Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Very superstitious, writing's on the wall; Very superstitious, ladders bout' to fall

This show is getting harder and harder to theorize about. I want to say it’s because they are starting to answer questions, which I suppose is mostly true, but it is also due to the fact that NOTHING IS MAKING SENSE RIGHT NOW! A common problem with “Lost”, I suppose. After every episode this season I start to feel a little nervous. I’ve had my heart broken by so many TV shows and I don’t think I will survive if “Lost” does it to me as well. I’m really fragile right now.

I am going to just type out some of the scribble-scrabbles I wrote on my scratch paper as the events unfolded and try to extend on them:

1.Locke is engaged to Helen in the LAX timeline! At least he has her this time around and . . .

2. It seems his dad didn’t earn the “Worst Father Ever” award in the LAX timeline since Helen mentions inviting him to an intimate ceremony in Vegas. So. The island sinking makes his dad suck less? Does that mean he was never a con man? How did Locke get paralyzed in this reality then? Obviously it was simply his fate. Perhaps his subtle allusion to having experience in construction work holds the answer. Curious . . .

3. Candidate?

4. Creepy kid confuses Smokey? Is he Jacob?

5. Smokey is recruiting . . . Maybe for an army (Added after the show: or maybe for his “job”).

6. Hugo is Mr. Successful.

7. Kid not Jacob; Smokey pretends he didn’t see the kid who just told him what he “can’t do” when Sawyer asks him about it. That doesn’t bode well.

8. Richard is shaken more than I like to see Richard shaken so I am getting more worried.

9. Rose is awesome.

10. Why is Smokey stuck looking like Locke? Because he is the last form Smokey took before killing Jacob? Are Jacob's ashes going to serve as protection, or does she plan on resurrecting or summoning him somehow?

11. Locke is so depressing . . . I hope Ben is actually sorry for killing him, not that that helps anything at all. Locke is seriously the most depressing TV character in history.

12. Frank Lapidus: “This is the weirdest damn show I’ve ever been to.” Amen to that, brother.

13. Disappointed Locke didn’t wind up calling Jack. I think Jack might have actually been able to pull it off. I wonder if Jack ever married Sarah in LAX? I imagine so, but I wonder if it went down the same way since Jack is different than Before. You know, since he seems to have fewer issues.

14. Black wins.

15. Very superstitious, writing's on the wall . . . er, ceiling.

16. Ben is a dorky, OCD History teacher in LAX? Teehee.

Recap: Locke-4; Hugo-8; Sawyer-15; Sayid-16; Jack-23; Kwon (Jin or Sun?)-42

18. Kate was touched, but she was not mentioned as being on the ceiling/wall and she doesn’t have one of the majestic numbers. Did they just run out of numbers and thought we wouldn’t notice? Is Kate out of the running for whatever reason? Is she out of the running because she is a woman? Is Jacob sexist? But then that leaves Sun as a contender still . . . Unless Jin beat her out. Or it's a two-for-one special.

19. Is the individual number assigned significant? Should I even bother asking that question?

20. Was Smokey ever a candidate? Did he get the second ranking to Jacob from whoever was “Jacob” before? Or is he who the island is supposed to be protected from? If so, why? Why is that damned island so freaking important?!?!?

21. How does one become a candidate? Is Smokey just making this stuff up as he goes along?

22. Smokey is obviously a filthy liar and Sawyer’s sorrow is blinding him. This will end badly.

A lot of rhetorical questions, basically. I kind of hoped I would get to shine as the best blogger in the world with this post, but it didn’t really work out . . . This is really the only way I can structure this post without it getting out of hand, however, and I suppose in its own way it leaves room for mulling things over. I’ve done all I can.


--The Pearl

Biggest WTF Moment: According to my notes (in which I wrote "WTF?" twice), it seems to be a toss up between seeing chalk writings in a cave and Ben being a teacher in a sweater vest. Interesting.


  1. Jacob had to find someone who wanted to stay on the island and protect the island, like him, to replace him.

    It seems to me that Smokey had to find someone who wants to get off the island, like him, to replace him, so he can get off the island. And if Sawyer hadn't picked option 3, he'd be all like *KILL*.

