Tuesday, February 23, 2010

All Shall Tremble Before Glen!

I get to go first this week, which means we have made it through one full rotation on our blog already guys! Good job everyone, let's all take a shot of Sawyer's Dharma whiskey and get to blogging!

I think I'll follow my notes to get started...

-Jack single? (That definitely didn't look like a couple's apartment to me)
-Scar? (He didn't remember getting his appendix removed, like he didn't know where that cut on his neck came from.)
-Jack's a dad. (They were very coy about not telling us who his mother is the entire episode, is it Carol Vessey from Ed like before?)
-Hurley + Miles (The two comic relief characters combine to create a super likable uber-dude)
-My Pen Is Ready Jacob!!! (I can't tell what Jacob is up to. What is the purpose of everything he's been setting up for years? It seems that the central conflict of the entire climax of the show is Jacob vs Esau but, we still don't know for what. What are they fighting over/about/to control? And for some reason I find my self firmly on Jacob's side. I'm not sure why.)
-CLAIR! (They didn't forget about her! Is it just me or is CRAZY jungle Clair incredibly sexy? What does is say about me that I'm totally into a crazy girl who killed a guy with an axe?)
-3 years. (At first I thought it was a little bit of a stretch for our sweet old Clair to have turned into this amazon. But, then they reminded me that she's been alone surviving on the Island for three years. Add that to her "sickness" and this is what happens I guess.)
-Omega symbol. (The symbol Hurley was looking for on the wall.)
-I just lied to a Samurai. (The beginning of a Hurleyesque sequence of sentences that also included...)
-Indy and Obi Wan (Does George Lucas get a royalty pay out every time Hurley geeks out?)
-Creepy skull baby (Ummm, that was really creepy. ::shivers::)
-Ice Cream (At this point in the show, my chocolate ice cream showed up so I stopped taking notes for a little bit.)
-Left Sayid. (So, Jack and Hurley just left Sayid at the temple... which is full of people who want to kill him. Maybe they asked Miles to keep an eye out for him?)
-Tee hee Asian guy (The Asian guy has a son who plays piano. The only tee hee moment by my count this episode.)
-Numbers = Degrees (We are learning more and more about those numbers each week it seems.)
-Still no name (Add "my friend" to the list of not his actual name names. Maybe they don't want to tell us his name to make him scarier, fear of the unknown and all that. I definitely wouldn't be as scared of him if his name was Glen or George or Clarence or something.)

Okay, that's all I have written in my notes. So, here are a few things I'm thinking about this week after "The Lighthouse."

First off, this is the first LAX story that I really was into. It had a full arc, kept me interested, and only had one "tee hee" moment. I like that Jack still has his beat up old Jeep although he traded Nirvana for something less hardcore that I couldn't recognize. Why does he keep getting scars and cuts he doesn't recognize? I am actually really curious as to who the boy's mother is. Was the piano playing somehow tied to Faraday's similar childhood passion. I don't know why but I thought it was really good. I still don't think it added anything to the overall story but, as a story in itself, it held it's own.

I'm so glad we got to see some Clair. She was super crazy and super hard core and super scary. That skull baby made my skin crawl. Why does Jin want to take her to the Temple, I guess to save his own skin? She's with ESAU! That was my favorite end of episode reveal yet this season.

The Lighthouse I thought was really cool. We know a little bit more about the Numbers now. And, how Jacob found his candidates. However that still doesn't explain why the six specific numbers caused all the havoc they did in the real world. Why are they cursed and why those six numbers specifically when seemingly every number on the dial corresponded to a person. It should be noted that Austen was on the lighthouse wheel at number 51 even though she was not in the cave last week. Also, have y'all looked at the lostpedia breakdown of the the cave writings. Along with Jarrah, Kwan, Ford, Shephard, Reyes, and Locke some other names were already crossed out. Such as, 195-Pace, 20-Rousseau, 313-Littleton, and Faraday.

Loved this week's episode. Best yet.


P.S. "Jacob instructs Hurley to turn the lighthouse dial to 108 degrees. 4+8+15+16+23+42=108." -Lostpedia


  1. Interestingly enough the name at the 108 spot on the wheel was "Wallace" and it was crossed out. One of the joys of having a DVR that allows me to examine things frame-by-frame.... Also I saw a crossed out Linus on the list too, but can't remember the number. Great stuff!

  2. I wasn't overly impressed by the "My Friend" reveal. It made sense since Clair was infected and Smoky does all the infecting, right?

    I wasn't a huge fan of this episode (NO SAWYER?) but I liked that Hurley stood up to Jacob...well kind of.

  3. Thanks for telling me what number Kate was. Now I don't have to go back & look.

    YAY Claire-minus the creepy baby.

    And I am so glad that I'm not the only one that refers to Julie Bowen as Carol Vessey from Ed. I miss that show. :)

  4. just wondering if anyone else noticed this...
    on the poster thing for the piano audition, at the bottom it says "Welcome all Canidates". I just thought it was funny.

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  6. i was rewatching an episode from season four where Desmond gos to find farraday in a coma flashback thing and the the way desmond gets farraday to believe that future-farraday sent him was by telling him to set the device to 2.342. geeze, theses numbers are everywhere. can't wait to find out what they mean.

  7. adding to the number 108: 108 is how many days they were on the island before the Oceanic Six left, the button was pushed every 108 minutes. And "Wallace" was crossed out at 108, so did Jacob just give Hurley a random number to turn to, because he knew Jack would get curious?

  8. jin wanted to take claire to the temple because someone told him sun was there, right? and he's eager to get back with her?
    i hope nothing bad happens to him/sayid/miles now that Esau/claire are coming to the temple...