Monday, July 12, 2010

Hey, Everybody!

First, a photo of the bloggers (sans Arrow).

Left to Right: Pearl, Hydra, Swan

Secondly, here is the plan if you are up for it. We are going to research some upcoming shows for this fall--sitcoms and dramas. We'll pick three that seem interesting, watch the first couple of episodes of each and then pick one show from the pile that we want to dedicate a blog to. So, if you want to help us research and make suggestions, leave comments below.

Hope summertime living has been easy for all of you!

The Pearl


  1. Yes! The blog survives!

    That probably sounds a lot more dramatic in my head.

    For your research, I think NBC's The Event looks interesting. It's been described as a mixture of FlashForward and V, which sounds really odd, but both of those shows were good (I loved FlashForward; occasionally watched V). I plan on trying it out. And ABC's No Ordinary Family has been getting a lot of reaction (It's supposed to be Heroes meets LOST or something like that).

    I'm glad you guys are continuing. :) And it's nice to finally be able to put a face to a name.

  2. Yeah! I am really intrigued by The Event as well! I hadn't actually heard about No Ordinary Family so I will check that out. It sounds pretty fascinating, though. Right up our alley.

    We will probably find a different fourth, which shouldn't be hard. I am curious if we should just keep our aliases or think of new ones? I don't want there to be any confusion by us changing them, but at the same time I don't think LOST code names would be fitting for whatever show we wind up writing about. Thoughts?

  3. I would recommend Friends With Benefits (it looks like it has some serious potential to be a good half hour comedy) and The Cape (which could either end up being terrible or amazing, I can't tell yet, but it has Summer Glau, so that's cool).

  4. Stupid machine, ate my freaking comment.

    You could keep your old code name until you settled on a new show for the rest of the season, or you could use your name from the end of Lost blogging to when you all pick a new show.

    Would the picking of a new show mean a whole new blog or a redesign of the existing blog? I could understand wanting to set up a new blog since Lost is over, but I could see a redesign working. The blog title still works for the project as it stands, and it would work on an extra level of Lost joke/inside joke for people who have followed you from the beginning.

  5. I would keep the names. They're definitely LOST related, but they're also real things. LOST fans would get the "joke" as Katherine said, but newcomers would just assume that you guys like mythical monsters, beautiful birds and shiny sea stones. Plus, as Pearl pointed out, it could get really confusing with new names.

    And as Katherine said, I think a re-design could work nicely. Keep the title, but maybe change the background of the stations? Just a thought.

    And if you're getting a fourth, wouldn't it make sense to start with 4 new shows? Just another thought.

    I hadn't heard about The Cape, but it does look interesting. Kind of cliche in a way (good cop, bad police force, gets framed for murders, has to protect family) but I suppose if they do it well, it could work. I'll wait to bestow judgment on that. And the new shows... Do they have to be new this season? Or would you be willing to pick up a show in its second or third season?

  6. Yeah, we will probably keep, "You Blog, Everybody!" but just change the banner design and not have a black and white layout. It allows to pay homage to the origin of the madness. The same will likely go for the aliases in the end.

    I kind of just assumed we would get a fourth, so I guess it would make sense to start with four shows instead of three. I just like having two boys and two girls, but we haven't actually discussed it.

    I hadn't heard about The Cape, but I love love love Summer Glau, so it is already in my good graces, heh. I'll research that one as well.

    We originally thought about doing Fringe, but it is already going into its third season and we feel that is too far along. If we can find a show that is just one season in, we are willing to do that. Swan just isn't sure if she has time to catch up on a show with more than one season to its name right now. So if there are any suggestions for notable shows with one season, suggest! I personally can't think of any (outside of Community), but I may be missing something.

  7. I just recently got into the whole watching television thing with LOST, so I'm entirely new at all of this. As I've said before I LOVE Fringe. And even if you're not going to blog about it, I would definitely recommend watching it. The episodes run a little longer than most (first season averaged at about 48 minutes an episode) and at least one person dies in every episode and it's sometimes a little disturbing to watch, but the actors are great, the story line is really progressing and it's just awesome. I can't shut up about how much I love it. I watched all 43 episodes in 12 days. Granted I had just started summer vacation and had nothing else to do besides go to work every other day, but still. I sound totally crazy when I admit that, but the show is that good.

    I've seen Community getting a lot of buzz lately as well (People thought they deserved an Emmy or something?) but I've never looked into it. Or know what it's about. As for another show in it's first season, I think Caprica is. I've heard it's good, but again, I know absolutely nothing about it. iTunes has been offering a bunch of pilots for various shows (30 Rock, Gossip Girl, Warehouse 13, Burn Notice, Chuck, Psych, Eureka, Lie to Me...) and I've been downloading them. Even if I know I'll never watch them. Perhaps that could be useful in starting?

  8. I watched the first few episodes of Fringe, but my schedule made me fall behind. I really liked it, though. I am a big fan of The X-Files, and it kind of reminded me of that. So even if we don't dedicate a blog to it, I intend to catch up.

