Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Clubs Are Way Cooler Than Teams

Well, now I just want to see Looking Glass' "Quantum Leap" reboot staring Henry Ian Cusick as the time traveling mystery solver.

I was less thrown than the rest by the non-character centric episode. (non-character-centricness? non-character-centricocity?) I guess after the story shifted to Desmond at the end of last episode and the camps coming together I assumed we would start the shift to the larger picture. And, I am glad for that, it's time for the show to start wrapping up. I say that not as a "I'm ready for this to be over" sort of thing, but logistically. There are only four episodes of Lost left (counting the finale as one). It is very literally time for the show to start wrapping up.

I also have less of a problem with Desmond finding people than the rest of the group. When I was growing up in Wyoming (ages 0-13) there was a local minor league ice hockey team, the Casper Drillers, later the Casper Wranglers. Now, when I say "minor" league we aren't talking a step away from the NHL it could have been called diminutive league hockey. The players were either 17-20 years old working their way up or 30-40 years old desperately hanging on. There was an old Native American guy everyone loved and called "chief" whose sole purpose it seemed was to fight the other teams biggest player in the first period of every game. ANYWAY, because they were paid so little some of the players would stay in host homes of the season ticket holders, my family always hosted a player. About a week ago my parents received a package from Tim McCarthy who was among other things an amazing potter and descent right defenseman with a killer shot from the point. We haven't seen or heard from Tim in... 15 years? In that time we have moved three or four times within and outside of the state of Wyoming (we live in Texas now). With the Internet the world is minuscule and incredibly intrusive and not protective of personal information. All of that to say, you can find people these days, that didn't really bother me.

Can I not be on "Team" Desmond is alive? Can I be in the Desmond is alive club? I don't like that everything is "team" this and that these days. It's like how every scandal ever is something-gate. Except instead of the cliche being based on a culturally relevant event in American history, it's based on Twilight... ew. But, I'm in the Desmond is still alive club for the reason that Lost has always done their main character's deaths justice. If they are going to kill Desmond I believe they will do it on camera. If they didn't I will be really upset, that's like breaking up with someone through e-mail or something.

What's up with Esau's magical voice? Apparently if he talks to you, you are instantly on his side? It has been brought up twice now, first when Dogan was trying to get Sayid to kill him and now again this week with Clair telling Jack that whether he likes it or not he is on Esau's team now, because he let him speak to him. But, Clair decided to go with the Sawyer boat... which is lead by Sawyer who has also spoken to Esau. If this is an actual thing, the only character that we care about (has had a centric episode) that can seemingly kill Esau would be Miles. He is the only one who has not at least said Hello to Esau at some point. Interesting.

Lastly, I'm going to stray from the group again. I thought the Sun/Jin reunion was the most underwhelming emotional plot point all season. Which is a shame because they've been building towards it for TWO YEARS. The fact that she could speak English again was cheesy, like really bad cheesy, especially since it didn't even matter, because Jin speaks Korean. Also, "We'll never be apart again, I promise" is such a bad line! Not only is it completely cringe worthy, it's a shitty thing to say to someone when you're on a CRAZY ISLAND WHERE YOU COULD BE SEPARATED INSTANTLY AT ANY MOMENT. I thought they really blew what should have been an emotionally powerful touchstone for the whole season.

Favorite line: "We're done going back." Why was this not the tag line on every poster, commercial, and advertisement? So, great. I also liked when Jack apologized for killing Juliet before jumping into the ocean.

No new episode this week, we'll figure out our plan and let y'all know.


Googling "twilight fan art" is really... really disturbing.


  1. Hydra, I completely agree with you about Sun and Jin's reunion. I was so glad it happened at first, and I'm still glad it happened of course, but later on I started to think about how much they just brushed over something we'd been waiting for for SO long. Major disappointment.

    Also, thanks for the PSA. I may have to look up Twilight fan art at some point for my thesis. (Don't worry, Twilight is not the basis for my thesis. It's just a very small piece of the culture I'm looking at. I don't think I can avoid it.)

  2. You're completely right. "We're done going back" would have made the best tag-line ever. I'm surprised they don't even have it on t-shirts or anything yet. Say, what is this season's anyhow? And there are Lost posters? No way.

    As for Esau's magic voice - didn't MiB tell Richard to kill Jacob but not let him [Jacob] talk as well? (in Ab Aterno) Maybe both MiB and Jacob have special powers since they've lived for hundreds, maybe thousands of years, and their "hypnotic" voice is just one of their super-human qualities. Maybe Jacob and MiB are brothers?

    Clubs... Unfortunately, team does have a nicer ring to it. But I'm just as repulsed that so many things base their preferences off a Twilight term. Yuck.

    Thanks for the PDA, I was stupid enough to try it. I used to really like the books (before the last came out) and sometimes I fear my sanity for that very reason.

  3. To be honest, I thought the Sun/Jin reunion was very underwhelming as well. I am just practicing being less negative about the show.

    I was using "Team ____" before I even knew what Twilight was, man. It rolls off the tongue easier.

  4. I think the "Team ____" actually started with the Office, with Team Pam and Team Karen. Correct me if I'm wrong.