Sunday, January 31, 2010

Like sands through the hourglass... are the days of our LOST.

As the countdown to the Season 6 premiere shifts from months to weeks to days and now to mere hours, I want to take a moment away from theories and analysis, and let's just all sit back and reflect on five years of television that so many of us have devoted far more than 103 hours to. I read an interesting article a couple weeks ago explaining why LOST will go down as the greatest show of its decade (the last one, not the one we started 31 days ago). In an era that saw TV get dumbed down to the lowest common denominator of society, we were also blessed with what is arguably the smartest show ever.

Like many of you, I spent the past summer in a full rewatch of the first five seasons so I could absolutely be caught up to speed for Tuesday's premiere. It's astonishing how well this show has done for itself considering its complicated storyline but it was clear: From the moment Jack opened his eyes in the jungle, all roads have led to this moment right here. There was a certain element of making it up as they went along (see Nikki and Paolo), but the fundamental structure of the show has stayed intact. The rewatch this summer gave me full confidence that the creators of the show know exactly what they're doing in wrapping this up.

Not only is LOST the smartest show on network television right now, it's also probably the last of its kind. The pilot episode for LOST was one of the most expensive pilots ever produced, and it's hard to see the networks lining up to try to replicate what ABC has done for the last 5 years. Not when a cheap comedy about a dysfunctional family can be made for a dollar and get a good 3-year run before being retired to Nick-at-Nite. And even if the networks try, the bar has been set so high by LOST that a new show's story would have to be absolutely remarkable. Just look at the fate of FlashForward to see that you can't just decide to come up with a serialized drama while on the can. Instead, TV drama will continue to be made up of CSI: Domestic Disturbance and any other cookie-cutter show where resolution comes in 60 minutes. Sadly, it's hard to envision another LOST airing on network television ever again. The amount of investment that needs to be made isn't worth the high risk of the show failing.

So if Season 6 of LOST is a roller coaster, the appreciate the moment we're at now: enjoying the view before 4 months of twists and turns that will probably leave us trying to hold in our lunch.

I'm interested in everyone's opinion on one more thing: What do you need from Season 6 to make you happy with the show? Everyone knows that this show will ultimately be judged for its finale, much like how a lackluster Season 3 is praised because of that one iconic line from its finale (We have to go back!). So what is it that you HAVE to see in order to be satisfied?

For me, I'm not one of those people that has to have ALL the answers. Obviously I'll be armed with a pitchfork, probably leading the riot, if we don't learn what the Monster is, or what Jacob's significance is, etc. But will the show be a failure in my book if we never learn why Libby was in the mental hospital? No, in fact there's a certain value towards some things remaining ambiguos. I guess the one mystery that I'd like to see answered that I don't believe will is what's so special about Walt. That was really such a pivotal theme to Season 2 that seems to have been abandoned. But I digress. I really am much more of a storyline kind of guy. Season 6 will be so much more about resolution to me and seeing everyone get to where they're supposed to be. Yes finding out who Jacob is is important, but I want to know more about his death and what comes of it. So what is it that you want to see out of Season 6?

- The Arrow


  1. I believe that all your major questions will be answered. For me, though, Lost was never about the theories. I have always been along for the ride. Everything the producers have come up with so far has kept me entertained, so I trust they will deliver.

  2. I have faith that all of the big questions will be answered. I think my main question that I want answered is: Where did the island come from and what is it really? I am very attached to most of the characters, so I certainly am interested in what will happen to every single one of them. However, that island and its history (which I assume also includes Jacob and Esau) is the one thing I wonder about most. Granted that answer is likely The Answer to most everything involving this show, so I won't get points for creativity in having that one as my pick. Ah well.

  3. And I guess that's why I'm not pulling out my hair for that I have faith that they will come. I'm with Phyllis...just along for the ride.

  4. I would love to find out what The Island is, but I have accept the unlikelyhood of that. But I understand why. The show has become much more about the characters on the Island rather than the Island itself, so as long as they give each character an ending (of sorts) then I will be satisfied.

  5. While finding out what the island is would be fantastic and all, I would be so surprised if that would really happen.


    Those are my two main questions.

  6. Yeah, I doubt we will get to have every answer concerning the island and its history answered. So long as I get most of my answers and that each character gets an ending, instead of an open ended mess. I have been heartbroken by so many series finales, that I get nervous sometimes.

    Emilie de Ravin is confirmed to be a regular cast member for this season, so we will get our answers about Claire. And I've already said my thoughts on the Smoke Monster, but however it goes, I think we will get our answers about that as well.

    (Sorry my name keeps changing all over the place, guys. The Pearl/Kimberly/shakethedust are all me, I was just seeing what would be best and for some reason it doesn't change every comment I have made to my new name...)

  7. Ok it kind of weirds me out...but I promise that I did not see the new promo that came out this weekend showing an hourglass whenever I came up with the title for this blog.

  8. For me, I want things wrapped up. Not neatly in a bow and box, because that's not our show. The end shouldn't clear everything up, because the last time anything was crystal clear with this show was two minutes before the premiere. But I want to see the story given justice and the basic arc explained - and if I have to make up my own ideas about some things, that's okay.
    Anyway. Here's to tomorrow night.

  9. I'm just excited, I'm sure they'll wrap it up nicely.

    I'm looking forward to finding out why some characters have powers, why Jacob and the man in black don't get on in the first place (good and evil is probably the case, but there must be a back story somewhere), the numbers, and where the hell Claire went.

  10. I'd really like to see the answer about Walt as well... since that storyline just kinda dried up like an old prune... I guess its hard with kid characters and time moving like it did in the show (since they obviously age and all) - pooz!

    But Jacob/Easu and Smoke monster are my biggies! Oh and about the original "others" - but to be honest I am just super excited about the whole thing in general!

    Loving the blogs guys :)

  11. I've come to terms with the knowledge that a lot of questions will not be answered, but I trust in the writers and producers to give us all the information we need to know and leave us guessing on other things so that we do keep coming back to re-watch the show for years to come.

    Lost really is one of a kind.