Friday, April 23, 2010

It would never work sweetheart: I'm a cop, you're a murderer.

Hello everyone!

First of all, I'd like to thank the Looking Glass for a wonderful guest post this week. We decided to branch out and bring in a guest poster to try it out/change things up, and I think it went over well! Which is good, because if he messed up, we were going to have to give him over to the Smoke Monster.

That being said, someone on twitter had tweeted, "This episode wasn't that great" a few hours before I got to watch it here on the west coast, so I went into it expecting the worst. The lesson I learned here is to not read twitter on Tuesday nights from when the East coasts airs LOST on, because I quite liked the episode.

I agree with you, Looking Glass, about the whole not having a central character aspect of this episode feeling jarring. We kept waiting to find out who the episode was going to be "about" and it never came. Unfortunately I feel like this is probably going to be the trend for the rest of the season, as everyone who is still "important" has already had their flash sideways episode.

And maybe it's a good thing. If we're not focusing on one person's problems in the LAX timeline, there is much more room to figure out the big picture. And with as few episodes as there are left, we really need to start figuring out the big picture.

Desmond is just baffling me here. Looking Glass, you were right about him having the flight manifest, but that doesn't explain everything going on here. HOW does he know what type of interference each person needs in order to remember the Island?

It made me flash back to the season where Desmond keeps predicting Charlie's death. I wonder if Desmond is having a similar super-natural experience with his new work in gathering the Oceanic flight 815 passengers? I have no idea.

I liked your Free Will and Destiny theory - and definitely agree that was the case the first time Jack and Locke had a showdown on the island and everyone chose sides. Jack embodied the concept of Free Will and Locke embodied the concept of Destiny.

This time I think things are a little different. Jack did a complete 180 and is now embodying Destiny, but Flocke is more along the lines of Save My Own Ass and Crush Everyone In My Way.

I felt the SAME way about Sun and Jin's reunion. They were running to each other and all of my roommates and I were saying was "one of them is going to get shot/electrocuted/mauled by a polar bear!!!! - oh, they're hugging now. Guess they're okay."

I am on team Desmond Is Still Alive. Sayid's response to Flocke was just too creepy. There is no way Sayid killed him after that speech.

Speaking of creepy, I liked when Claire said to Jack: "Like it or not, you're with him now." There has been a lot of that theme going on, like when it was also said to Jack, "You chose him when you let him talk to you." That wasn't the first time someone said that.

And Flocke! "It's so nice to have everyone back together again."
I don't know about the rest of you, but his calm pleasantness about that statement made him sound like a crazy murdering crazytown when he said that. I was actually a little scared for a minute.

I'm not sure why Widmore altered the deal. Maybe it's because he lost Desmond. That's not Sawyer's fault, but Widmore isn't really the type of guy who does things "fairly".

Also, figured I would add - earlier Jack offered to fix Locke's spine, now he's operating on Locke, I would bet money he'll be able to walk in the next episode. Just like on the island, Locke was SUPPOSED to be able to walk again.

And in closing - I love that this show took another opportunity to kill every remaining random extra. Nice work.




  1. They always seem to do that. Not important? We'll just blow you up/send flaming arrows/mass shooting/smoke monster attack. Goodbye, random others. Go hang out with Jacob.

    I'm not sure what Desmond's thinking in LA X right now. Perhaps he is having flashes like with Charlie, or maybe he's just lost it. I think he is probably doing a bit of research on each person (he's Widmore's secondhand man, he should be able to access personal files/information easily. And he got the 815 manifest. [Or it seems like he did]) and then decides if he wants them to fall in love/meet the person they are supposed to be with or have a near-death experience. Then again, he could just really hate John Locke and like Claire in a slightly creepy way.

    Widmore changed the deal cause he knew Sawyer had already altered it. Widmore obviously knew that Sawyer told on Widmore (why else would he send Zoey over?) and so he figured that Sawyer blew it, so he should just blow everyone else up. (The original plan was for Sawyer to lie and say nothing was there, and Widmore would get Sawyer and whoever was in Sawyer's boat safe and off the island. Sawyer told Smokey, so Widmore figured he didn't have to protect Sawyer.)

    This brings up in an interesting point though - what will happen to Sawyer, Kate, Claire, Hurley, Lapidus, Jin and Sun? Are they Widmore's prisoners? Are they going to be killed? Are they going to be used to get Desmond back/bring Smokey to Widmore?

    Wouldn't it be weird if Locke died during surgery in LA X? Then things would really get interesting.

  2. @QuoteGirl tl;dr sorry. :P

    What bothers me is I was SO psyched to find out why the song from Willy Wonka was in the previews for this week.. and there was nothing even remotely spooky or wacky in the show to explain it.

  3. @Titania

    I think they used Willy Wonka because it fit really well with what they were trying to do. They used the song, "Nearly Home" by Broken Records for a Hurley preview.