Monday, March 22, 2010

"I'm the Smoke thing."

Well, I didn't hold this episode in quite as much contempt as Pearl, but I will admit when I was watching, I said "this episode is kind of boring". Pretty hard to follow "Dr. Linus", though.

I mean, I guess it will be important later that Sawyer effectively sold Smokey and Widmore to each other, and the Kate/Claire catfight was fun, but other than that, I was a little disappointed by all of the exposition.

Though the fact that Niki and Paulo came up again made me chuckle. It only took what, 3-4 seasons? They're still not important though, and I still commend Lost for being the only TV show that could possibly make me feel nothing about two characters being buried alive. I feel nothing.

But anyway. Back to this week.

I think they were trying to do for Sawyer what they did for Ben just one episode earlier, showing that given the choice ("Well I realized I'd either have to be a criminal or a cop - I chose cop"), Sawyer would lean toward the good side without the influence of the island. But I just did not find it very moving.

And while I got a good laugh at the FlashForward Mark Benford/Demetri Noh - Saywer/Miles similarities (a white guy and an Asian guy as partners working for the law? Man, these shows have GOT to stop paralleling each other), I just thought this was, again, another episode full of rather bland TeeHee moments, as Hydra said.

Okay, the "safe word" being "LaFleur" did make me smile a little bit. Come on.

One thing I did think was interesting was the scene where Sawyer catches the runaway and finds out it's Kate - which they threw in there to show us that the LAST time he ran into her (in the elevator), he let her go/hid her from the security guards WHILE BEING A COP. Interesting.

But yeah. Hydra, you hit the nail on the head there with a wasted opportunity. Having Charlotte be the girl he was meeting served no purpose other than to make me remember how much I disliked her on the island. Juliet being there would have been the first really great way of tying the LAX timelines to the other timeline, and they just.. didn't use it. This either leads me to believe that they have something else planned for that little tidbit in the future… or they just need a better continuity editor.

I did enjoy seeing Kate looking like a scared little girl, though. There were so many shots of her where she was just silently SCREAMING "I'm in the wrong club". She's on Smokey's team with sick and crazy Claire, sick and crazy Sayid, and apathetic he'll-never-love-you Sawyer. I bet she'd give her left arm to be hanging on the beach with Sun and Lapidus right now.

Also, Widmore's seed he planted, the "I'm all alone with all these dead bodies" girl? Totally Tina Fey.

My question for this week: So. Smokey had a mother. Does that mean he's human?

That's all for this week. There is no way a Richard Alpert episode can be bad (I hope I didn't just jinx it) so here's to tomorrow night. :)


Hydra, as for your punishment? Yeah, I'd like to see you chugging some ranch dressing, Hurley-style. Maybe a picture accompanying your next post? xD


  1. YES, @Tina Fey! Oh, and I agree with pretty much everything else, but I was wondering if I was the only one who thought that about Zoe.

    Looking forward to tomorrow's episode. Richard is great.

  2. I definitely did not catch that Sawyer let Kate go when she was a cop. Wow, this is just getting more and more messed up. Thanks for the enlightenment though.

    They simply cannot mess up Richard's episode. How would they do that? [Please don't make me eat my words ABC]

  3. I hope that Sawyer doesnt lose his cool as much as Benford.

    And Dem = Miles = Dem. I like it.

  4. I had this idea a while ago, and now I'm back to pondering it: I wonder if Jacob and Smokey were brothers. Smokey killed Jacob as Cain killed Abel, and who were Cain and Abel's parents? Adam and Eve.

    None of my theories ever seem to actually play out though...but it's something to think about.

  5. Whether it plays out or not, I give your Cain/Abel theory two thumbs up, Madeline. I like that parallel. A LOT.