    Community is absolutely hilarious, but it isn't really blog worthy. Meaning, there are no mysteries to ponder or anything. It's just a lot of great one liners and silly scenarios. I have never heard of Caprica. I will need to see what that's about.

    I've recently been catching up on Bones, and I am absolutely obsessed and loving it. But it's five seasons in, so it is not even an option.

  9. Apparently Caprica is like a prequel to Battlestar Galactica. I've never seen either, so I don't know if you need to watch BG first to understand it but...

    I heard Bones was really good and I plan on catching up. Plus it's going to be before Fringe in the fall, so I might as well.

    I recently saw the pilot for Rubicon (AMC's latest "Not every conspiracy is a theory" show). It's surprisingly really good. It officially premieres August 1st, but you can download the pilot for free at AMC's website and on iTunes. It's basically about a guy who's a brilliant code breaker at a NY company who has had some serious bad luck (Wife and daughter killed in 9/11 and then his father-in-law dies in a suspicious manner) and discovers something strange in the crossword of the newspaper. It's a bit confusing, but there's definitely a lot of mysteries and questions waiting to be solved.

  10. Bones is so fantastic, but I can definitely understand not wanting to get into that one for the blog. The only other show I can think of with one season under it's belt is Glee, and as much as I love it, it is not worthy of the blog.

    Caprica and Stargate Universe are both one season in, and were both interesting from the first few episodes I saw. I never cared for BSG so I lost interest Caprica quickly, also a bit too much drama llama for my taste. I lost track of SGU just because it took a a break and I forgot about it ^__^

    Are you guys looking for something specifically sci fi based, or would you consider something like NBC's The Chase or CBS's Hawaii 5-0 remake?

  11. Well, I think we tend to be aiming for sc-fi only because it will offer suspense and mystery to write about, like LOST. We are pretty much open for anything that we can dedicate a blog to, though.

  12. So most crime shows and half hours wouldn't work because they are usually episode to episode instead of a season long plot. But something like Dexter could work, if three seasons weren't too many.

    I definitely think that The Cape should be tried for at least one episode though, I have been thinking about it since my first comment and it has potential I think. ^__^

  13. I don't know how you guys feel about V, but if you want something mid-season with only about 14 episodes, that's a safe bet. It's not the best show out there (I swear the only reason they got renewed was because it was on after LOST) and it's gotten to be more of a fluffy drama where this-doesn't-make-sense-but-let's-roll-with-it than an action-packed alien invasion. It has a great cast, but the actors are severely limited in their roles. I'm not sure on its potential to last until a third season, but it does have some "mysteries" and questions waiting to be answered. Plus, Elizabeth Mitchells (Juliet) is the lead. I watch it mainly because of her.

    Another mid-season show that I've heard a bit about is Terra Nova. It's Steven Spielberg directed and about dinosaurs. I don't know about you, but that sounds kinda awesome. The only problem is that it premieres in February. And I don't think they've even started filming yet.

    And I agree with Katherine on The Cape. Might as well try it, you know?

  14. Yeah, The Cape can definitely be thrown in there. I will email Hydra and Swan about that one. Probably The Event would be good as well.

    You know, I really wanted to love V. I love alien shows/movies, I love Elizabeth Mitchell, and Inara from Firefly plays the bad guy. Buuuuut...I don't love it. I think Swan may have watched a couple of episodes and didn't care for it either. And with it unlikely to get picked up for a 3rd season, it kind of isn't worth starting a blog about it.

    Great suggestions so far! :)


    Anyone watch NBC's new show "Persons Unknown"?
    Its awesome! It is sci-fi mystery and leaves stuff out and keeps you wanting more like LOST.

    I won't say much but its about a group of people that wake up in a deserted town and don't know how they got there... it's really trippy and stuff hits the fan pretty quick. They all have shady pasts... (remind you of anything? lol.)

    I think it would definatley fit in to this blog. its only 6 episodes in. ITs on NBC Saturday nights. CHECK IT OUT!

  16. Persons Unknown, so far as I know, is intended to be a this year only, drama-intrigue-suspense summer show. I think they intend to solve all the mysteries by the finale.

    But yay for new shows! I'm not really excited for any new shows, to be honest, but I'm a pretty loyal blog-reader, so whatever direction you guys go, I'll be reading. Make it good? <3

  17. Any decisions yet on which shows will be a definite?

  18. 30 Rock! Hahaha, I love that show, but it wouldn't work well with this type of blog.

    What about My Generation on ABC? I don't know anything about it, but the name sounds mildly interesting.

  19. I heard My Generation is supposed to be a mock documentary or something. I don't know how well that will play up for a blog.

    I saw another preview for Rubicon today, and it's definitely something I think is worth watching. It has a two hour premiere this Sunday on AMC, which is interesting. Not many shows get that much attention for just starting out, but I feel as if it will be a good thing.

  20. There is a show coming out called "No Ordinary Family" its about a family who develop super powers.... cool. and True Blood is the SHIT! It's over in September but still really REALLY good!

  21. I think Swan is going to make a post soon announcing the shows. I think we are going with The Event, No Ordinary Family and The Cape.

    Sorry I didn't get back sooner. I just checked this after about a week.