Monday, March 1, 2010

What we missed - open thread

So I finally got around to rewatching last week's episode this weekend, and I think we missed something. By design, of course...I think the producers wanted to slip something into this episode hoping that we would be distracted by the one million things going on that we wouldn't notice.

It was like the Season 5 episode "Jughead." I remember watching that episode and thinking "Alright, cool episode but who really cares about a hydrogen bomb?" Another great moment in my history of poor Lost analysis. But that early episode served to introduce the bomb that would go on to play a much larger role. And I think that the producers put a scene in this episode that didn't really fit that we haven't covered on this blog yet: the reintroduction of the "Adam & Eve" skeletons from the caves that we first saw back in Season 1.

I've read that there's been a plan all along to explain those bodies, and given the fact that everything seems to be pretty big this season here's some questions I want to throw out to everybody:

1. Who are they?
2. How did they end up there?
3. What importance do they play to the overall story of Lost?



  1. I've been wondering about "Adam and Eve" too. I was so sure they were going to be really important when they were first discovered in Season 1, but I had almost forgotten about them in the intervening time. I really hope they are ultimately important because it seems like such a J.K. Rowling thing to just casually introduce them at the beginning and then suddenly they're important five years later.

    I'm wondering if they arrived at the Island on the Black Rock, because that's another mystery that keeps popping up in tiny ways but we don't have any solid information about yet. If I recall correctly, the Black Rock isn't too terribly far from the caves. My friends and I have been postulating for a while that Richard came to the Island on the ship, so I'm hoping to see some sort of plot thread involving Richard, the Black Rock, and now maybe Adam and Eve sometime in the near future.

  2. Well if you remember, Adam&Eve were also found with white and black stones (further enforcing the "Light vs Dark/Black vs White" overarching theme of the show).

    My theory is that Adam&Eve are Bernard and Rose, aka "The best couple ever on television. Ever."

    The last we saw them, DharmaSawyer & co. ran across them in the woods. They (along with Vincent) had been living in the woods for three years ever since the fiery arrows started raining from the sky after the first timejump. Who's to say they didn't die together in the caves (or maybe they might, later on with another timejump to the distant-ish past), thus creating the male-and-female skeletons for the Losties to find in 2004?

    (Plus, not to be racist, but it further enforces the "Black and White" theme. C'mon, don't tell me you didn't already think it.)

  3. Yea, I think the explanation that it's Bernard and Rose and that they died in 1977 in the Jughead detonation makes the most sense. The producers put a nice little ribbon and bow on their storyline during the Season 5 finale, plus that reveal would let them trumpet the whole "We knew what we were doing from the start" routine.

  4. I was thinking Rose and Bernard as well, especially after that scene in Season 5 where they were saying "if Jack wants to blow up the island, let him blow up the island".

    Spooky to know that was them all the way back in Season 1, if that's the case.

  5. Also, clearly Vincent is mutated via Jughead radiation and turns into a polar bear.

  6. I think they are former protectors of the island - if you remember, they were lying with one black stone and one white stone.
    My other guess is that it is Jack ad Claire - the two children of Christian.
    I guess we'll see!

  7. I heard a theory somewhere or another that it is Rose and Bernard. I think that makes a lot of sense (We haven't seen them on the island since before the hydrogen bomb) and for all we know, they could have moved back to the caves. Not to be racist or anything, but Rose IS black and Bernard IS white.