Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Apparently I'm Evil.

Okay. So last night I was sitting around, waiting for Hydra's post to show up, wondering why he thought it was okay that he could suddenly just break the 2 hour gut-reaction first post rule - I even went to bed thinking "I guess I'll just wait until tomorrow since we haven't heard anything from that rule-breaker yet".

Then this morning I woke up and it hit me. It totally IS my turn to start. I'm the rule-breaker.

So forgive my entirely blonde moment here, and let's start discussing. And let's pretend this is my 2 hour gut reaction. I don't know how I messed that up.

So, this week I was all set to bring up a new interesting thing I'd noticed, but the episode last night completely smashed that theory into the ground. What I was going to bring up was that so far, the flashbacks had been following the same pattern as in Season 1. Back in the first season, they'd gone Kate, Locke, Jack, Jin/Sun, and then Charlie. This was holding up in Season 6, with flash sideways concerning Kate, Locke, and then Jack, but since last night's episode about Sayid, that little pattern is over. I wasn't sure how they were going to deal with the Charlie episode if that patten held up anyway, so maybe it's better that way.

So, my first thought about this episode was that it was very uncomfortable. Nadia being with Sayid's brother, when it seemed that everyone involved (even his niece and nephew) seemed to know Sayid was in love with her. Awkward environment you've created there, Sayid.

I felt like there was a bit of a Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon moment when Sayid and Dogen were fighting each other. I think that's probably about as intense a fight scene that we've ever seen on Lost. I liked it. I also liked how nonchalantly Dogen was like "Yeah I'm going to kill you, let's go."

And then, to reference more pop culture, when Dogen said, "Leave this place. Never come back," was ANYONE else thinking The Lion King? I was half afraid Sayid was about to leave for the jungle to make friends with a meerkat and warthog duo for the rest of the Season.

Okay, I'll stop making jokes. Let's be serious.

One quote I really liked, about Smokey: "For years he's been trapped, but now he's free."
So, this further proves our idea that Smokey (and Jacob) are trapped on the island. I'm not entirely sure what "but now he's free" means. It could mean that since Jacob is dead, Smokey now has full reign on the island, but that doesn't make sense because even from beyond the grave Jacob is still manipulating people. It could also be in reference to him inhabiting Locke's body, but then that doesn't make sense because while in Locke's body, Smokey said that he just wants to go home, which to me implies that he's still trapped. So I'm a little stumped on this one still.

Another quote I liked was when Claire said: "I'm not the one that needs to be rescued, Kate."
Obviously she was talking about Smokey coming to the Temple, but I'm not sure exactly as to who she was referring to. I don't know if she was talking about Kate, because she'd just admitted to taking Aaron, or if she meant everyone at the Temple in general. Also, I was SO afraid Claire was going to axe Kate in the gut. She didn't have an axe with her, but I still flinched every time Claire even moved around Kate.

Epic moments in the episode:

1. Ben saying "there's still time" and Sayid replying with his super intense "Not for me." The look of pure terror on Ben's face in that moment was just so, so good. I have never seen Ben look that scared in all of Lost, and then to see him just go running afterwards.... god I love this show.

2. Claire busting in the doors of the Temple all casual-like... I don't care what you guys say, Arrow and Pearl, Claire is not only a MILF, she is a BAMF.

3. The whole last ten minutes. Everyone running around like crazy, choosing sides, and Smokey just OWNING the Temple. I really like seeing him in his true form now, after seeing him walking around as Locke for as long as we have. Also, seeing Lapidas and Sun and Ben all arrive at the Temple, knowing everyone is back together and that unless Lost is going to be really evil, knowing Sun and Jin will be reunited soon - everything about the last part of this episode was exactly the reason why I love this show. Not to be cliche, but it literally had me on the edge of my seat. So good.

As for teehee moments, they were scarce this week I thought. Jack walked by in the hall of the hospital when Sayid and Nadia were going to check on his brother. And I suppose Keamy being the man Sayid's brother stole money from was a pretty big teehee moment, but I just can't get myself to care as much about a smaller character in the LAX timeline. Wow, so Keamy is a douche in both worlds. Big surprise.

Edit: re: a comment I received. Oh yeah. Jin in the freezer. How did I forget that? I seriously need to start watching these episodes twice before I post anything on here. This episode was teehee-crazy, and I just suck at remembering things.

I cannot WAIT for next week. The way this episode ended... next Tuesday can't come fast enough.

Until next week,



  1. I wondered when there would be a post. This was worth the wait though since I agree with everything. I cannot wait until next week, although a Sayid-centric episode made me squee like the fangirl I am :P

  2. Did you forget about Jin being in the freezer for the teehee moments or did I miss something? That was a giant wtf moment for me.

    Also, I feel like at this point...Jin and Sun aren't going to get to see each other at all, and if they do, it won't be until the end.


    I'm scared for Kate, and Sayid has lost his damn mind. Also, what happened to Sawyer and Jin?!

    I was wondering where this post was last night :D

  3. No insulting Sayid! He's a ninja assassin, he'll get you in your sleep :P.

    Seriously though I had a feeling that the LAX timelines of Sayid and Jin were going to entwine in someway. I definitely didn't see it happening like that though.

  4. This episode was so good, possibly one of the best of the show, in my opinion. When smokey attacked the temple i was grinning like a little girl, even though i've been pretty convinced that smokey is evil. But still, two teams are starting to clearly form and i cannot wait until they clash.

  5. Actually, when Dogan said 'never come back', all I could think of was All Dogs Go To Heaven and the nice pretty angel doggy lady saying "You can never come back, Charlie. You can never come baaaaaaaack."

  6. "I was half afraid Sayid was about to leave for the jungle to make friends with a meerkat and warthog duo for the rest of the Season."

    As soon as I read that, I couldn't help but think 'I'd love to have Sayid hang out with Miles and Hurley for a few episodes..'

  7. "You can never come back, Charlie. You can never come baaaaaaaack." made me LOL.