Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Miss Eko... and Faraday

So, it was the first Saturday of South by Southwest in Austin yesterday. My friend Preston was in town premiering the movie he is in and got us into the after party where there was an open bar. Before he called us to the bar though, my friend Kayti had some people over for an early St. Patrick's Day party where I was encouraged to drink "Irish Car Bombs" and Guinness. All of that to say, I had a rough morning and there is no way that someone could drink an entire bottle of whiskey and then walk miles through the jungle without puking at least once. There is a plot hole for you.

Before I get to Dr. Linus, I thought of something from last week that I want to bring up. Do we think that it's significant that Sayid drowned Dogan in the tainted water? He had Dogan's knife with him when he did the deed as poor Lennon can attest but for some reason he drowned Dogan. Will Esau have access to Dogan now the way he seems to have Sayid?

Now, to this week. I thought that the scene in the Black Rock was one of the best in the season. Hearing Jack have to restore Richard's faith was a huge moment for Jack's character and it may as well have been the writers telling everyone to chill out we got this. Have a little faith. Also, did Richard's not being able to kill himself remind anyone of Michael in Season 4?

Pearl nailed my problem with the LAX timeline and why I am starting to enjoy them more as the season unveils. At first it very much was just a retelling of stories we already knew, they were like bad remakes. Now, though I'm still not on bored with the stories mattering at all, they are at least telling new stories. And, Ben's this week was phenominal. Being able to see Ben selflessly help Alex Rousseau was almost as cathartic for me as it was for Ben to admit everything in the jungle to Llana. Also, who would have thought that at the beginning of the season Kristina's first blog title "I Miss Arzt" was going to be so attended to? Arzt has been in like three or four episodes now and Michael has been in none. And actually, I'm kind of okay with that.

Sorry I was cutting it close on time this week guys. Swan, you're up!


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