Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'm So Happy The Final Season Of Lost Finally Started!

Can we start over? Let's have the season premier, then this episode, and then the Ricard episode and throw all of the rest of the flash-forward-sideways away? Please? Even when it was good like Dr. Linus I officially don't care. All of the LAX stories are nothing more than semi-amusing DVD extras, really. Really. Imagine this...

Season premier: Flash sideways revealed! What's going on? Did the bomb work? Why doesn't Jack remember getting a cut on his neck? Why did Charlie want to die?

Episode 2 (Happily Ever After): Whoa, what did the bomb do???? The realities are separate but converging? Why is Eloise Omnipotent? This is awesome!

Episode 3 (Ab Aeterno): Oh man this is all crazy! There is a war coming on the Island and all this electromagnetic-side reality stuff is obviously going to play into this somehow. This is the shit man!

It's like we've been watching a spin off half the season. Ugh. I really can't stand that they wasted 4.5 episodes on crap I could not care less about. And, if they go back next week to not mentioning that the time lines have started colliding and it's just a bunch of scenes where Hurley does lucky things and is cool I am literally going to vomit up disappointment.

One technical thing real quick. The reality they are in is not a reality in which the bomb went off. Because if it were, Eloise and Daniel would not exist. So, we have to conclude that although this reality may have been instigated by Juliet setting off the bomb, the bomb never went off in this world.

A few thoughts about the episode now.
-Desmond and Jack are men on missions right now. I'm not entirely convinced that either one of them knows what those missions are yet though. And, Sayid is creeping me the hell out.
-If the end goal for the LAXers is going to be to get back to their "real" selves as I assume Desmond wants to and Charlie definitely wants to. How are they going to convince someone like Hurley who has seemingly no upside in doing so?
-Are Ben and Widmore going to team up against Esau? Because if so, awkwarrrrddd.

Next week is a Hurley episode! Let's hope I don't vomit ruined expectations all over our blog next week!



  1. I don't think Ben and Widmore would ever team up. Period. That'd be like Darth Vader having a pet kitten. It would be totally wrong. They might want the same thing, but I think they are totally going to try to beat each other to the punch line first. The only possibility I could see that happening if one of them was dying and the other felt merciful.

    You definitely said it: Sayid is creeping the hell out of me too. Every time I see him, I feel scared for the entire island. He's so much worse than Claire. "I can't feel anything..." ZOMBIE!

  2. If the bomb never went off then how is it under water? Anyway, I agree with everything else. They could have saved us a lot of time by re-sequencing the episodes as stated and not wasting our time with stories that don't matter at all other than for us to go, "Oh, that's different."