Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Love Lost. I Hate Lost.

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Man. I don’t even know where to start or how to start. Following Arrow is very intimidating, because he is so thorough. Kudos to Arrow for having an amazing post! And kudos to Swan for encompassing all of our feelings into one post for us, I couldn’t agree more.

I am going to break it up into parts, kind of like Arrow, and say whatever I am able to say about anything that happened. Arrow pretty much said it all, but I’ll see what I can do. By the way, totally called it on Smokey and Esau being the same guy. It’s a small victory, but I’ll take what I can get when it comes to this show.

LAX Timeline:

It almost seems as though our 815ers are somewhat caricatures of themselves, not to mention there were some subtle differences on board. For instance:

1. Walt and Michael didn’t appear to be on board—but neither did Claire at first. Part of me wonders if half the reason for that is that Walt is too old to be 2004 Walt. I’m sure there is something far more complicated, and maybe that means we will finally get some answers about why Walt is/was so creepy. Or maybe he’s not creepy at all now that the island is a condo for the fishies.

2. Shannon was also not on board, though it seems her life was continuing as before given her penchant for tumultuous relationships. I don’t see how the island not existing would have anything to do with her deciding to stay in Australia, though.

3. Kate seemed even crazier. I mean, maybe she would have tried to escape had they landed Before, but she seemed more resigned and defeated then, so I highly doubt it. She did always love to be on the run, however.

4. Charlie seemed more brooding. Sure, he had a drug problem Before, but he wasn’t so grumbly. And what is with his cryptic, “I was supposed to die”?
5. DESMOND!!! He seemed fine. He seemed how he would be if he had not crashed his boat onto the island. However, he was being all sneaky and disappearing on us. I liked that he and Jack got to meet again anyway, though it’s a shame they didn’t realize where from.

6. Hurley is lucky now, which makes sense. The island didn’t exist anymore, therefore the numbers as The Numbers didn’t exist. So was he ever in the mental institute? Did he get the numbers from Leonard? Did he even use the same numbers?

7. Jack seems like Hero Jack. I mean, like he WANTS to be a hero, you know? I don’t know if that makes sense. He seems less burdened, I guess is what I am trying to say. And maybe he is. If the island went away then Christian was never in cahoots with the island and so on and so forth. I feel like that wouldn’t have any affect on Jack’s Daddy Issues, but who knows. Who knows anything about this show, really? And he might be able to fix Locke! Then Locke won’t depress me anymore! However, why was Jack bleeding? Hmmm...

8. Sawyer clearly wants to con Hurley, which seems about right, so I guess there is no difference there. It’s just kind of sad, since they were/are pals on the island.

I’m pretty sure I just stated the obvious, but it’s interesting to think about. So much will have changed off the island, things we haven’t even begun to realize, because the island played such a HUGE part in our characters’ lives Before. The underwater grave of the island blew my mind, and I kept thinking about it after the episode ended, but today I am kind of in disbelief. How could the island be that easy to destroy? I mean, this is coming from a person who didn’t think the bomb would work—which I guess I was half right. But Jacob and Smokey were still around then. Their temple people were still around. I feel like it shouldn’t have been so easy to sink it like Atlantis. The island seems too invulnerable for it to be so easily destroyed. I mean, I know the electromagnetism played a huge role in the island being the island, and if it’s not there it’s a little harder for the island to be what it is/was, and it was a freaking hydrogen bomb. Despite ALL of that, I am still a bit skeptical. So we’ll see. Ha.

Island Timeline:

Well, geez. I’m going to jump on the “Sayid is Jacob” bandwagon for now, mostly because Dogan, the Japanese guy, and Lennon, his right hand man, said that according to the paper, Sayid had to live in order for everyone to live. And Jacob was pretty set on Sayid being saved. That’s all I have to go off of. We can also think back to when Ben was dunked and Richard saying that he would not be the same. Granted, Ben has always been Ben, even if a little crazier and devoted to The Others than he may have been prior to The Dunking. However, Dogan was never specific as to what risks there would be, and he seemed rather unfazed by the fact that Sayid drowned given the urgency only minutes before. I hate the idea of Sayid being dead in this timeline, but I know Jacob is The Good Guy and he knows what he’s doing. HOWEVER! In the promo for this season, Sayid is briefly shown being tortured! They wouldn’t torture Jacob, would they? Unless they don’t believe he is Jacob, which doesn’t seem possible if the aforementioned paper said that he would be. . . My brain just blew up. Whatever. I want to learn Japanese. It’s pretty.

By the way, still sad that Juliet actually wound up dying . . . I wish Kate would stop trying to seduce Sawyer. You can’t have everybody, Kate! Buh. I feel bad for Jack. Not because of Kate, just in general. I always wind up feeling bad for him, even though I know I shouldn’t. Especially since it is his fault Juliet is dead and I am sad about it. Sigh. At this point I don’t blame him for being a crazy person, I guess.

I do have a question or two. Well, I have a hundred, but this one will do for now. I know that Juliet saying “It worked,” means that the bomb worked, but it’s so confusing. For one, she was so sad when she woke up inside The Swan’s remains to see Sawyer there. If she somehow knew it worked, why would she react the way she did? Secondly, and this is the big WTF, how the heck does she know it worked?!? Interrobangs all over the place, y’all. (EDIT: I HAVE ANSWERED MY OWN QUESTION TO THIS IN MY COMMENTS BELOW)

I’m excited to have learned a little something more about Alpert—he was definitely a prisoner on the Black Rock. My eyes totally widened at the chains statement. Not a big fan of Esau/Smokey beating him up, though. Not a fan at all. I don’t like where this is going one bit.

