Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Miss Arnst.

Unlike you, Hydra, I have not actually seen the final episode of Season Five since it aired in 2009, so while my memory is a little fuzzy, your entry definitely was good refresher.

One thing it definitely sent rushing back was your comment that "Every man's motivation in this show is to get the girl." I remember making a very similar statement while watching this episode last year. That episode is a total clusterfuck of two many "leaders" making decisions based on their emotions and personal gain. "Oh no, guys, it's cool. I might blow us up or completely screw up our time line or erase our place in history, but at least I might get to kiss Kate again. Priorities, man."

And yes, Jack is an asshole. The thing about Jack being an asshole that gets me is that I really, really wanted him not to be an asshole. I held out for him so long, telling myself he was just going through a hard time, a momentary lack of judgement, dealing with rough emotions - but five seasons later and we find out he's actually just an asshole. An asshole who wants to blow up an island.

Man, that is the worst type of asshole.

This summer I watched some footage of the Lost event at ComicCon, and aside from being incredibly hilarious, it was also pretty informative. Cuse and Lindelof answered a lot of questions, including the one that's at the forefront of every Lostie's mind: "Are you going to answer everything?"

They replied with a very infuriatingly vague answer (could we expect any different?) saying they will "answer all the questions that matter", but many intricacies may be left hanging, such as plot lines from characters who met their unfortunate end before the summation of the show. So, we're probably not going to find out if Boone and Shannon were ever going to get it on, step-sibling style. Dang it.

That being said, I'm going to go all smoke monster on someone if some things don't get answered, so here is my list:

Current unanswered questions I need answers to like Saywer needs the sequel to "Are You There God, It's Me Margaret".

1. Why doesn't Richard Alpert get any older?
2. Where the HECK has Claire been? (Hydra that picture is awesome)
3. What was Dharma doing with polar bears in the first place? Better yet, where did they get their funding if everything was in secret?
4. Four-toed statue. What. Same goes with the smoke monster.
5. What was the point of Libby's intricate stalking of Hurley just to turn around and DIE suddenly?
6. Why do some people people have "special powers"? (i.e. Desmond seeing Charlie's death(s), Miles talking to the dead, etc.)
7. If Jacob selected people previously (by going and touching them), why did the plane crash from Desmond not hitting the button in the hatch? Just how interconnected are we talking here?
8. Who the crap is watching Sun's daughter?
9. Why do female characters tend to die on the show shortly after receiving any action? It's like the island rejects any sort of physical involvement and/or sexy times. Anna Lucia, Libby, Shannon… you can't ignore the facts. You may or may not be able to lump Juliet in that group soon as well.

Also at ComicCon, Lindelof promised we'd see some characters we hadn't seen in awhile. I don't know about you, but I have my fingers crossed for Arnst.

Okay, bottom line here. Lost starts next week, and this is where we stand.

Juliet detonated a bomb, and we have no idea what that means for the characters on the show, where in time they will be, what has been erased and rewritten, the fate of the universe and everything surrounding it, and whether or not Jack is going to have another hideous beard in the first episode of next season.

In a Jesus-like moment, a returned-from-the-dead Locke orders the death of Jacob at Ben's hand. What. Also, we were introduced to a "Man in Black". Is anyone else disappointed this character wasn't played by Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones?

I am counting the days until February 2nd.

Until next week,

The Swan


  1. This is pure comedy and lost excitement. I'm almost positive that returned-from-the-dead Locke is the man in black.

    Why is Jacob even in charge?

    There are so many question. They have to answer a big question every segment!

  2. Swantina -

    As I recall, Sun left her daughter Ji Yeon, with her mother back in Korea. The night the whole gang is on the dock in LA being convinced by Ben to go back to the Island, Sun calls her on the phone and talks to her back in Korea. So I guess we can assume that she is being taken care of by Mama Paik?

    Its pretty strange that Libby got written off the show right after the actress who plays her got a DUI in Hawaii during filming. Michelle Rodriguez too...hmm. What an odd coincidence. I think thats why they had all that build up, and then had to let her go.


  3. lots of questions so little time.

    what is the smoke monster ? how is good locke going to return from the dead ? and what is the deal with the numbers ?

  4. We now have hints of the meaning behind the Statue. In the "Wired"edition that J.J. Abrams guest edited he put in a Lost related puzzle that when solved reads "The four-toed statue is Taweret", who is the Egyptian Goddess of birth, rebirth, and the northern sky. (more information here: )

    The questions of How/why it is there and how/why it was destroyed remain to be answered. However this information allows for more speculation.

    But Smokey... I have nothing (though Lostpedia may. They have so much knowledge...)

  5. I totally agree about Sun's daughter, did she leave her with her mom? Did she drop her off a daycare and never pick her up? Why was this never addressed!?

  6. thank you! i too have sooooooo many questions...i even physically wrote down a list with my bf AND then typed it! these are my questions...

