Tuesday, March 16, 2010

That episode sucked.

Errr...I didn't like this episode. At all. In fact, I may even go so far as to say I hated it. I kind of felt like it was just another Nikki and Paulo or Jack-sleeps-with-a-weird-looking-Asian-lady-and-gets-a-tattoo episode. That's how bad it was in my eyes. It was the weakest episode of the season, and one of the weakest of the series. Other than finding out that Widmore wants to kill Smokey and that Smokey has some mommy issues (so his mom might be an ethereal being of sorts since he turned out the way that he did--maybe Khaos?), it was very uninformative and we were back to watching a pointless LAX time-line again. Not to mention the writers are trying to push Kate and Sawyer back together just a few days after the death of Juliet, and that pisses me off more than I can express in words right now. I almost stopped watching it, which is pretty sad considering I sat through the above aforementioned episodes in their entirety.

I was really disappointed when Sawyer's blind date wound up being Charlotte and not Juliet. Granted, if it had been Juliet, it would have ended badly. I am still waiting for that mumbling before her death to come in to play and I honestly thought this was going to be that episode. Ugh. I am just so disappointed in this episode, it's hard for me to say more than that. I didn't have a TeeHee moment in this episode, I had a roll-my-eyes-dramatically moment. It was when Sawyer catches Kate after the hit and run and turns her around and says, "Whoa." Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh.

This post is such a downer...

I will say that I am SO EFFING EXCITED ABOUT NEXT WEEK'S EPISODE!! The truth about Richard Alpert will finally be unveiled!!!!! I guess it will be a flashback episode, which will be amazing. I think I may have giggled when I saw those previews.

Whatever. That will have to do. I have nothing to say. There is nothing to say. Worst first post ever.

Sorry this post sucked as much as this episode,

This episode followed two unbelievable episodes, especially "Dr. Linus", so I was really hard on it because of that fact. I realize that may be unfair of me, but the caliber of those episodes were miles above this episode and I feel like I was kind of cheated this week. I feel a little tricked, actually. I really am sorry if I was too harsh. I may feel differently tomorrow, but this is my initial reaction to this episode. Also, (as stated in my comments below) it was kind of cool that Sawyer became a cop and not a criminal, but I thought it was unrealistic that he would actually sleep with a woman for his job. Yeah, he was undercover, but I don't think that can actually happen... I know it was meant to dupe us, but I was just dumbfounded afterward.

EDIT AGAIN--The Next Day:
Okay. I slept on it. Fact is, if this episode had been in Season Four, I probably wouldn't care so much. But we are 8 EPISODES away from this all being over and I have high high high expectations at this point. It wasn't as bad as I originally posted, but I still didn't like it. I will stop editing now. Once I start a rant, it's hard to stop me.


  1. Wow. I definitely didn't think it sucked THAT much. That was quite a downer post.

    I did really appreciate the Sawyer is a cop thing. I thought it was nice.

    Also, Claire is SO CRAZY and tried to kill Kate. And Smokey owned her ass. And Sayid is GONE.

    The island girl that tricked Sawyer looked like Tina Fey, too.

    There were silver linings! Overall, yeah, it wasn't the greatest but I wouldn't compare it to Nikki&Paulo or Jack Shepard and the Crazy Tattoo.

  2. As soon as this episode ended I said -- I FEEL LIKE I NEED ANOTHER HOUR [for it to be a complete episode]!!!!!

  3. Ps, I also thought Island Girl looked like Tina Fey at first.
    And we have a loose theory at my house that perhaps Smokey TOLD Claire to flip out like that, so he could pwn her, and thus win Kate over.

  4. Hahaha, I was totally going to talk about her looking like Tina Fey! Good theory on Smokey having Claire freak out on purpose.

    My gut reaction is to hate this episode right now. I may feel less strongly about it tomorrow, but I just really did not like it. Yeah, it was cool that Sawyer became a cop and not a criminal, but I thought it was unrealistic that he would actually sleep with a woman for his job. I mean, yeah, he was undercover, but I don't think that can actually happen... I know it was meant to dupe us, but I was just kind of dumbfounded afterward.

    I think the last two episodes being so mind-blowing did not help this episode either.

  5. Pluuuus that means that all the cops outside listened to Sawyer and the girl getting it on...

  6. I think this was the only episode where I was more interested in the LAX timeline than I was the Island timeline. And that says something.

    I mean c'mon...every "surprise" on the Island timeline was one of those things that was a surprise for the characters, but not for the viewers. Where someone busts out with a stunning revelation to another character...but it's something that we, the viewer, already knows. Bleh.

    I liked Sawyer the Cop, and the opening scene which played on his Season 1 episode backstory about the con.

    I dunno, this episode wasn't terrifically put together. The way she was acting, Charlotte didn't look like she was looking for a shirt, she looked like she was specifically digging for his file. And if that's the case, then they did a crap job of explaining why.

    "LaFleur". That made me giggle a bit, I have to admit. Plus seeing Miles as his partner.

    And since when did Kate get all weepy after a fistfight? What a puss. I really, really hope she's one of the "main characters" that the writers have promised us will die by the end of this season.

    And I'm not sure if I missed a crucial detail...but why did Zoe saying "My boyfriend is in Guam" tip Sawyer off? Why that phrase? I mean sure, she was pumping him information on troops numbers and armaments...but what about the "my boyfriend" line made him decide to pull his gun?