I am going to agree right now with Arrow’s Box Theory and just see what happens next. I don’t have any predictions right now, other than what I have kind of, sort of mentioned already.

Favorite Line: "If this thing goes down, I'm sticking with you." -Boone to Locke on Flight 815. So tragically funny.


I almost forgot! Here is the cake I made. It looks awful. Store bought icing is hard to maneuver, and since I do not own an octagon shaped cake pan I had to cut it out myself. Ah well. It tasted delicious.


  1. ... I guess I was the only one who was thinking "PROMETHEUS!" rather than Black Rock, then.

    I'm also wondering about why they named him Richard Alpert, which is the real name of Ram Dass, one of Timothy Leary's colleagues, and whether or not this season's flash sideways have anything to do with Leary's 8-Circuit Model of Consciousness...

  2. Well, since a lot of the characters have been named after famous psychologists/philosophers, I can definitely see the connection for Alpert/Dass to Leary and his 8-Circuit Model. I never really thought about it, but I think it is worth considering. However, not all of the circuits would really apply in this case. I do think there is a psychological connection in all of this, though.

    I can see where the idea of Prometheus came from, but I am going to stick with the Black Rock theory.

  3. By the way, I think I have figured out the answers to my Juliet questions. But I can't say anything until Hydra posts his post.

  4. That's a lie. I can't POST it. I can leave it here in the comments.

    Basically, when Juliet mumbled about getting coffee with Sawyer and going Dutch, she was swimming in and out of consciousness between her 2007 Island self, and her "real world" 2009 self. If the island isn't there for her to live on, then she can meet Sawyer in the alternate reality. And she does. Her Island self then realizes that "It worked," and she almost tells Sawyer.


  5. ...that makes a lot of sense. Almost akin to Desmond jumping back and forth until he found his Constant.

    LOVED seeing Boone again. And Charlie. And Susie (flight attendant), in both timelines.

    I love that Hero Jack is back, and Locke is wise and quirky instead of slightly-over-the-edge. I'm not a fan of Misogynist Jin (MisoJinist?) being back, though.

    I wanna know how Hurley won the lottery in the first place. Follow me here:

    Original timeline = Hurley goes into the mental hospital cause he's so fat he killed a bunch of people. He gets the numbers from the Crazy Guy who heard them playing over and over on the radio transmission when he was in the military. He takes the numbers and plays the lottery, winning a fatload of cursed cash.

    FlashSideways Timeline= Hurley may or may not have been in the hospital (he is still fat, after all), but the Crazy Dude would never have heard those numbers repeating on a loop in the first place. Hell, Crazy Dude may not have even been in the hospital in the first'd just be Hurley, his imaginary friend and Libby (albeit with darker hair, staring from a distance like the daughter from the Incredibles).

    I'm also curious to know what Miles "heard" when he was sitting by Sayid's body.

    And why certain items (Locke's suitcase-o-knives and Jack's coffin-o-dad) went missing and others (the Marshall's suitcase-o-guns and Jin's watch-o-servitude) were on the plane. Each of those items played an integral part on the island later on...why are some missing and others intact?


    Oh man I can't wait for next week.

  6. Yeah, I am not sure how Hurley won the lottery without the numbers, unless that was just his destinty. Especially if now he is the "luckiest guy in the world". I have a feeling he didn't use The Numbers this time around, and just a different set of numbers. I would think if he is lucky then he didn't kill all those people. But he IS still fat, which means his dad still left since his eating disorder stems from that. So. I know nothing.

    And yeah, still don't know why Dad and knives are missing. I thought I had a theory for a second, but it turns out it was a weak one not worth mentioning.

    I was happy to see the same people as you! And sad that Libby, Ana Lucia and Ecko weren't there. Even though I know why, it is still a shame. Not too chipper to see the unhealthy marriage between Jin and Sun again either. Ah well. Only five more days until we find out more stuff! I hope!

  7. Good news!! Libby, Ana Lucia, and Mr. Eko are all slated to make at least one appearance this season.

    (Holy crap, I'm watching the dude who plays Charles Widmore on the Dimitri Martin show right now. How odd and/or coincidental (or is it?!?).)

    We didn't see any of the Tailies...but from what I understand, we'll get to see them later. Possibly in backstory.

    I also had a theory about the missing objects. It was also crap. This is why I don't write TV shows...though I could probably have gotten a gig writing the 2nd-current season of Heroes. I digress.

    And I just read your response to my comment, and it appears as though I've only raised more questions in this Season-o-Answers. I guess I can write for ABC after all.

  8. But when Esau comes back as John Locke Locke's body is still there. So how would Jacob be in Sayid's body? I feel like if it was Jacob wouldn't there still be a dead Sayid and an alive one? I don't know, but that would be AMAZING if that was Jacob. And it's sort of the only thing that makes sense since Sayid was, in fact, dead.

    Eh, I have no idea any more.

  9. Yeah, but Esau and Jacob don't really work in the same ways. Know what I mean? But who knows. I guess we will find out on Tuesday!

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