Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dear Hydra, Swan and Arrow,

It times like these that I wish I had saved all of those post-Season 5 finale discussions on AIM, forums and blogs. Truth be told, I halfway mentally checked out last season for one reason and one reason only: time travel. They introduced time travel. They had alluded to it in previous seasons, but it was explored full force in Season Five and I have never been able to wrap my mind around anything involving the tampering with space and time. It’s not that I don’t try, it’s just that I start asking too many questions and it gets so jumbled and warped and mind-numbing towards the end that I have to force myself to stop. Hurley and Miles explaining it didn’t do a lick of good either. It wasn’t until the finale that I managed to start really thinking about the show again. Granted, the lack of Desmond and the death of Daniel made it a little harder to love the season, the writers delivered in the end (as they always do). Mostly.

Since there are 8 million questions that could be mulled over concerning the finale, and the series as a whole, I am just going to ramble about a few of my own ruminations and see where that gets us.

The Incident:

Alright. So The Incident is clearly what sprang everything into motion. It’s why the button came into play, which is why the plane crashed. It’s why the Statue is gone (more on that later). It’s why a lot happened. I think I can speak for a lot (if not most) of us in saying that there was panic in all of our hearts when that bomb went off--even in knowing that there was one more season--that everything that had ever happened on the show had now never happened. The voice of Reason broke through the panic, however, and told me that that would be ridiculous. Still possible, as anything is on Lost, but ridiculous nonetheless. Now I have decided that obviously the ones who didn’t plummet to their doom and become suicide bombers (Oh, Juliet...) are back in the future (er, 2007) and are about to witness some shit go down with the Smoke Monster/Black Shirt Guy. To put it simply. I mean, I don’t know where/when they will end up or anything, but I know it makes more sense than everything in the last five seasons being erased. That’s my bet, anyway. This isn’t the Dallas finale, folks. You can’t dream it all away.

The Statue:

So, we finally got to see The Statue in its prime. Pretty badass, I must say. Keeping with the theme of the hieroglyphics that have been scattered about the island, I am sure it was not lost on a lot of viewers that the statue bore a striking resemblance to the Egyptian goddess Taweret. Half of it at least. It would be fitting, since Taweret was the goddess of childbirth and fertility. And since The Incident is likely the culprit in its destruction, it would explain why successful baby-making/childbirth was once doable on the island and now is not really working out. However, the Statue also looks eerily similar to the god Sobek, perhaps moreso than Taweret. Sobek was a water god, particularly when it came to the warding off of crocodiles (hence the crocodile head he has). He was also a god of fertility, but more in the area of botanic life than human life. If you take aspects of both gods, the two combined make up the enigmatic Statue, down to the four toes. Sobek was sometimes considered, and even pictured or sculpted, as a companion to the goddess Taweret, so this could be the reason behind why the two have been merged. Side Note: I once theorized briefly--and I doubt it was an original thought—that the island was Atlantis. But Atlantis wasn’t even remotely Egyptian, so that went out the window.

The Love Triangle Turned Quadrangle Turned Triangle, Again:

I am so sick of Jack, Kate and Sawyer being in love and then not being in love. I never anticipated, nor even fantasized, about a relationship between Sawyer and Juliet blooming, but when it did I was surprisingly ecstatic. Sawyer grew into this decent, heroic human being (hooray for character growth!) and Juliet is now a character I will deeply miss (if she died...). My only closure is watching Elizabeth Mitchell on “V” and pretending that Juliet was simply catapulted to the future, became an FBI agent and is now fighting aliens. I was at work when I watched the finale, so my outrage at her death had to be bottled up inside. I was talking with Arrow online, along with our friend Eric, so my anger and sadness was basically expressed in exclamation points, all caps and curse words. Anyway, so now it’s back to that damn love triangle they have been milking for way too long. At first I liked the idea of Jack and Kate. Then when Sawyer and Kate hooked up I thought, “That makes sense.” But then Jack flashed those puppy dog eyes and I wanted Kate to ditch Sawyer. Then Kate started annoying the crap out of me and I just started waiting for them to kill her off. I mean, Evangeline Lilly is on my “Top Ten Girl Crushes of Hollywood” list and all, but I want to slap Kate in every other scene. Sawyer has grown. Kate has remained the same, pretty much. Jack has deteriorated into mania, unfortunately. I miss Season One Jack. I know he’ll rise like a phoenix in the end, but right now he and Kate deserve each other. I hope they don’t even attempt to pursue anything between Sawyer and Kate in this final season. I don’t think Sawyer can bring himself to love someone else again for quite some time. Him and Freckles were “together”, like, two months; him and Perma-Smirk were together three years, built a life together. He was genuinely happy. He has a lot of mourning ahead of him, not to mention I am hoping for some kind of closure concerning him and Clementine. That reunion will be by way of Kate, however, so . . . ugh. I suppose secretly I have always been rooting for Kate and Jack, but I am kind of just rooting for Sawyer now, and for Jack to stop being a crazy person. I can confidently say that, as things are, I would not shed one iota of a tear if Kate just so happens to not live through the season. Is that harsh?

