Thursday, February 25, 2010

Heeeeeeeeere's Clairey!

I am going to agree with Hydra, Swan and Arrow that this was the best episode of the season.Last week's was pretty incredible, and the idea that each episode is getting better than the last is ridiculously exciting. Am I still nervous? Yeah, I will be until the bitter end. However, my faith gets stronger with each episode and that has to count for something. Going last in the rotation is tricky because everyone has said most of what can be said at this point, however I will contribute what I can for this week's 5 Star episode.

I feel like there is a plot inconsistency, or rather something that doesn't quite make sense--and not in a "Lost" kind of way. I don't understand how Dogan was in the LAX Timeline. I may have missed something or misunderstood something, so I apologize in advance if that is the case. However, from what I understood the Island was destroyed in 1977. I also got the impression that Dogan was on the island long before 1977. Therefore, shouldn't he be with the fishies and not raising a prodigy child in LA? Now that I think about it, this should also apply to Ben, since he and his dad arrived to the island before 1977 as well. Again, I may have just missed something and I am really sorry for those who have to explain this to me. It's never been confirmed if anyone died in the explosion, and perhaps most of the inhabitants managed to evacuate. Maybe being confused by these guest appearances in LAX is the proper reaction right now. Time travel and alternate universes and parallel universes and hydrogen bombs leave me in constant states of confusion, so it probably makes sense to everyone else but me. Let me know, thanks.

I would like to say right now that I like Jack. I never really stopped liking Jack, I just thought he was insane for a while there. Yeah, sometimes he gets that crazy look in his eyes and sometimes he does things that piss me off, but I still have a lot of faith in his character, even if he feels like he has nothing left to offer anyone. I feel really bad for him. Plus, he's hot. When he was walking up to pick David up from school, his hair all windblown and his shirt open a tad? Rawr.

Anyway, this LAX Timeline was definitely the most interesting that we've seen this season, for many reasons. For one, Jack is so far the only character who is noticing things and having moments of uncertainty concerning the present--the blood on his neck and the scar from having his appendix out. He is kind of our modern day Billy Pilgrim in this way. Not blatantly and not to the full degree, but he is definitely lapsing and questioning occurrences and who knows if there may be a point when his LAX self and Island self collide, or if he will have glimpses into Before. As for who David's mother is . . .

I don't have any theories. If we stick with the fate thing, it's probably Sarah. However, they will have had to have met in an entirely different way since David is in his early teens and nothing would suggest Sarah destroying her spine any earlier than Before. We never got a specific date for when Jack and Sarah met and married, just the knowledge that the wig they gave him to look younger was terrible. If we go with the idea that the Island somehow managed to change who Jack married, then it's a mystery. I kind of like Arrow's theory that it might be Juliet. Granted she then would probably never have married that tool she was married to Before, but everything and everyone seems to be free game so . . . Whatever. I'm sure it will be revealed. I'm just glad David and Jack can have a healthy relationship from now on. LAX=happy ending; Island=not happy ending. JJ Abrams said that the show will not have a happy ending . . . I guess we'll see how that goes.That statement was made a loooong time ago, when the show was only supposed to run for four seasons, so perhaps they've reconsidered a happily ever after. Who knows. Not to sound like an awful person, but as long as all of the questions get answered, I don't really care if it's happy or sad.

Arrow, your "The Shining" references aren't really unwarranted. In "The Shining", Jack gets corrupted by evil spirits during his isolation in the Overlook Hotel and puts an axe into the chest of the guy (Dick) who tried to save the family. Claire has been infected with darkness during her isolation and put an axe through the chest of the guy who kind of meant to save Jin. Also, "The Shining" has a thing for numbers as well. The writers of "Lost" love allusion, and it's all over the place. ALL OVER THE PLACE. And yeah, creepy Bone Baby . . . Crazy Claire is not sexy, and I don't have a problem expressing when girls are sexy. Crazy Claire reminds me of a feral kitten--remnants of still being adorable, but clearly needs to be put out of its misery. Claire is not going to get a happy ending, folks. I don't like it, but one doesn't come back from the dark place Claire is in now. She won't go down without a fight, though. I feel as though maybe Jin should have elaborated on the "Kate taking Aaron" thing. Crazy Claire might have been less homicidal towards Kate if she realized Aaron wasn't taken by Kate but rather that Kate assumed responsibility for him. Claire, even before being crazy, has never liked the words "taking/taken" and "Aaron" in the same sentence--which is a maternal reaction, of course. Now that she is crazy, though, things being taken from her end in death. And OMG she is friends with Smokey. Not a huge reveal, but it was a creepy way for the episode to end.