  2. It's hard... to theorize... cause a huge part of me just doesn't want to believe a thing that Smokey Locke says! Argggg! Frustratingly awesome episode

    "Jacob had a thing for numbers" - there MUST be more to it than just THAT!

    and Sawyer :(

  3. I actually really enjoyed how you made a list. Makes it easier to read in my opinion. I'm still processing last night's AWESOME episode, but here are a couple of my early thoughts (and one from my dad!).

    1. We got an answer about the numbers and why the castaways (at least some of them) are there. But can we BELIEVE what the Lockeness Monster tells us?
    PS. Thanks for listing the numbers with the assigned names next to them. I have it saved on my Tivo to go back and do the same thing. And Kate wasn't listed. One of the first things I noticed. Nor was Claire-so does that mean those people weren't candidates for Jacob's job? Maybe just for Smokey's army???

    3. I loved seeing Ben & Rose. Yay.

    4. The little kid-my dad suggested it was the son of Jacob-ie: could it be Jesus? In which case, there are so many more questions-namely, if that's so, why would he need a replacement? My husband & my immediate reaction was that it was a young Jacob. The kid totally looks like the actor that played grown-up Jacob. Who knows.

    5.I would like to see more Frank & more Miles. The End.

  4. Regarding #20 - I would assume that Richard was in 2nd place to take over after Jacob (referring back to when somebody asked Richard why he didn't age and he replied "Jacob made this way), and that the Smokey and Jacob roles have always existed on the island and have always been separate, so Smokey/Esau never would have been a candidate for Jacob's role (ie, the current smokey isn't the first one, his role has been there for as long as "the protector" role has -- he didn't become smokey out of spite for Jacob)

    Sorry if that made no sense whatsoever.

  5. I think the numbers are in relation to how likely the candidate is in becoming the new Jacob. So, Locke seemed to be a favourite (until he died) as he had the most contact with Jacob so he was 4, the lowest number aka closest to #1. Hugo has had the most contact with Jacob since Locke's death so he is the next closest to #1. And so on. Maybe that's why Smokey chose to go after Sawyer rather than Jin or Sun (who are also outside the temple at the moment) because Sawyer is higher up in the candicency.

    of course this is all just a ton of guess work and probably all wrong.

  6. I think the young boy is Aaron! Ohhhh, freaky.

  7. I think that the whole black and white thing on the scale was supposed to be the black smoke and Jacob. The black smoke = black and Jacob = white. So since Jacob died "Smokey" throws his stone into the water. So "Smokey" wins?

  8. The writers always did say that the conversation that Locke has with Walt in the first few episodes, where he explains the game of Backgammon to him ("there are two sides; one light, and one dark") is one of the most important conversations in the entire series. It's most certainly a recurring theme (backgammon, "Adam and Eve" in the caves, Jacob and Esau, etc) in the show, I can't wait to see how it gets fully explained.

  9. I really liked this episode. It's nice to see that there actually are answers!

    When the fake Locke said something about Jacob, that he was "pushing you to the island" and something about "choices that you made were never really choices", I started thinking about the LAX timeline. Could it be that the LAX timeline is about their lives without Jacob never interfering? That they just made the choices themselves and never actually met Jacob during their lives? 'Cause that kinda explains why they are so different.. or that's what I think at least.

  10. a small note on 12, now BELIEVE me, I hate those people, as in the person i'm about to be in this comment but i'm only saying it because that's exactly what i heard when Frank spoke; "this is the weirdest damn show i've ever been to", and i paused my DVR while watching with my family and said "WOAH TAHT WAS AWESOME! He mentioned its a show" my whole family said "uhh, no he said funeral", me being the convinced watcher muted it for captions and was disappointed to see he says "this is the weirdest damn funeral i've ever been to", i'll stand by to this day to my family that the captions are wrong, but that's just me being stubborn, i really think he says funeral...

    again, sorry for being THAT person...you know that correcting jerk, but that's not how i am, i swear lol....except this once ;D

  11. Ah man! That's a shame that that is not what he said! I will have to rewatch it...Ugh. I totally thought the writers were being clever! I wonder why it sounded like "show" and not "funeral"? Maybe we are just better at reading into subliminal messages?

  12. I don't think that the writers just hoped that we would forget about Jacob touching kate (wow, that sounds wrong) like in your eighteenth point. In one of the episodes in season three that russian guy from the flame tells kate that she wasn't on the list.

  13. Haha, I don't they are hoping we forgot. Some of this was just bad bad bad bad bad jokes. I'm sure they'll explain it eventually. Jack wasn't on the list either, though.