Monday, April 26, 2010

Lapidus DOES look like he just stepped off the set of a Bert Reynold's movie!

Thank you for such an amazing guest post, Looking Glass! This is going to be a short, not-too-exciting post, mostly because we had so many great comments and two fantastic posts that there isn’t a whole lot more I want to say about this episode. I think I am just going to stick with my list format for the majority of this, again.

1. Sun saying, “It’s him!” while pointing at Locke confused me at first. However, I eventually chalked it up to Sun having a near death experience in LAX (like Charlie and Desmond), therefore Island memories started flooding back. Seeing Locke immediately made her recognize him as Smokey/Loophole Locke/Esau/Flocke/MIB (I am torn on what to call him anymore). Which does make me wonder: why didn’t LAX Locke seem to have any kind of flashback reactions after getting hit with the car? Perhaps Looking Glass is right in the theory that LAX Locke is really Smokey and LAX is happening after the Island events?*
2. Desmond really is acting like a crazy person. Aside from Locke, his actions haven’t really caused any harm, but his creepin’ on Claire made me feel sooo uncomfortable. Jeepers. I have got to know how he has managed to know all that he knows.
3. I don’t think Desmond is dead.
4. I seriously thought Claire was going to shoot Kate. And despite my blatant hatred for Kate, I was actually dreading it.
5. Claire’s cryptic and foreboding one-liners made her extra-scary to me.
6. I hope Juliet is Jack’s ex wife. I am highly doubtful that is the case, but it would be cool. I think I am just wondering when Juliet is finally going to show back up. Elizabeth Mitchell shot all of her scenes about a month ago, so she is coming back at some point. Waaaah.
7. I am really enjoying watching Jack’s transformation.
8. Jack is totally going to fix Locke and make him walk again.
9. The Sun/Jin reunion was lovely. I feel like I am the only one who wasn’t expecting them to die from the pylons. I guess I got caught up in the moment.
10. I think Widmore turning on Sawyer was due to three things: 1. Sawyer didn’t bring Locke. 2. Desmond wasn’t returned when ordered. 3. Widmore is a bastard. Methinks the bear cages are going to be utilized once more.

*About Looking Glass’s theory: I think it is a stellar theory, and can totally see it being possible. However, I am reluctant for now to agree with it completely.

I know, I know. Best post ever. I’ll understand if it leaves you speechless.

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I JUST learned we do not have a new episode tonight. Sad face.

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  1. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who felt uber-uncomfortable watching Desmond/Claire. It's so awkward knowing the island time-line, and how things end up, and *shudders* it's just weird. Especially since he's supposed to be in love with Penny and all that. I love Desmond and Penny together.

    I think they are definitely going to play up the whole Juliet and Jack thing in LA X. It was present on the island in like three episodes back in season three? season two? season four? Honestly, they've all blurred. But it kinda makes sense considering that there was a slight possibility, but it didn't work out... It can't be Claire since they're siblings. It's not Sun cause she lives in Korea. It's not Kate cause she's been on the run. Penny's going out with Desmond possibly. Shannon is still in Sydney. Libby is insane. Nikki is... I'm not even going there. And Charlotte? No idea. Ana Lucia would be the weirdest twist ever.

    I was almost positive that Claire was going to shoot Kate as well. I'm not a Kate fan, but I would be seriously annoyed if Claire killed her. It would ruin Claire as a character, because it would show that she has finally lost that tiny straw holding her to humanity. I was literally talked to the TV, "Claire, put the gun down. Come on, Claire! Don't do it! I will kill you!"

    Next week's going to be interesting.