Thursday, June 17, 2010

I've been bad, bad, bad.

Honestly, I don't know what my problem is.

I am a huge fan of Lost. I was a huge fan of the finale. I was definitely there every week, for every episode, ready to post my blog analysis of it.

But something about the finale.

I mean, I watched it with my friends. I drank Dharma beer. We discussed during commercials, we discussed on the drive home, we discussed before bed. We discussed the next day. I discussed with other friends. I talked about it in a vlog. I discussed this episode with so many people, at so many different times, on so many different mediums, I had nothing left to say.

So I didn't update. And then so much time went by I felt weird updating, and knew if I ever did update, it would have to be fraught with apologies.

But now I am about to leave for tour, where I wont be thinking about Lost or about the finale or about anything really besides playing shows every day for an entire month, and I just couldn't turn my back on this blog.

I mean, we all watched it. We all found out the LAX timeline was essentially pointless; a world created by the Oceanic castaways so they could find each other again in another life ("See you in another life, brotha").
We figured out they were in heaven or some equivalent afterlife type place.
We saw how heartbreaking it was that Ben chose not to join them without Alex.
We saw how awesome it was that Hurley needed Ben and Ben needed Hurley on the island, and that Ben finally got what Jacob would never give him - a real purpose on the island.
We all cried when Claire and Charlie remembered each other, and when Kate delivered Aaron a second time.
We all wondered why Jack had a son at all, and if this poor kid only got to exist in the afterlife.
We saw the epic fight scene up on the cliff.
We wondered and argued over and over and over again whether or not Jack was seeing the first plane landing in fake-dreamworld LAX at the very end, or if he was seeing his friends escape the island on the Ajira plane (he was seeing the Ajira plane, come on guys).
We all teared up a little when Vincent joined Jack as he was dying, just like how the series started.

I loved the finale. I don't have much more to say because we all experienced it, we all experienced this whole show together, and the ending was exactly what this show needed.

I was reading somewhere that modern television isn't meant to do series finales. It's meant to do cliffhangers. Most shows never make it to the final conclusive episode of their run, because of the very nature of the environment of TV. Most shows get cancelled before they have a chance. So people are actually quite frequently disappointed with conclusions, because we're all used to and love these epic cliffhanger season finales (especially of the caliber Lost has been throwing us all these years).

But I think Lost tackled this huge task with grace and with tact. The nature of the show is to question, so leaving a lot of things open ended was fine by me. In my opinion, we got answers to pretty much every important question aside from the one thing that still bothers me - WHY IS ELOISE SO IMPORTANT/POWERFUL/ALL KNOWING?

I liked the sentiment though. You spend the afterlife with the most important people in your life. That's a great take home thought.

I'm afraid I am going to admit defeat on this episode. For once, I want to just be the type of Lost viewer that sits back and enjoys the episode for what it was. I don't feel the need to tear into this one like I did the rest of the season, so I am not going to.

Thanks for experiencing the finale season of Lost with us, everyone. I have enjoyed so much working on this project with Pearl, Hydra, and even Arrow, wherever he is. I hope we can continue this community in some way; it would be such a shame to throw in the towel on this blog.

Maybe we can each take a few new shows and review them? See if there is something new coming this fall we can all watch together? Does anyone have any suggestions of new shows coming out?

Sorry, again, for the abnormally irresponsible delay in me updating.


The Swan


  1. We've missed you Kristina!

    I agree with your sentiments on the finale. And, yes, I did almost everything that you said. Except the arguing about the plane being LA X - that was something I've never heard before.

    The Event on NBC looks interesting as does Persons Unknown (on NBC Monday nights, now). Then there's always the remake of Hawaii Five-O if we want to see more Jin.

  2. I have to say, the plane being LA X is a new one for me too.

    So happy you posted! I guess I could have just emailed you and asked you what you thought of the finale, but I was holding out to hear it here. I was kind of hoping I wasn't the only blogger to feel the way I did about the finale, buuuuuuuuuuuut I will live. :P

    I started watching Pretty Little Liars. We could totally build a blog off of that gem. Heh.

    I'll brain storm.

  3. Pretty Little Liars? Ugh. Well, I thought the book sucked (no offense intended for those who enjoyed it) but I haven't seen the show yet. Guess I'll have to...


  4. Ah, I'm so relieved, I thought Kristina was gone forever. Because it's been so long, it's probably not nearly as great a post as it could have been the day after, but I'll take what I can get. :D Thanks Swan!

    Hahaha, can you imagine something like an America's Next Top Model reaction blog? Lolz, "Man, that girl so didn't deserve to win the challenge this week!"

  5. @Titania I bet that totally exists somewhere on the Internet.

    I mean, I wont deny I love that show. But a reaction blog? No.

  6. I never read the books, and I have so far only watched the pilot of Pretty Little Liars. I was totally kidding about doing a reaction blog on it, though.

  7. Anyone watch True Blood or Dexter? Man I wish Avatar was still on... Lets hope the movie next month doesn't suck!

  8. I watch both, but there's a big difference here: they're both based off of books, so there's not too much mystery there.

  9. I've seen Dexter and I thought it was horrifying. I'm usually into blood and guts, but that show is extreme. I'd probably like it better if I went back and watched it (seeing as I only saw three episodes) but it was kinda scary when you watch it right before going to sleep in an unfamiliar bed at night.

    I've never seen True Blood, although I've heard it's really good. I'll add it to my Things To Do This Summer list.

    Anyone watch Fringe? It's weird, but I kinda like it.

  10. @QuoteGirl

    I only made it through like 10 minutes of Dexter before I had to stop. I am so squeamish; I just couldn't take it. I've never watched Fringe.. I've heard it's good, but there would be a lot to catch up on.

    It would be fun to find 3 shows that are just starting new this fall, review them all for a few episodes, and then pick whichever one we all think is best or something.

  11. I watch both Dexter and True Blood. Absolutely love Dexter, only kind of like True Blood. I agree that since they are based on books it is kind of pointless to blog about them. I started watching Fringe and really liked it, but I fell behind on episodes and now have a lot of catching up to do.

    I agree with Kristina, that we should perhaps start with a new show, or maybe one that is only about a season in or something.

  12. what about glee we should all watch and review that show or fringe both are good

  13. I used to love Glee, but the last couple episodes totally blew it for me. It's become so cliche, and the plot is like Swiss cheese. It's full of holes and ridiculously fake. I'm not planning on watching the second season. They've covered every "mystery" in the finale (Quinn's baby and regionals) and the only thing missing is who will end up with whom - something so ridiculous now that I don't really care. Besides Artie and Tina - they're adorable!

    So far I'm loving Fringe (I'm only on the tenth episode; slowly catching up!). It's a great blend of science and fantasy, or paranormal. It's a little gory though (at least one person dies every episode I think) and sometimes it's a bit too much to handle.

    Yeah, I agree with Kristina. That'll be great fun for the fall. Any definite shows to be reviewed?

  14. I really like Glee, but I don't know if it is blog worthy. I feel like all I would do is say, "That was an awesome cover!" or "I like the original version better." The plot isn't really intense enough to discuss, you know? @QuoteGirl I have the biggest crush on Artie/Kevin McHale. And Puck.

    The Event is a new show that will be on NBC in the fall. It looks kind of awesome and mysterious, and has an excellent cast.

  15. Or Fringe. We could all catch up over the summer and then start in when new episodes start.