The Lighthouse was pretty badass. There is not much more to elaborate on that hasn't already been mentioned in the blog. For some reason, Kate and her number (51) were not crossed out on the dial, even though she was not mentioned in the cave as a Candidate. Like Swan, I wanted to yell at Jack for smashing the mirrors, but Jacob seemed cool with it so I guess I'll let it slide. That said, I don't trust Jacob. I won't go so far as to suggest he is evil, but I can't say he is 100% good either. He is manipulative and cryptic and those aren't good qualities. My prediction for the enigmatic Wallace is:

(or it's Smokey's real name)

Sorry for the Rambling,

Fun fact: Jack is number 23 and this Jack-centric episode aired on the 23rd.


  1. Okay, so in response to your question about the timeline and people being in the LAX timeline that were on the island previous to 1977:
    I've been operating under the assumption that when Jughead was detonated, that it changed EVERYTHING. Including who would be there. In my opinion, the island looked far more submerged than it would have after only 30 years. But I don't know. Just an idea. What I think might change tomorrow. Or 30 seconds from now. If it did change everything post-1977, then that would explain why Jack didn't remember getting his appendix out. It happened before 1977. Again, this is tricky. And I can completely negate my own arguments. Awesome.

  2. The two phrases I said (nearly screamed) aloud at the television set during this last episode:

    To Crazy Eyes Jack, when he picked up the telescope and started moving towards the mirrors-

    "Oh sweet Jesus, Jack, don't you dare do it. Don't yo-- GODDAMNIT!"

    To Claire, when she spoke of killing Kate-

    "You left your baby behind, you crazy bitch!!"

    Someone tell me I'm not alone in this.

  3. And while Wallace and Gromit is a good guess, you're forgetting that he uses -last- names.

    So while this guy is hardcore, he's obviously not hardcore enough.

  4. Wallace from Wallace and Gromit doesn't have a last name, though! He's just Wallace. Like Mario and Luigi are Mario Mario and Luigi Mario. Just sayin', it's still possible.

    No, you weren't alone in either of those reactions, Pac. I pretty much reacted the same way, except I had to do so quietly because people were sleeping.

    Thanks for sort of, kind of explaining it, Lindsay. Or trying to. At least I know I am not alone in it not making complete sense...

  5. Ok. So the island went kaboom in the beginning of the whole Dharma thing right? Which means that a lot of recruiting people to come to the island never happened, and that could also have happened with the Others, they just didnt recruit Dogon/Samurai/IdontlikeEnglish because they were, well, dead?
    Although the Ben thing doesnt make sense to me now.. because he was there when the island went kaboom, as a kid... STRANGE

  6. Yeah, but Dogan was with The Others, I assumed, when they had to heal Ben in the pool in the temple. It just seems like he's been there a long time, like Richard.

  7. But how could Smokey be Wallace? A) he's already on the island, and 2) Jacob wouldn't want to HELP Smokey get to the island even if he wasn't.

    Also the whole Claire not knowing what happened to Aaron thing really got to me. She doesn't remember just walking away and leaving him? She's obviously not right in the head, but I want to trust her so bad. Because I love Claire.

  8. Kate's name wasn't crossed out because she isn't dead yet. Is that a solid theory? She didn't have what it took to become a Candidate. Number 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42 had. But then, the numbers existed before the people the numbers belong to did. Maybe all the people connected to the Island got a number and Kate just happened to be on the same plane as those numbers. Call it bad luck but maybe she wouldn't even be listed there if it wasn't for the fact she got on that plane. It's all about wrong place at the wrong time and wrong deeds in their pasts.

  9. @Jaime--Well, I don't think Jacob ever intended for Hugo and Jack to actually help Wallace get to the island, I think I just intended for them to discover the lighthouse and get away from the temple. And I think when Jacob said that Wallce would find a way there, he was basically saying that Wallace was coming no matter what and thee was no stopping him. It's not a solid, confident guess, I just think it might be possible.

    @Gothenburg--The fact still remains that Kate was touched by Jacob when she was a little girl (that sounds so awful out of context), thereby making her one of the chosen like the rest that were listed in the cave. That's why it's all so confusing to me.

  10. What is the "Austen" at 51 is actually Sam Austen, Kate's step-father? It would keep the sausage fest going, and would also make sense why Kate doesn't seem to be as important as the Number Candidates?

  11. Yeah, that would be interesting. But it STILL wouldn't explain why she was one of the people he touched. I think that's why it's just still so damn frustrating for me.

  12. Another fun fact - Jack's seat number on Oceanic 815 was 23B!

  13. Another fun fact - this past episode was the 108th hour of the series...

  14. Whoa. They plan down to every minute detail.

  15. I'm with you on the not understanding why Ben and Dogan are in the LAX timeline. I was honestly suprised to see Ben. Hmmm...