    1- Why doesn't Richard ever age?
    2- Who is Jacob?
    3- What is Christian's function?
    4- What are the temples there for?
    5- What/How is the smoke monster?
    6- What does the Island want?
    7- How does the Island move?
    8- What are the whispers?
    9- Why was it so important that Claire raise Aaron herself?
    10- Why is Aaron so significant?
    11- Why were Mr. Ecko and Charlie building a church for the Island?
    12- Where did the energy source go when the Hatch imploded?
    13- What is the significance of the numbers on the hatch door and Hugo winning the lottery with them?
    14- Are the numbers really cursed? - If so, why?
    15- Who built the temples on the Island?
    16- How did the giant statue near the ocean get destroyed?
    17- Why is Desmond different and why does the Island want him to come back?
    18- Why does the Island heal certain people and kill others?
    19- Why does the Island allow sterile people to become unsterile and then kill the women during birth and the children?
    20- What happened on the Island after 1977 that prevents women from surviving child birth?
    21- Who are the Others and where did they come from? - Why are they on the Island?
    22- Are the temple ruins Egyptian? If not, what?
    23- Who was in the old shack that said "Help me" to Locke if Jacob lives on the beach?
    24- Is Jacob holy?
    25- Why did Jacob visit and touch Kate, James, John Locke, Jack, Jin & Sun, and Hurley?
    26- Why did Hurley bring a guitar the second time he went to the Island? Is Charlie coming back?
    27- What are the Dharma recruits doing?
    28- Why did Ben Lynus banish Whidmore from the Island?
    29- What happened to the people that ship wrecked onto the Island on the Black Rock?
    30 - Why did Mr. Whidmore buy a book from the old ship that wrecked on the Island?
    32- Why would Libby lie about being a clinical psychologist? - Why was she in the institution with Hurley? Was it because her husband was killed?
    33- Who are the "good guys" at the end of season five working for?
    34- Is the explosion at the end going to cause or prevent the beginning series of events from happening?
    35- How does Jacob's nemesis take over Locke's body and have his memories if John Locke is actually dead?
    36- Who murdered Nadia?
    37- Why did the Dharma initiative's wear protective gear when exiting the hatch even though they didn't have to?
    38- What is the vaccine supposedly preventing?

  7. I haven't watched the finale in a long time, but I do remember that as we watched the ending, my friends started yelling "OMG Juliet detonated the bomb!" and I was like, "Wait, what? That's not what I saw. The screen did the flashy bright lights it does every time they time travel. I think they just jumped." I'm still not convinced that the bomb actually went off.

  8. 1- It was a gift from Jacob.
    2- Jacob.
    3- Confidence man.
    4- There's only one.
    5- Physics hax.
    6- Your soul.
    7- Moar hax.
    8- Their footsteps.
    9- Because a mother passes along her antibodies and immunities to the child through breast feeding.
    10- Why is Aaron so significant?
    11- Ecko had a vision.
    12- It evaporated.
    13- they were broadcast from the radio tower and some guy heard them, then went home and used the numbers to guess the exact number of jellybean in a jar, he killed him self cause he went crazy like Hurley but couldn't handle it. his friend went itno the crazyhouse and thats where Hurley heard the numbers.
    14- Probably not.
    15- Who built the temple (only one) on the Island?
    16- How did the giant statue near the ocean get destroyed?
    17- Why is Desmond different and why does the Island want him to come back?
    18- Devine selection?
    19- Why does the Island allow sterile people to become unsterile and then kill the women during birth and the children?
    20- What happened on the Island after 1977 that prevents women from surviving child birth?
    21- Jacob brought them there.
    22- Most likley, hence all the heiroglyphics.
    23- The shadow of the man in the chair appeared to be Horace.
    24- Is Jacob holy?
    25- To mark them, and John needed a pheonix feather.
    26- Same reason they had to bring Locke on the plane, proxy.
    27- What Dharma recruits? The ones with the bomb?
    28- Ben Linus banished Charles because he broke the "rules" and left the island regularly and had a child with an outsider.
    29- I would ask Jacob, or maybe Ricardos.
    30 - He wanted it.
    32- Why would Libby lie about being a clinical psychologist? - Why was she in the institution with Hurley? Was it because her husband was killed?
    33- Jacob
    34- Doubtfull.
    35- Same way he did Christian Shepherd. MIB does dead people Jacob does live people.
    36- Ishmael Bakir.
    37- They were being tricked itno staying in the hatch, so there would always be someone to hit the button.
    38- Tooth decay?

  9. thanks for the answers! I got a lot of those like the jelly bean number connection from the show, but I think a lot of the questions need less superficial answers withing the series itself. Okay cool this number is cursed...but why? I think "why" can pretty some up the entire series. Maybe that is why it is even called Lost. We're the ones that are lost trying to follow this ridiculous show!

  10. First off the statue on the island is of Taweret. Its the Egyptian goddess of childbirth and fertility. I KNOW RIGHT?!

    Might have something to do with the pregnant women and the dudes that are no longer shooting blanks.


    In the very beginning of the season 5 the "man in black" said to Jacob: "Do you have any idea how badly i want to kill you?" he also said: "One of these days i will find a loophole".

    When Ben and Locke go in to see Jacob, Jacob says, "looks like you found your loophole".

    So I'm thinking without a doubt--Locke is dead and the man in black is the "bad locke". (Ben: "Dead is dead.")

    And the first minute or so of season 6 is on

    --The Looking Glass (lol)

  11. i meant the very beginning of thge season 5 FINALE.... my bad