    This just seems like one of those episodes that maybe had too much left on the cutting-room floor.

  7. Yeah, Charlotte looked suspicious to me as well. I think it was just overall poorly written. I didn't like the LAX time-line or the Island time-line. The "LaFleur" was a bit of a TeeHee moment, I will agree to that.

    I don't know why "Guam" tipped him off either.

    I think Kate was crying because Claire tried to kill her. I don't think it was the fight itself, I think she was just thinking, "My God, I took care of this woman's baby when she deserted it and this is the thanks I get?" It was a bit of a pity moment for her. I think she was also just realizing how Claire is a nut job now and how sad that is for Aaron. Needless to say, I still won't mind if Kate dies this season.

  8. because no one else has brought it up I feel like I have to, unimportant as it is but...


    whew. needed to get that out there. I mean, Charlie's my favorite character, even though he's been dead for two seasons, and when I saw Liam I got SO FREAKING EXCITED that we were going to get to see Charlie again. But then we didn't.

    I felt kinda neutral about this episode, until we didn't get to see Charlie. Then I decided I didn't like this episode.

  9. Yeah, I noticed Liam and got a little excited about seeing Charlie. Not seeing him as yet another reason why this episode could never have happened we would probably be okay for the rest of the series.

  10. I guess it wasnt just the boyfriend in Guam, but her reaction to his questions that tipped him off. Also, Kate ALMOST died so many times this episode, (Or maybe I was just hoping or seeing chances that she could have died) that I was sort of sad when she didnt. I was hoping that jungle claire tried to do her in for good when they were alone later, but then she just cried. And then Kate was all like 'Oh yeah, youre a nutcase who tried to kill me but Ill hug you anyway because I luuuuuv you' or something. Thought that was weird.
    But generally I liked the episode, Miles was cool, Sawyer was a cool cop, and Charlotte is also sorta aright but she was seriously looking for something that was NOT a shirt. But yes, that might just have been badly written.
    Oh well, next week will be epic.

  11. After sleeping on it, it wasn't as terrible as I originally thought. We have a rule on the this blog that when it is your turn to post first that week, you have to post within two hours after watching the episode so it will be a fresh reaction to the episode. This was my fresh reaction.

    I think I have such high expectations for this season and this episode REALLY let me down. If this were in season four, I probably wouldn't care as much, but we are EIGHT EPISODES AWAY from the end of it all. It was just poorly written and I cannot let that slide...Sigh.

    I was half expect Claire to grab Kate's rifle while they were hugging and turn on her. Damn. Maybe next time.

  12. I was worried when Kate let Claire hug her...I was just sitting there through the duration of the hug going "Oh no oh no oh no"

    I think "Guam" tipped Sawyer off because the girl, whatever her name was, didn't say it right away. She hesitated for a fraction of a second, and Sawyer caught that.

    I liked this episode, but I liked the last two far, far more. I mainly liked the first part of the LAX timeline. The suitcase fell open, Sawyer said she wasn't supposed to see that, and I thought "Sawyer, really, you're still doing the same con?" Then he said he was a cop, and then he said "LaFleur," which I for one thought was neat, and I was impressed.
    ...Then it went downhill, but eh. They can't all be blow-you-away amazing, I guess.


    It wasn't ALL bad. There were little snippets I really liked, but I guess I didn't like enough of them. Meh. I'll live. I think I am mostly pissed off about Kate and Sawyer than anything. I think that is the one thing I did not want happening in the end, so I am taking it pretty hard.

    I am going to step away from the computer now so I can at least give the idea that I have a life.

  14. And then one more thing. If Sawyer is now a policeman and not a con-man. THEN WHY THE HELL did he help Kate escape in the season premiere? Like. what? He knew she was escaping, he is a policeman, and just lets her go?
    They just didnt know they were making him a policeman later or something?

  15. I *completely* agree with you. I was so disappointed :( Thankful for the snippet about MiB's mother, but still...grrr. The end is coming up so fast, we shouldn't have to deal with such subpar episodes.

  16. Thank you, runa! I felt so alone. Haha.

    Yeah, I didn't even think about that, John. Ugh. I feel like I am watching "Raising Arizona", where the cop falls for the criminal and they try to building a life together and hilarity ensues. Just not as good...at all. Kate already stole a baby, so the plot is pretty much there.

  17. John, I think the reason Sawyer let Kate go at the airport was that he had told Mile he was going to be in Palm Springs when he was really in Australia, so if he got involved in some kind of altercation at the airport there was a potential for sticky questions...

    I can't take credit for that idea; my friend came up with it. I think it's a pretty good theory, though.

    Also, Sawyer being a cop in the LA X time line means he was legitimately giving Hurley advice on the plane, not trying to con him like we all thought originally. Not that that probably matters at all at this point, but it's kind of nice to think about.

  18. If the cop falls for the criminal, then I will stop watching... Ok probably not but that would be so lame.
    And Madeline, that is actually quite a good theory, but I just hate the fact that we as the viewers have to think about that stuff, so that it looks as if the writers have everything in order. I think they should just have it in order and know what theyre doing, and we shouldnt have to worry about that stuff and just enjoy the show (: