Wednesday, March 10, 2010

LOST for words.

I don't have much I can say about this episode. Or, at least, nothing insightful. I've always enjoyed the character of Benjamin Linus, one of my favorites on the show, and "Dr. Linus" was such an amazing episode for his character. It's not that I never thought he was a horrible person at times, I guess I just always had faith him. He's not a sociopath, so there was always hope. Not to mention, he is one of the greatest, if not THE greatest, villains in television history (Cigarette-Smoking Man is his contender). I was honestly dreading the possibility that he might die. He still might, but we get him for at least one more episode! Well done, Michael Emerson.

I am enjoying the LAX Timeline now. I guess I started to like it more with "Lighthouse", but I suppose now I am seeing its purpose. The parallels are very interesting to watch. I suppose it's because they are paralleling what is happening within the Island Timeline now with the LAX instead of just retelling seasons 1-5, like those first few episodes. We were devoid of any "teehee" moments this week (except MAYBE Arzt's pun about Ben being a killer), we got another little layer of the onion pulled off with a fact on Richard being confirmed, and we got to see this remarkable character growth before our eyes. It was truly flawless. Oh, and Jack is becoming a badass again. Hooray! Each episode is better than the last so I am getting excited, and less patient.

I like Arrow's theory, but I am reluctant to agree with any theories concerning what the island is, just because they have turned down so many I've given up. I am also not going to completely trust Jacob right now either, because the fact remains that he has been a bit of a jerk. I am not writing him off completely as a good guy, but he's got a little evil in him. Even super heroes have flaws, though, so maybe he's just imperfect like the rest of us and I need to cut him some slack.

I'm glad my confusion concerning Dogan and Ben being in LAX has been resolved, even though I kind of was hoping I could write the writers a letter and be like, "HA! PLOT HOLE! SEE, YOU AREN'T COOLER THAN THE REST OF US!" Alas. They are so much cooler.

Hydra, show us what you got.

Signing off,

What if Jacob bestows different gifts with each touch? Clearly immortality is not the same gift for everyone, because Locke died and was touched by Jacob. Kate was touched and she isn't even a candidate anymore and her only talent seems to be bedroom eyes at Sawyer and doing the exact opposite of what people tell her to do. Jack's gift is flying off the handle on a whim and Sawyer's is giving out sassy nicknames. I thought perhaps Hurley's gift from Jacob could be seeing dead people, but he was able to do that before Jacob touched him. Anyway, something to think on.

Also, I know it may seem like I am totally lying, but I wanted to guess that perhaps Wallace was Widmore's real name when we were first introduced to the idea of Wallace, but I thought that might be too ridiculous. Now it seems that it COULD be the case.


  1. I love that, by the end of this episode, we've seen a steady and solid transition from Jack: Man of Science to CrazyEyed Jack, now finally settling in on Jack: Man of Faith. It took the entire length of the show for it to work and be believeable, but he's finally there. He has been molded into the person he needs to be in order to take over for Jacob.

  2. A clarification:

    I think it takes a Man of Faith (tm) to take over for Jacob...and at the beginning of the first season, that perfect candidate was Locke. The problem is, he got noticed by Smokey pretty early on (three, four episodes?) and has been manipulated in one form or fashion by Smokey since then, in order to get Locke off the island ("I said that -you- had to move the island, John, not Ben.") and out of the way.

    Jack, with his Man-of-Science mindset, was in NO position to take things on faith and believe what the whispers and horseghosts of the island were telling him. He wasn't ready to be that Man yet. So while Locke was being manipulated by Smokey, Jack was going on his own personal journey, culminating in his full-on transition into the man we saw this last episode. And while that journey (his CrazyEyed Jack period) may've started a few seasons back, it didn't find purpose or direction until Jacob directly intervened, after his own death.

    S'what I think, at least. Glad Jack's back.

  3. Nice input, Pac. Totally agree. Jack's growth and transformation was definitely a long process, but his character is becoming really awesome.

  4. who says Locke wasn't immortal?! I guarantee that when he tried to hang himself, it would not have worked.... Ben killed him. You can BE killed. Richard could not kill himself- so he asked jack to light the dynamite. I don't know anymore...

    Fun thought: I really liked how Miles heard Nikki and Paulo's dead thoughts and dug up there diamonds... lol

  5. I revise my last statement.... I don't think you can die until your purpose is served.

    I am totally obsessed with this show and just thought of something AWESOME!!!

    If who Jacob touched can't kill themselves and/or die until there purpose is served... well that got me thinking about season 4:

    When Micheal was a spy on the freighter, it showed his flashback where he tried to crash his own car, and put a bullet in his head, Tom friendly said you can't die 'till the island is done with him.....


  6. Maybe Jacob touched more people than we were shown. There were other names with numbers beside them in the cave, therefore more than the six candidates were meant to be on that island. Perhaps the ones who have died were not candidates, per se, but they had a purpose to serve in order for the candidates to get to where we are now.

    Very good observation, reducto.

  7. I'm still confused as to how Ben is in LAX. I really need someone to explain it to me. Is it really obvious and I'm just being stupid? Did I just miss something?

  8. No, it's really subtle and it hasn't REALLY been explained yet. I am just going off of the assumption that they left Dharma before the bomb went off in 1977, maybe by evacuating. I know that some people evacuated off of the island last season on the sub, and so he and Roger must have been on it.