Thursday, April 15, 2010

"I eat when I'm depressed."

Can I just start my post this week by saying - Did we really just see Ilana get blown up, Desmond pushed down a well, and Locke brutally struck down by a fast-moving car all in the SAME episode?

Brutal, Lost. I know you said there were going to be a lot of deaths this season, but this is a bit much. Also, like Desmond would die from falling down a well. Maybe Juliet died from falling down a well, but Desmond survived electromagnetic blasts, more than once. It's going to take a bit more than that, Flocke.

Hydra, I'm with you. I was SO nervous that they weren't going to incorporate the combining realities plotline in this episode, but thankfully, they delivered. I remember saying at the start of the episode, "If we don't see Desmond or Faraday in the LAX timeline tonight, I'm quitting Lost."

What I don't understand, is why Desmond hit Locke with his car. I mean, yes. it was awesome. Yes. it made my jaw drop. Yes, Desmond has the list of Oceanic Flight 815 passengers and clearly has a plan here.

But HOW did he know that Hurley just had to be nudged in the right direction toward Libby to start remembered, but that Locke had to be SEVERELY MAULED BY A MOVING VEHICLE? I liked that within one episode Desmond has become as crazy as the Charlie who drove their car into a lake, but I just don't understand how he knows which people will be sparked by love and which need a near-death experience.

It's funny, what you were saying, Hydra, about the LAX timeliners not knowing whether or not flipping the switch on their new reality is the right move. Because on the island, most of them are LONGING for this more simplistic version of reality. But in the mundane real world, one flash of something else and BAM - let's go.

You're right, about Hurley. The second he realizes Libby doesn't survive in this other reality, he's faced with the decision to tell her or not. Assuming he remembers at all. I feel like he would obviously choose his current life then, given the circumstances.

Chances are, if they flip the switch AGAIN, it'll be another all-or-nothing deal. And I doubt Charlie will volunteer to die so Desmond can be with Penny, you know?

Okay, as for my notes this week. Here's how they started:


2. Libby = crazytown.

3. Okay. Libby = not crazytown.

4. What was in the bag Hurley had? He was looking into it and then just put it away.

5. Hurley in a bad mood is really funny.

6. Did anyone notice the drawing on the chalkboard at the mental institution was of an island?

7. Desmond = creeper match maker.

8. Willy wonka music preview = badass and scary.

That's all I have for this week. I was really happy with this episode and have my fingers crossed that they keep getting better and better.



  1. Here were my thoughts on the whole Desmond Hitting Locke With His Car thing: Since Locke's island story line ends up with him dying and being taken over by Smokey, that can't really be a good thing. So maybe possibly maybe Desmond is trying to prevent that? I have no idea how he would know that's going to happen, but ya know? That was the first place my mind went. I'm probably wrong, but I guess we'll see. 6 more hours!

  2. The bag Hurley had contained Jacob's ashes. Ilana pulled it out previously (in Dr. Linus, I think?) and had Miles "see" how Jacob died.

    I saw the island on the board as well! Weird, how a lot of LA X-ers are talking about them. Or in Ben's case, teaching.

    Creeper Match Maker. Totally sums up Desmond.

    I don't seem to remember the Willy Wonka preview. Did I miss something?

  3. 4. What was in the bag Hurley had? He was looking into it and then just put it away.

    He was looking through Ilana's stuff, and I believe the little bag was Jacobs ashes that she swept up from the fire that Flocke pushed him into.

    It'll become important at sometime! Maybe Hurley will through them on Flocke and he'll melt or something... haha sorry just watched Wizard of Oz :-p

  4. Ah QuoteGirl! Post at same time fail :-p

  5. Is it possible that if LAX is happening after Island timeline - then Smokey is still in Locke? That could explain why he is acting so oddly. Desmond could know this and want to destroy smokey?

    question mark?

  6. Okay, I have an issue. Like, Libby is in the loony bin in LAX because she volunteered there...

    But is everyone forgetting that she was in the loony bin in the normal timeline as well?! Why was she there, then? Did she know what was going to happen? Why was she obsessed with Hurley then?!

  7. Oooh, Alex, I didn't think of that. That's a really good theory. Would Desmond know that, though? I guess we don't know if he's started to remember more stuff...

  8. my roommate and I were watching the episode and we were getting really pissed off at the way ilana was handling the dynamite after the show has proved over and over again how unstable it is and then...boom! we laughed for a good minute.

    After thinking on it a little while I'm starting to believe that Flocke didn't want to kill Desmond at all. He's gotta know that pushing him down a well won't do it and why not shoot or strangle or stab him? or become smokey and rip him to shreds? he want's him alive for something I just don't know what yet...