Friday, February 19, 2010

Sawyer's having a bad week.

Happy Friday everyone! I just finished a midterm exam and I am feelin' fiiine.

Now, let's talk Lost.

Pearl, I am right there with you in the nervousness. It occurred to me that every time we have a character-centric episode, that is (likely) the LAST episode we're ever going to see about them specifically. Now, obviously this doesn't mean we're not going to learn anything else new about them, but it significantly decreases our chances of finding out anything else from their past lives that affects the present, unless their lives were entangled in another character's life. That's scary.

So now we have Kate and Locke out of the way. Which is okay in my book, since John Locke has been dead for half a season and even a love-triangle (I don't even know what it was at one point, a love-dodecahedron?) enthusiast like myself can only handle so much from Kate Austen.

It is way, way too early for me to translate that nervousness over to fear or any other emotion beyond anticipation and excitement, however. I have faith in Lost.

So, let's talk about the bloody armed child scene. Reminiscent of the apparitions in Macbeth, anyone? In Macbeth, the bloody child apparition says,

"Be bloody, bold, and resolute; laugh to scorn
The power of man, for none of woman born
Shall harm Macbeth."

I have no idea if this is related at ALL, but it's the first thing I thought of and Lost likes to make outside references, so I figured it was at least worthwhile to note it down here.

That being said, Pearl, I wanted to touch on your question about the creepy kid possibly being Jacob. I was talking to my boyfriend about this, because he thought the creepy kid was possibly Aaron - but I shot that down because there would be no reason to use another actor for the same character at roughly the same age.

My FIRST thought (after "OMG MACBETH") was that the creepy kid was a young Jacob as well.

But when the creepy kid said the line about breaking the rules, I wondered if maybe he was some sort of intermediate referee between Jacob and the Smoke Monster? Maybe?

I'm not sold on the recruiting for an army idea. It seems like old Smokey just wants to go "home". Someone who wants to go home (in that sort of listless, defeated way he said the line) probably doesn't also want to wage a giant war, especially when the "war", thus far, seems mostly like trickery between only Jacob and the Smoke Monster, through manipulation of other people and each other. So I just don't know. Maybe he's recruiting for some kind of event. Or maybe he needs people to GET home. I'm just keeping my options open for what this recruitment is for.

I think Smokey is staying in Locke's body because it's convenient for him. Like in that first shot where he was zooming all around the island and then stops to talk to Sawyer - even though Sawyer caught on right away, it was easier for Smokey to approach him AS John Lock.

As for the numbers/candidates: I really don't have much to say on this yet, just that seeing the numbers in the cave was awesome and I love the theory that Sun and Jin only work as a couple and that neither of them are individually the number.

Someone said to me "I'm so glad we finally know what the numbers mean!" and I almost punched them in the face. No, we don't. We know the numbers are written by the names of the Oceanic 6 survivors in a cave that takes near suicide to access, but that doesn't tell us WHY each of them is assigned one of these numbers, or how they spread to Hurley and all the other places we've seen them, or what they mean. N00bs.

Biggest disappointment this week:
NOTHING about Claire. Right there with you, Hydra. Come on, Lost. Don't toy with my emotions like that.

The only things I wrote in my notes while watching the episode this week:

"Hurley is badass. So is Rose."
"Sawyer's having a bad week".

Also, I am on board with the "teehee" moments. Perfect.

Until next week,



  1. I guess I forgive you for not posting on your personal blog because this is a great post.

    The referee idea is really interesting but I also have noted people talking about the kid as some sort of deity or game player who has trapped the man in black and Jacob as peices in a game.

    Check out my lost reaction vlog:

  2. I'm so glad you thought of the Macbeth reference! I totally should have (I'm a Theater minor) and didn't, so thanks for pointing that out.

  3. The more the episodes go on, the more annoyed with Kate I am. She's just REALLY annoying now.

  4. Nobody's mentioned yet that Jacob's ladder is a biblical sign of the bridge between heaven and earth. In the book of Genesis, Jacob dreams a ladder that ascends to heaven that the angels climb up and down. And when Sawyer climbed down it, it broke. Thoughts?

  5. @ Abby Oh my word! That is such an awesome thought....Jacobs ladder. Theres so much in that one.

  6. aside from the fact that ~its lost omg~ the numbers could JUST be. honestly, if the numbers were never brought up again, i would feel closure assuming that they had something to do with the plane seating and then from there it was this just bizarre, "fate/destiny" thing wherein the people in those seats meant something.