Thursday, February 18, 2010

Crap, They Forgot About Claire Again

Did this episode look kind of off to anyone else just visually? Particularly the Smokey POV shots at the beginning, like really brightly (badly) lit? And, all of the straight on character talking to the camera shots? There were a few times that that really bothered me. Ah shit, I turned into a grumpy curmudgeon again.


I really love this part of the show. Two complaints this episode though.
1. WHERE IS CLAIR? I am seriously worried they are just going to show her to us and forget about her for another year now.
2. The "DON'T TELL ME WHAT I CAN'T DO!" line made me cringe a little. I felt the same way about it as I do about almost all of the LAX stuff. Hey, that would be funny if fake John said that line that Real John said a bunch... PUT IT IN THE SCRIPT. They are really working with no filter right now. In the next episode they are going to show Walt shooting a three point shot in a basketball game to win at the last second and Michael is going to yell "THAT'S MY SON!"

But, the cave was awesome. ::Theory:: Sun and Jin aren't individual candidates. They are only eligible as a couple. Remember when Jacob touched them, he said something like "your love is a very special thing." And when I realized that the numbers were The Numbers I freaked out a little. ::Theory:: I think Sawyer still has a little con man working inside him and is playing Esau. He's just not that gullible. Sawyer is my favorite right now though, so, I may be biased. I'm wondering why they haven't given Esau a real name yet? You think it would have come up at this point, like, Richard just keeps calling him "you" breathlessly and Sawyer is calling him Locke.


I'll make this short since I've pretty much said my peace about this. But, the one stupid coincidence that sent me over the edge this week was Ben teaching History at the same school John is subbing at. Your note concerning it Pearl ends with "teehee." Which is perfect! I am going to start calling these "teehee" moments from now on. Moment's that are more cute than they are necessary or entertaining.
-Interesting side note. When I was substitute teaching that "it's sex ed day" thing actually happened to me! It was really awkward and then at the end of the day I found out that I wasn't actually legally allowed to teach it and I should have told somebody because I wasn't a certified teacher. Really weird experience.

But, on the Island... The storm clouds are gathering if you'll pardon the cliche and I couldn't be more into the show. So crazy and fun. JUST SHOW ME SOME MORE CLAIRE!



  1. I think they have so much story to tell that more needs to unfold before they reveal what is going on with Claire to us. In past seasons they bring up issues and address them a couple of episodes later simply because so much is always going on.

    I don't think LAX is a throwaway plot line for coincidences and silly teehee moments. I'm sure it will play out to be something a lot more important than we are giving credit to right now.

  2. Esau definitely needs a real name. My roommates and I have been calling him "SmLocke"

  3. I don't think they forgot about Claire. She will probably be in next weeks episode. They also jump around like this to make us angry/anxious.

  4. this episode completely restored my faith in the LAX timeline, it won't just be fun, it's gonna mean something. The Lost writers don't just shove things in for shits and giggles. :)
    i'll have faith till the last minute, we'll see where that gets me... :/

    p.s. michael emerson on Kimmel is really good, i'm a bit biased cuz i love ben now, but whatevs. :D