The Questions:

Pfft. So many. To add a few obvious questions onto the lists of Hydra, Swan and Arrow:
1. Is Locke really dead? I can't believe we are back to wondering this again.
2. Who/what is Jacob exactly, and is he really dead?
3. Who/what is the Smoke Monster/Black Shirt Guy? They are the same to me. Just a theory.
4. What’s with all the Egyptian stuff? But then Richard is all speaking Latin?
5. What, for the love of God, is the significance and origin of The Numbers? That question always bares repeating.
6. Why is Hurley a Mystic?
7. Will I get to see Desmond more this season?
8. Why were the passengers of Oceanic flight 815 chosen to crash? I know The Incident factors into this, but so does time travel and I can’t think about that right now. Which leads me to...
9. Why did Jacob touch our key players prior ?

I’ve gotta get out of here. See you next week, if I survive the premiere.

Lostfully yours,


  1. "Perma smirk"....totally! Unlike you, I rejoiced when Juliet was dead, granted it was cool of her to set the bomb off (or was it?), but otherwise she was just irritating. I can't tell you how many times Joe and I wished she would just die already. Those boobs! UGH. And the tranny face! Haha...what we should really be asking ourseleves is whether or not Juliet is a man! But I do agree with you about Sawyer's character development ...and since Juliet was partly responsible for that I'll raise her D+ to a C-.

    I'm totally with you on Jack. WTF! I am also diappointed by him and what was with that beard!? wowza! It kinda threw me a little, maybe it did you too, when they left the island for like maybe five episodes only to return back to the island in the same season. Umm...confusing! And yes, I completely started checking out with the lack of Desmond and the introduction of time travel.

    And Kate. I really like Kate's character. Nothing really bothers me about her...well, maybe her overly masculine body language, but hey, she's stranded on an island so, it's cool!

    Atlantis, yes! I thought that too, but then it didn't make sense to me either. My other thoughts are that this is something to do with the Bible, but considering it's on ABC that is also doubtful. All I know is I hope it rocks our socks off!

  2. I've never heard Juliet referred to as Perma-Smirk! That's the perfect name for her!

  3. Haha. It's a little petname I started calling her when she was introduced to the show. I thought it was fitting. And am I alone in thinking that when she was first introduced, she looked like the chick from The Matrix and Memento?

  4. I also thought that Elizabeth Mitchell was Carrie-Ann Moss (Matrix, Memento). Oh, and Kate should die (preferably off-screen and without any acknowledgment from the other characters).

    I'm just as interested in who/what Jacob is, as I am interested in who/what Richard is. And who is the fourth group, the ones that brought Richard the body of Locke?

    I think it's safe to assume that the bomb (which stopped the Incident) was a hard reset on the last few while (let's see if I can do this in order) Boone, Shannon, Libby, Ana Lucia, Mr. Eko, Nikki, Paolo, Charlie, Danielle, Alex, Michael, Claire(?), Charlotte, Daniel and Juliet have all had their death the timeline when Season Fin starts they should all be alive.

  5. Supposedly Sawyer is going ot revert....which would be annoying. My main consolation is that that might mean that Jack will revert to back to being Jack Captain Awesome. I know what you mean about Kate.

  6. Man. I don't know how I feel about everything resetting...Unless, of course, it gets reset yet again. I think Arrow mentioned it, I can't quite remember, that it didn't seem as though the bomb even went off, that it was just another Light Flash jump. So much was about to happen in 2007, and it would be ashame to put it on pause. I would like to see the return of Awesome Jack. I will be piiiiisssed if Sawyer and Kate get back together, if it doesn't reset, that is.

    Yeah, Richard Alpert is probably more fascinating to me than Jacob at this point.

  7. Concerning the smoke monster - I'm really curious as to why it killed the pilot. It's really scary and all, but the pilot is the only one that it's killed. I also want to know what connection (if any... I'm assuming there is) Jacob has to the smoke monster, or what connection the smoke monster has to the other guy.
    And I totally agree with you about the whole Kate/Jack/Sawyer situation.

  8. As for the Desmond situation, part of me hopes to see more of him, but another part of me hopes to never see him again. If we never see him again it means he, Penny, and little Charlie have avoided this whole mess.

    I know it is a bit cheesy, but just like Penny was Desmond’s constant, their relationship has been one of the only constants of the series. Their relationship is the one truly happy thing in that has lasted throughout the seasons, and if they do anything to mess that up I will consider (very very briefly) no longer watching.

  9. Well, I think that all of this really boils down to The Smoke Monster vs. Jacob. I think that's what this has all been about from the beginning and that the finale showed us that--since that is how the episode started out. The Black Shirt Guy/Smoke Monster told Jacob he would find a way to destroy him, and so far he has.

    I agree. If Desmond does return, it means something bad has happened with him...So part of me hopes he continues to be happy and safe with Penny and Charlie. The selfish part of me just wants to see him again!

  10. YES! Matrix omg we watched that a few days later and i totally thought it was her!!

  11. I agree 100% with not crying if Kate carks it. As much as I love Evangeline, I can not help but be irritated my every wish-washy decision Kate makes. I'm in love with Sawyer, I'm not. Make up your mind!

    Also I have been a Jack hater from the start. He just grinds my gears that guy. He is so annoying. I think its a mix of trying to be a hero ALL the time and wanting to be the alpha male always that just gets be so angry. Ahh. I get that he's the lead and everything - but sometimes I just wish JJ could have killed him off in the Pilot like he wanted to.

    Oh JJ, you are so gorgeous - never change. Ahh!

    Can't believe Lost Premiere's so soon!!!!