dream went black and I woke up. Anyone have anything to explain this? Anyone?

Now, to the post.


First off, the opening montage was so damn funny. And, how adorable is baby Jorge Reyes?

Obviously I am super glad that the flash sideways tied into the "combining realities" action that started last week. I feel pretty confident that that will continue for the rest of the season and that makes me really happy. Desmond as a reality enlightening outlaw from the law (Eloise)? Yes please. HE HIT A GUY IN A WHEELCHAIR WITH HIS CAR! That was so crazy. After seeing him subtly manipulate Hugo into having his moment of realization I was completely taken by surprise when he reverted to the Charlie method on Locke. So, Awesome.

I guess the biggest questions regarding the LAX reality are, "how do they permanently flip the switch off on their faux-reality" and "is that even the right thing to do?" Regarding the latter, it seems that, so far, everyone who has had their moment of realization has found their previous existence preferable. But, what happens when we get to someone who doesn't have a girl to pine after? Also, I guess Hugo didn't remember Libby getting shot in his flashes because if he did, no way would he want to go back to that. I have no idea where they are going to go with this... help? Anyone?

Now, on the island. Hurley blew up the Black Rock... hahahahahahahahah. So funny, and kind of badass. In fact Hurley kind of turned into a badass this episode on the Island, walking right up to Esau and all. I think it's really interesting seeing "Locke" and Jack having essentially switched places from the first few seasons. i.e. Locke desperately trying to get off the Island and Jack going with the flow just trying to do whatever destiny has in store for him. And the line where Jack says something like, "I can never fix it." was really nicely done. That seems to have been his realization staring out into the ocean.

I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot of stuff that happened, I thought it was a really great episode. I am so happy that I am pretty much completely enjoying Lost again.


P.S. I could only find a picture of a Humanoid Cheetah. (Not making out with Megan Fox... that we know of.)


  1. The Ilana thing happened so quickly that I didn't even realise what was going on at first, so I don't blame you for missing it.

    Someone else mentioned that Desmond was running over Locke so Flocke wouldn't get the body on the island, but I think "pulling a Charlie" is the better theory considering that last moment.


    The Hurley/Libby thing is cute and tragic at the same time.

    I also feel...bad?...for Michael being stuck on the island that he hated so much. He never got a chance to resolve things with Walt either.

    This was a really good episode, though, and as long as things continue this way, I feel like I'll be happy with the end.

  2. I was so glad to finally find out the whispering. But it still seems kind of odd - does that mean the physciatrist chick Juliet saw in the jungle back in season 3 (4? I honestly can't remember anymore) was dead? Why does that happen when alive people show up? Maybe Micheal's lying or I have serious trust issues.

    When Ilana got blown up... I think I must have said, "Oh. My God." at least seven times. I was so sure she would have a centric because she seems, er, seemed to have such an interesting background. Add the second mark to the running list of dead during this season.

    I think the whole near-death/see-the-girl-you-used-to-love/kissing thing is getting annoying. It was cute the first time with Charlie and Claire, the Desmond and Penny flashes were understandable (seeing it was his episode) and the Daniel and Charlotte one was pushing it. I was kind of annoyed when it happened once again with Hurley and Libby. We get it people! Do they have to go through the entire cast? I think they are pushing for the whole soul-mates and "true love conquers all or just weird time travel problems" angle. When they see that one person they were meant to be with, they finally found their happiness and it doesn't matter which time-line they are in type of deal. So both had to occur for the dead guys to be happy? Maybe? I honestly am grasping at straws at this point.

    As for your dream, perhaps your subcontinents is alluding to the fact that you will be greatly disappointed in the finale of Lost, so much that you want to kill the producer/creator. That'll be horrible if my off-interpretation comes true. Lost has to end epically, otherwise it will be remembered as that stupid show that wasted six seasons on nothing.

  3. @QuoteGirl: At least in the Watch With Kristen segments on E!Online, Carlton admitted that the entire series is about love. Love is the ultimate theme for the show, so I think THAT is why they're pushing those story lines. It has to happen with all the characters because that is what is going to merge/eliminate the timelines. That is what is going to bring everything back

  4. the weapon we have is love... lol